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Bright Green Power Flower

With a very flexible clit arm, Flores is sure to be able to satisfy a large range of the female population. It's unfortunate that this one isn't rechargeable, but makes up for that with the silky soft silicone, pliable g-spot bulge and cute little curl near the base for extra gripping.
~ Silicone
~ Patterns
~ Powerful
~ G-spot tip
~ Requires batteries
~ Can get heavy and awkward when thrusting
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Until recently, there just weren't enough bright green dildos and vibrators on the market. With my new love of green and rabbit style vibrators since joining Eden, this had everything visually going for it. It was a good buy!



Like most rabbit style vibrators they really are created to stimulate the female species due to the clit stimulator. It could be used anally for the guys, but the clit arm would prevent the toy from being penetrated very deeply. The g-spot bulge could be used to arouse other erogenous zones, no matter what sex you are. But I have found the best use to exactly what it is designed for.
It is quiet enough for those who live with others, but probably not for those who have to share a room and don't have ample alone time they require for play time. Because of the clit stimulator arm, this one isn't very practical for placing a condom over for sharing. This is one toy you'll probably want to keep to yourself anyway.

Material / Texture


The Flores rabbit style vibrator is crafted in premium silicone for Close2You and is made in Germany. Only use water based lubricants as silicone can bond with and breakdown the silicone material. A small patch test could be done (somewhere it won't be so noticeable or bothersome) if one really wishes to use a water/silicone hybrid lube. The material is hypo-allergenic, food grade, latex and phthalates free which earns it a safety rating of 10.
I found no odor at all when I first lifted the Flores from its packaging.


Flores is created in a very smooth silky silicone so there isn't a lot of grab on the skin. On the G-spot bulging tip are five protruding rounded ridges that encircle the head. These ridges are more pronounced on the back so that they don't cause too much texture or irritation to your g-spot. Down towards the base of the clit stimulator are the same five ridges around the shaft. I don't find either of these lots of texture to be irritating or uncomfortable.
There is a join that runs along the top of the shaft, over the tip and along the underside. It's quite noticeable visually and to a finger, but I never felt it while the toy was in use.
Where the silicone meets the plastic battery cap is a raised Close2You logo.
The shaft from the clit stimulator base to the tip is very flexible, but not to the extent that it is too soft and hard to insert. Also highly pliable is the clit stimulator and the curl that sits just behind it. The silicone is somewhat squishy.

Design / Shape / Size


I'm on a real green roll when it comes to toys lately, so of course I chose that over the hot pink. Close2You really made that choice easy considering I'm not a big fan of pink anyway. It is a slightly lighter and brighter shade of green than what Eden's image shows.


The Flores sports a rounded base, so unfortunately it takes up more space due to the fact that it won't stand up. On the top where the silicone shaft starts is a cute curl that can be used for extra grip. This piece is attached to the clit arm which is 2” in length and sits approximately 1” off the shaft at the tip. The shaft gradually shrinks from 4 ¾” in circumference from the base of the clit arm to just over 3” in girth before the g-spot bulge starts.
The bulge is 4 ½” in circumference. The entire length of the vibrator is a smidge over 9” with 5” between the base of the clit arm and the tip.
The bulging tip is egg shaped when looking at it from the side view and has flat-ish sides when looking at it from the top.


clit arm

g-spot bulge

Functions / Performance / Controls


On the plastic battery cap base is two control buttons. One features the typical on/off symbol and the other a small raised bump. The vibrator starts off on the lowest steady vibration and increases with the bump button is pressed each time. There is no back button unfortunately, so if you accidentally go too far you'll have to cycle through all the levels again. The levels below are achieved each time the increase button is pushed.

1. Slow steady vibration
2. Medium steady vibration
3. High steady vibration
4. Slow drawn out pulses
5. Medium pulses
6. Long pulse that grows in strength followed by 3 medium pulses
7. Two tone pulses followed by a drawn out pulse
8. Medium pulse, pause, 4 medium pulses followed by drawn out pulse

The buttons are fairly easily to press, but not so much that it will change unexpectedly part way through usage.
I class the vibrations as being in between deep rumbly and buzzy.


I really wish Close2You had of made this one rechargeable, but alas it requires 2 AAA batteries and is happy accepting the rechargeable type. This rabbit style vibrator packs some power for the small sized batteries.
Mine tends to have a noisy clit motor at certain times, but other than that this one is quite discreet. It shouldn't be heard through a closed door and certainly not if used under the covers as well. Turning a tv on or some soft music will guarantee discretion.

battery area

Care and Maintenance


Flores features a rubber ring in the battery cap section, making this vibrator waterproof and easily cleaned. Simply clean with warm water and soap of your choice or toy cleaner. It can also be sterilized using a 10% bleach solution, but be sure to rinse thoroughly. No boiling or dishwasher for this one.
If the vibrator isn't cleaned straight away, body fluids could crust on between the ridges and will require a toothbrush for an extra scrub.
Because of the silkiness of the silicone, Flores doesn't seem to attract lint or hair.

waterproof seal



Close2You has some of the best packaging for toys of their price. The vibrator arrived in a solid cardboard, two draw box with a magnetic lid so you can admire your new toy before even opening the draw. The draws are kept closed using small round stickers. This keeps everything in tact until it safely reaches its destination.
When the lid is lifted, the Flores is exposed in all its glory beneath clear plastic. The toy is accessed through the first draw where it sits cosily in dense black foam. In the bottom draw are a number of bonus items such as: one toy wipe, water based lubricant sample in a tube, drawstring pouch, information book, silicone cock ring and 2 AAA batteries.
The pouch comes in very handy for those who don't have the room to keep the rabbit vibrator in the original packaging.


in box




Although I enjoy this vibrator, I do find this one tires my arm and wrist far quicker when thrusting than any other rabbit vibe has. Perhaps it's because of the length and then you add the weight of batteries in the handle section. It is fairly handle heavy.
I like to place my thumb in the little curl between the base and the clit stimulator, as this gives me just that little extra control – my hand isn't going to slip off the plastic handle.
The clit arm works well for me, but I'm yet to find a rabbit that doesn't fit my anatomy.

I'm giving Flores 4 stars.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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