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Big Size in a Little Package

Have a hard to find G-spot? You may find it with this, but not with spectacular result. Ideal for someone who likes strong vibrations and a hard feel. The ridges can range from painful to pleasurable depending on how you hold them, so be sure to test it out by yourself before playing with a partner.
Strong vibrations, good curve to the head, can be filling in a good way
Very loud, ridges can be painful, material is too hard, may be too big for some
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The Passion Probe Curvy is a G-spot specific vibrator. It has a curved head that is ideal for reaching the ever-elusive G. While this is its main function, it can be used with the vibrations turned off for vaginal play. It can also be used with the vibrations on anywhere that you might like - clit, nipples, etc. While it does have a slight flare at the base I would not recommend this for anal play, as the flare is very slight. Also note that the head is wide so those that need pinpoint precision for clitoral or nipple play might not get the most enjoyment from this aspect of the toy.

As with many vibrators, the Passion Probe Curvy can be used alone or with a partner. From what I can tell, it would not fit in a harness because of the very slight flare of the base. Otherwise, this is a great couples toy.

Material / Texture

The Passion Probe Curvy is made of a plastic core with a rubber wrapping on the outside. Water or silicone lube can be used with the outer rubber material. The internal plastic core is very stiff and thus translates to a stiff feel to the overall vibrator. Despite this, the feeling of the material when rubbing your hands on it feels almost like a very smooth, round pebble you might find by a lake. It has no drag at all. I would not say it's velvety however, as the main page says. Because of the smooth texture, the material itself does not add any particular stimulation. The design itself covers that. I notice the box also says "soft rubber cote." It's really not soft, per se. I guess I equate soft to supple and velvety and this is more of a smooth and hard feeling. Soft makes me think of a material I'd want to snuggle with and the inner plastic makes this vibrator so hard there's no way you'd catch me snuggling close to it.

Despite being made of rubber, I didn't notice an overwhelming rubber scent when I opened this. It was there, but not overpowering and was gone completely within a day or two. It doesn't taste rubbery either. It actually doesn't taste much like anything.

Design / Shape / Size

The Passion Probe Curvy is designed to hit your G-spot with its curved top. If hitting your G-spot wasn't enough to set you off, the Curvy added on significant sized ridges for added stimulation. The Curvy comes in at right under 8 inches by my measurements, of which about 6.5 inches is insertable. It is about 4.5 inches around. When I first read the reviews of the Curvy, I was expecting it to come in at 10 inches or something from everyone talking about how large it was. I had read the main page, but still was expecting a huge package to arrive at my door. When I saw the Curvy, I was under whelmed by the look of the size. Maybe the pretty pink color makes it look smaller than it is because this is a very filling 6 inches! The hard inner core allows for no give whatsoever to this vibrator and you will feel every centimeter of the length and girth. While the insertable length is actually smaller than my husband and many of my vibrators, I found this to be one of the harder vibrators to insert along par with some of my 12 inchers. Feel free to pour on the lube when using this because unless you've got years of experience with vibes you will likely need it. I imagine that beginners would have a hard time getting this in, if managed at all.

Another note on the design is that the ridges are very pronounced. It doesn't particularly seem like they are when looking at it, but when the Curvy is inserted those ridges feel like they're two inches high. I actually had my husband measure and they come up about 1/4 of an inch above the base. If you'd have asked me to guess at this when it was inserted I wouldn't have come close. Not that they don't feel good or anything, but again they're probably not suited for beginners.

The batteries of the Curvy are inserted from the base. It takes two C batteries. When you open the Curvy you will notice a cardboard wrapping on the inside. Past experience has told me that this should stay in the vibrator. If you take out the cardboard (which is near impossible to do anyhow), even the quietest of vibrators will suddenly sound like a jackhammer. Apparently the cardboard muffles the sound and keeps the batteries in place. Yes, I was dingy enough to spend five minutes getting the cardboard out once. Learn from my mistakes.

