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Big Daddy

This big vibrator is a massager. If you plan on plunging him into your love canal, you are in for a rude awakening. He is amazing for external play, with three speeds that go from 1 vroom to 4 vrooms. He is 8 inches long in length and is truly massive. People considering this should realize that it is meant for more advanced users.
waterproof, bends, squishy
external use only, may be too big for some
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I call the diamante the "big daddy". And its not because its kinda big, this toy is huge! He is only 8 inches long, which is around the same size as the average rabbit, but the width of this guy is mind boggling. When reading another review, I had assumed it was for internal play.



This toy is NOT meant for internal play. Even the packaging says external play ONLY. (Jee willikars I wish I read that box before attempting to smash it into my poor womanhood). So with that being said, hopefully imprinted into your head, lets move onto what it is meant for. I know it says on the main page that 6 and 1/4 inches are insertable. It isn't. And I'm not really sure why it says that. But unless you feel totally comfortable with huge toys, this big daddy is meant to be a massager.

Anything external essentially. He feels really good being pressed around my clitoris. His big soft head pushes every so gently against sensitive areas. It makes it extremely easy to lay back and just rub it with little effort, since he is so long. He also feels good running up and down the outer labia. With a little bit of lube, he glides up and down my slit with sweet vibrations. Also any other sensitive areas such as nipples, OUTER anus(NOT INSIDE), etc. He is waterproof, which is a huge plus, so taking this huge guy in the hot tub or in the shower for a little fun would be a perfect use of him.

He is best used alone, but with a partner is also good. Especially in positions when reaching that one spot is nearly impossible to do so. Just keep in mind that he doesn't bend for anyone. There is a bit of leeway, but no 45 degree angles for this big guy. It would be slightly awkward for oral since the eight inches is just too much. For more up close play, I would recommend a smaller toy.
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    • Couples
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    • Clitoris
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Material / Texture

The big daddy is squishy. There is an outer layer of TPR with the motor and spring on the inside. It is slightly surprising to see how squishy he actually is, since the TPR is slightly see through and all the mechanical works on the inside can be seen. At first impression he looks like a harder plastic, but give him a chance, he's a real soft guy.

Despite being soft, he loves to get dirty. And not always in the good way. His middle name should be cling, because he makes every possible dust in the nearby air cling to him. Even opening him from his safe secure packing, I found so many tiny little particles on him. This could be a major down fall for some people since he will never be truly clean. He just won't allow it. But if you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, rock on. Out of box there is no apparent smell. I whoofed it, as I was somewhat worried little red particles would fly into my nostrils.

Since he is so smooth, I would lean towards this guy being for intermediate users. There aren't any bumps, curves or indents. He is simplistic which for some is great and for others isn't their cup of tea. I stand sort of in the middle of the road, so the texture was pleasing to me. But if you need those extra bits of texture, this might not work out so well. But since he is so big (I really really can't stress his size enough) I wouldn't recommend this for any person new to clitoral stimulation.

He is made of TPR, as said before, which makes it to a 7 on Eden's material ranking scale. Eden describes the properties as:"an excellent flexural fatigue resistance and high impact strength. It start out soft and have product added to make them harder."

In regards to toy sharing, Eden has this to say, "TPR is less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicone" and therefore recommends condom use. And half the time, I put forth my opinion that it ruins the toy with one, but in some circumstances, it might be ideal. I say that because, this toy really does love dirt, and cleanliness is really so important, especially dealing with areas below the belt. So putting a nice clean condom on this big guy really isn't that bad of an idea. Using a toy cover would be difficult since he is much too big for the toy covers that I've come across.
    • Dirt magnet
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the big daddy is fairly simple. He reminds me of a Cuban cigar in all honesty. The handle is about 8 cm in length, leaving the remainder at 13.5 cm. I feel sort of like I am holding a sword when I pick up this big guy. He has a bit of weight to him, about half a pound, but doesn't feel burdensome during play. The shape is flared after the handle and then narrows down to the tip. The circumference of the biggest part is 17 cm and the smallest part (aside from the handle) is 11.5 cm. So it narrows down only slightly, but very much noticeably.

I found that the best way to use him is a direct approach on my clitoris. This may be too much and a less direct approach might be better. There is a lot of surface area to mess with, so really when using him, trying out different angles is ideal, because just when you think you found the perfect one, another will send you over the edge.

Since this title is size, let me reiterate how huge this guy is. He is eight inches long. His mere appearance just reeks huge. Once again, in regards to the size and shape, I think a more advanced user would be better suit to liking this. Thats not to say a newbie wouldn't thoroughly enjoy it, but it could be very frustrating to try and play with this huge guy, and not be able to get it in the right spots. As opposed to someone who already knows their spots and can find them okay despite the size.

He is not meant to be hidden quickly. I almost imagine holding him like a Cuban cigar in the hand and waiving him around in such a fashion that is seen in mafia movies. He is slightly discrete in that people may not know right away what it is. This is due to his size. At first thought someone might think vibrator, but might actually cross that idea off when they realize how big he is. Though I wouldn't really take the chance if I could get away with simply hiding him. He would be a bit bothersome to travel with.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The big daddy has 3 speeds. In my opinion they are, "Wait is it on?", "Oh yes!", and "OH MY!!!". In buzz terms, 1 vroom for the first setting, 3 vrooms for the second and 4 for the third setting. I find that I need something stronger than the first setting, but the third setting tends to be a bit strong for me.