While the Curvy isn't a "realistic" vibrator, it is a classic phallic shape and thus not particularly discreet. It's my guess that anyone who looks at this is going to figure out exactly what it is in a few seconds unless they've lived under a rock forever. The Curvy is also very easy to mistakenly turn on which I imagine could happen easily if traveling. If you do decide to take the Curvy along for a ride, I suggest taking out the batteries.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Curvy is very simple to operate. There is a dial at the base that simply turns right for on and then continuously right for higher vibrations. To turn them down or to turn off, simply turn left. I like the simplicity of a dial in a vibrator because I always seem to manage to press the wrong button on my button operated vibes. I do sometimes slip and turn this one, but overall I seem to have less mishaps in use with a dial than a button. While the dial is very user friendly, it should be noted that there is no lock on the dial and you can accidentally turn it on with ease. I've done so every time I've cleaned it to date and about half the times I've just picked it up from the base. For some reason though I didn't have an issue with it changing vibrations when holding the base during use though, which surprised me.

The vibrations of the Curvy are centered at the head of the vibrator for maximum G-spot stimulation. The Curvy features a great range of vibrations from very slow and mild to a very intense, numb your entire hand vibration. When placed on the ground, mine will make a complete circle on the highest vibration. The vibrations are on the buzzy side, not particularly deep and rumbly. I'm personally good with either one, so this didn't really bother me at all. I gotta say, for all the fanciness of the G-spot simulator and ridges, the best quality of the Curvy is how intense the vibrations can get. If you need a lot of power in your vibrators, this may just be the one for you.

For all that power, your ears will pay a price. While the Curvy is one of my stronger toys, it is without a doubt the loudest. I could hear it over running water, through a closed door, across a room, hell maybe even the neighbors heard. It's muffled ever so slightly when inserted, but still mostly sounds like someone is doing a large construction project in my bedroom. Really, it's loud. Living with someone and don't want them to know when you're playing? Keep looking, because everyone in the house will know exactly what you're doing when the Curvy is on. Okay, maybe not the whole house, but at least the two adjacent rooms.

The Curvy is a waterproof vibrator that is actually waterproof. I tested this in the shower with no issues. Then I washed it with no issues. I was still a little skeptical, so I drew a bath and submerged the Curvy and turned it on---still no issues. The Curvy has a small, clear o-ring that keeps water out of the battery compartment. I'm always a little iffy on these, but this one held up like a champ.

Care and Maintenance

Since the Curvy is truly waterproof, cleanup is as simple as soap or toy cleaner and water. If you prefer not to test the waterproof function, a toy spray will work just as well. The only issues I had cleaning this is that without fail I would turn it on when cleaning it. It's not really a huge issue, but it is a little annoying. The Curvy cannot be boiled however, so be mindful of that in terms of sharing toys.

As mentioned before, the rubber cote will work with silicone or water based lubes. This is always a plus to me as a silicone lube lover.

I store this in my drawer 'o sex with no issues. It does not collect lint or dust like some toys. It doesn't turn itself on in the drawer even though it does as soon as I pick it up. If you have a lot of things moving around, accidental turn on might be a possibility with storage.


My Curvy arrived in an adorable box with a blue frame around a clear cutout in the shape of the Curvy so you can see it through the box. It says "Passion Probe" in large, cursive letters that are the same hot pink as the vibrator itself. The packaging matches the vibrator itself in being overly pink and uber-cute. The box warns that this vibrator should not be used for medical purposes; whatever medical purposes one might use a vibrator for. The Curvy is then neatly placed inside a plastic container that holds it in place. It's not luxury packaging, but it sure is precious. It even comes with a small instruction kit to tell you which way to put the batteries and such. Not a lot of instruction, but as it's all operated with one dial a lot of instruction really isn't needed. I don't personally store my Curvy in the box, but it's cute enough that you could keep it for storage if you wanted. The plastic is a little cheap for my tastes, so I just keep it in my drawer.


Now, as a disclaimer, my G-spot is near impossible to find and even more impossible to achieve a good orgasm through. For those ladies out there that squirt from even the slightest curve, know that I envy you. I got the Curvy in hopes of finding The Toy that could hit my G-spot just right and make me squirt. Sadly, that didn't quite happen. More on that later.