The noise is very quiet. My cell phone buzzes louder than this toy. Evolved did an amazing job at giving this toy power, but very little noise. This makes him open for students, people with thin walls, or anyone who needs that privacy. (Personally though, when using him, you will be much louder than he will ever get ::wink::)

There is only one button on him, and it is at the very bottom. To get through the settings, you must start off with the lowest and go up. So if you are on the second setting, you must go through the third one to be able to turn him off. This can be slightly annoying to some people, but for my knowledge there are many toys that work in this fashion, so it probably won't cause a big problem. I think the biggest thing would be if you wanted to go to a lower setting, you would then have to cycle through them, which could hinder your experience. Which is the complete opposite of what we want.

He is waterproof and even has that waterproof rubber ring! He works just as amazing in water as he did out of it. He power was strong and unhindered at all and the water made the experience a bit better in my opinion. Since 1) there wasn't as much lent to worry about and 2) there was a slickness that the water provided that made him easy to move around without the need to oil myself and him up.
(Oiling up for toys is really the last thing I want to do. When I'm in the mood, I feel I have sufficient lubricant, so when a toy needs extra lube, it is a bit of a bother for me. He doesn't NEED it, but it certainly helps him slide.)

Also, he has sort of a spring inside of him. This allows him to bend, ever so gently. He won't stay in any positions, but it does allow for some give when playing so you don't accidentally jab yourself. I tried bending this a lot for the purposes of this review, and parts of the inside look like they were crumbling apart a bit, so when being him, don't be extreme about it. Just know that this option is there, but not one of his biggest features. As bending too much could ruin the toy by either snapping a wire or breaking the spring.
    • Discreet sound
    • Multiple settings
    • Not enough variety

Care and Maintenance

I always recommend cleaning toys. Even though this isn't one that can go into any orifices, it would still be wise to at the very least get some of the lint accumulated on it. Because I can guarantee right now, there will be some. Even if kept in the most cleanest place, there will be something clinging to it.

So cleaning it with warm water and mild antibacterial soap is generally my best solution to cleaning toys. Most people already have the soap at the sink, it takes 30 seconds at most, and it also gives you a chances to clean any "mess" you could have gotten on your hands. It is a win win situation. Other cleaners will most definitely work on this toy as well.

The surface of this big daddy is very smooth with broad curves. This makes the cleaning ever so easy. I pour a little mild soap and rub it all over the toy like giving it a hand job. Then I rub it slightly under water to get it all soapy and make sure it all gets cleaned. And since this toy IS waterproof, you don't need to worry about getting water near any electrical parts. A toy cleaner's directions depends on the individual cleaner, however it would probably be made easier since there aren't any tiny edges to be accounted for.

Eden does mention that since this toy cannot be disinfected with boiling water, partners should put a condom on the toy. However, since (a) this is an external toy and (b) the texture is fairly important, I would say the condom could probably be saved for other purposes. But if you need that extra sense of security, by all means, wrap this big daddy up in a rubber and let your fun be uninhibited.

If you would like to read more about TPR and Eden's Guide to materials, click here.

As far as storing this toy goes, I would recommend keeping it in its beautiful tin. Be careful of storing any toy with batteries inside. Toys really do corrode this way. The big daddy has a battery case for easy storage. The batteries fit into the little holder and is then slipped into the toy. And when stored, just pull the tray out. You can leave the batteries in the tray if you want, but I normally put all my batteries in one area. However this could be a nice feature for some people.
    • Easy to clean


The Diamante comes in a shiny purple tin casing. There are two clasps on the side that make the tin feel elequent. I generally feel that all the toys I have received came in the cheapest plastic and cardboard piece. However once you look inside, you get a different impression altogether. There is a black foam piece that has a cut out of the Diamante and another black foam piece underneath. The piece around the toy has a very cheap looking red velvet piece glued onto the top. There is also a card inside that instructs customers to register at evolved's website and find out about warranty information there as well.

On the bottom of the tin is a short description of the toy, its features, how many batteries (2AA). It is here that also warns users to only use externally. (I really wish I had read this before attempting to shove it in places it really wasn't meant to go.) It also boosts the waterproof feature in several places around the tin, including the bottom.

Additionally, this could be used as a gift. It has a very, almost pricey feel to it and would make the gift seem more valuable. This tin would be excellent for storage. I don't necessarily recommend keeping in the foam pieces, as the TPR in this products is a magnet for those tiny little pieces. Overall the tin has an excellent feel to it and is the best packing for a toy that I have received to date. I am very impressed.
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

Personally, I hated mentioning his size over and over. But since shopping online is so hard to do, at least in regards to knowing really how big it is, I just wanted to irritate people enough to make them think, wait, how big is it really? And use Eden's "View actual product size" feature on the product's page and see for themselves how big it is.


I hadn't realized this was a toy for external use only on my first go. I was trying to persuade this massive toy into my love canal with absolutely no success. I used it for clitoral stimulation, however I was still overly frustrated with the experiance in the first place and ended up using another toy to finish up. I hadn't read the box before playing, and honestly thought I could fit this guy inside me. I will say naivee doesn't even come close.

My second and future times with the big daddy were much more successful. With better understand of how to use it on my clitoris, this was a very enjoyable experience. I actually got the hang of it by watching product reviews of other toys and seeing how they put their hand on it. But this is why I don't recommend it to new users to clitoral play, as I have always been more into vaginal play and this was a bit too much for me.
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