When I first received the Curvy, I mentioned that I saw the size and was under whelmed. Because of this, I decided my husband and I could go right to playing with it. Big mistake. My husband tends to be a bit over enthusiastic with his thrusting. He positioned this with the ridges facing up, turned it on medium, started slow, and then proceeded to become more aggressive. Now normally, I'm all for vigorous thrusting, but I gotta say with the Curvy it hurt like hell! Something about the shape of the ridges and the lack of give to the Curvy had me in a lot of pain. In fact, there was a bit of tearing. No orgasm for me that time.

Never one to give up after a first go round, I decided to play with the Curvy on my own to see if I yielded better results than my eager husband. I tried it with the ridges up, down, and sideways and found that if I point the ridges downward and put a slight angle to the thrust that things felt a lot better. So much better that I achieved a mild orgasm. Mild mind you, but it was there. I did notice when using the Curvy that the material seems to soak up lubrication, both natural and synthetic. The rubber just drinks the stuff up for some reason. I was reapplying like crazy.

After a bit more play, I was ready to try a couple's session again. This time my husband was forewarned to keep the ridges down, thrust less, turn the vibrations up, and angle it upward. Luckily, my husband is also eager to please and listened to my instructions exactly. He was able to thrust upward more than I could on my own (though helped slightly by our Liberator Ramp), and I managed to feel the head of the Curvy actually vibrate against my G-spot. I was initially impressed by this and thought that the little pink Curvy might be the first toy to get me to squirt, but alas I didn't get there. I did orgasm to a moderate degree and it felt like it came from the G-spot area, it just wasn't the G-spot orgasm I've managed the times I've been able to squirt. The vibrations feel great on my G-spot, but even the crazy high vibration of the Curvy weren't enough to achieve the ultimate task.

I'm not planning on giving up on my Curvy because the vibrations are very strong and I'm a girl that loves a strong vibrator. However it's not something I'll reach for every time because of how hard and unforgiving the Curvy's plastic core is. It can be filling in a good way, but some nights in can be filling in a bad way as well. If it had just a little give to it, just a little, I'd use this a lot more. The literally rock hard feel of the Curvy is its biggest downfall to me. It's just a bit too much some nights---to the point where it hurts and not in the sexy way. The fact that I can only use it with the ridges down is also a disappointment.

I tried the Curvy on my clit just because the vibrations were strong enough that I knew I would be able to get off from at least that, but I found that the head was too wide. I need pinpoint precision in that area and I wasn't able to get it. One time, the buzzy vibrations actually just numbed my clit. Not all that helpful. My husband didn't believe me so I turned it up and put it on his shaft with the same results. It only caused a numbing effect one time, but either way I didn't get the pinpoint so for me, it was useless on that area. If you need strong vibrations and can use a wide base though, this should do the trick.

Overall, I find the Curvy to be average. I don't hate it, but I'm not head over heels with it either. I can cum, but it's nothing earth shattering and certainly not the squirting ecstasy I had hoped to achieve. I think that for the right girl, this could be at least a four star vibrator, but for me it comes in at just a three.
Follow-up commentary
I don't know what I was on when I was testing this. Somehow I managed to make this work during the testing period, but I have not been able to since then. Yes, it doesn't look huge, but it is wide around and far too large for me. The ridges also set off my sensitivities like crazy. In essence, every time after I wrote this review all I could get this thing to do was hurt me. I wanted to love it because it does pack a lot of power. I just can't get it in very well and once it's in, I can't move it around without pain. The plastic is too unforgiving of the size this is.

My recommendation is still for beginners to probably stay back, but that texture lovers and the power hungry might want to give this a shot.

Noise wise, I don't know why I gave this 5 bees. It's probably a four. It's very loud and I was still getting used to the rating system. It's not massager level loud. I can hear it through a closed door easily, however.

This will be sitting at the bottom of my trunk, looking pretty and collecting dust. Oh, well. I tried.
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