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Cervical, clitoral and G-spot O's, Oh my!

Tender Touch goes above and beyond the traditional vibe. With it you can acheive both clitoral and G-spot orgasm and possibly cervical orgasm if you are experienced there. If not, Tender Touch is a great toy to start exploring that area with. $30 is more than worth it for a vibrator that flexes and lasts for a year at least. Truly a one of a kid, well made piece!



Intense Vibrations.

Able to reach cervical orgasm with it.
The only complaint I have is that the box says 100% silicone and the site says TPR silicone.
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To me, Tender Touch's size had me worried when looking at the picture. I honestly thought I may have pain with penetration, but that wasn't the case! I have to start off with, this thing is purr-fect. It looks simple, the twists don't look as if they would provide a great deal of extra sensations, but I have truly never felt anything like this. It's a one of a kind. Tender Touch is best used as a regular vibrator. It can be used on the clitoris for 'warm up' and then inserted into the vagina, but with such easy penetration you can jump right into the rough stuff. With it's flexibility, you can use this for G-spotting as well although I can't say it will reach everyone's, but it does mine.

I should mention that I'm built very small, practically have no hips so everything is kind of squished together and that makes penetration with even medium sizes often difficult or impossible. With that being the case, it's safe to say that Tender Touch will make a great vibrator for any person, beginner or advanced. This vibe gave me the 'full' feeling, but that's just me. If you like to thrust, this is perfect. If you like some texture this is great! Those twists are amazing! Since this is a traditional vibrator it's about as easy to use as it gets and would be great for beginners. The soft lilac color doesn't hurt either. The size wasn't intimidating to me and I doubt it would be to most.

Tender Touch is firm, but has a good bit of give to it and has some flexibility. You need to bend and hold where you want it and it takes some pressure, but that's not bad. You still have quite a bit of flex to work with, but just in and out thrusting is fantastic!
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    • Clitoris
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Material / Texture

Tender Touch is perfectly made in my opinion. The box says it is made of 100% silicone (huge plus!) but the site says TPR silicone. It has no grab or drag at all. The soft & smooth material is very different from any silicone I've used before. It's soft! I bought this vibrator nearly a year ago and as far as I remember, it didn't have any scent and it didn't have any taste. Now to the exciting part: the spirals! Wow! The 5 spirals aren't extreme but, I must admit, this baby gives me mind-blowing O's! I haven't ever felt anything like this. The spiral texture won't frighten away beginners. If you're looking for a toy to thrust with, then this is perfect. I cannot stress that enough. I can end up with pain and discomfort easily from thrusting due to having endometriosis and this toy has never caused me pain even when my partner gets very rough with it. The thing that makes this toy so awesome for both beginners and advanced users is that you can thrust almost violently without pain and if you prefer taking it slow and easy you can use it gently and still feel those spirals well or even use it for moderate G-spotting.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

To be honest, I'm not really a traditional vibe kind of girl. I like a lot of action in my toys, but still after a year of having Tender Touch, it's the best traditional vibe I've ever had and never fails to give me extreme O's! When I say extreme, I absolutely mean it! With the 5 spirals swirling down the shaft, you're able to feel them all as push the vibrator further in. The tip of Tender Touch is small and easy to slide in while you work your way down to the bigger middle. You probably won't insert past the last spiral which gives you an insertable length of 5 1/2" A pretty great size, I think. Like I said, the tip starts out small and gets slightly bigger as you reach the end of the vibrator.

Tender Touch is flexible and can be bent to reach your G-spot. It's not extremely bendable, but has plenty of flex to reach your G-spot.
This baby measures:

LENGTH: 6 3/4"
DIAMETER: 1 5/8"

For me, the size couldn't be more pleasurable. It's thick, but without causing me pain (a very rare thing)

This isn't what most would consider big, but it isn't exactly small or discrete. In fact, Tender Touch screams "sex toy". I would not recommend traveling with this vibrator unless you're not worried about it being seen or accidentally turning on. It does fit nicely in my small purse, but that's if there's not a lot of stuff already in there. Since my partner and I have a fetish for playing in the car, we have taken this baby on many trips! It's never failed me. I don't think it would go unnoticed if we were not alone though. It's easy to store, but takes up more room than your regular slim traditional vibrator as this one has some chub to it. Still, it will fit in a medium purse just fine (without it's box). It hides easily in a box or drawer.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

As if Pipe Dream couldn't have made me any happier, they went ahead and made this baby waterproof making cleaning easy and me one happy girl! This also means you water players can have it all! While it seems the vibrations are strongest at the tip, they are easily felt from tip to end. I like the highest setting because it really speeds up my excitement, but this is one that excited even at it's lowest setting. I'm pleased at how well the vibrations carry throughout even the thickest part. For such a simple vibrator this thing really goes above and beyond. It is waterproof and has held up to a year's worth of thorough cleanings so far. I've had no worries with it getting water inside the battery compartment. Tender Touch runs wild on two AA batteries. The batteries are located in the base where the soft screw of cap holds them in. Even the hard base is velvety. I'm surprised at how long the batteries last in this power house. I've never had it die or go out on me. Thankfully, I've also never had it do strange things like get hot or weaken on me either. I've used this baby a lot! I've had to get new batteries only 4-6 times in the entire year that I've had it so it holds very well! The controls are located in the base using the turn dial. It's very simple and I've never had it get bumped enough to make a difference in the setting I'm using. You have to twist the dial clockwise to turn on and to turn up. To turn it down or off you twist the dial counter clockwise. There is no on/off button so if the kids bust in while you're playing, it's not like you can go "click" to turn it off. Still, it takes on swift, easy twist and it's off. No problems. I've been able to twist it off when a 'situation' occurs quickly and without anyone noticing. When turned to it's highest setting it gets a bit noisy, but it's very powerful, probably being too much with direct contact to a sensitive clitoris. I can't use it very long at it's highest while directly touching my clitoris, but I enjoy doing that for a few seconds to get that hot, exciting sensation! It seems there are at least ten settings. I could be counting wrong, but every time I count at least 10! There are no pulsating vibrations or anything fancy like that however, with so many speeds, all being very powerful, it'll more than likely please anybody. Each speed is a steady, deep vibration that can be felt all over. Even the lowest setting is great. For those that need intense vibrations, this is sure to do it! As I said, the vibrations feel their strongest in the tip so if you plan to use Tender Touch externally, the tip will be good for feeling the vibrations in one spot. This is a very quite toy being that it's so powerful. On it's highest setting it can be heard through covers alone and possibly in a room very close by. I can't use the highest setting for more than a couple of seconds, but with my air conditioner and TV on and the door shut, it won't be heard.

And then it gets better. Tender Touch is firm, but has some serious flex to it! It won't hold a shape and personally I don't quite care for the vibes that are made to hold shapes because they kind of pop, bend and flop. Lol. While this is inserted you can easily manipulate the end any way at any angle to reach your G-spot. It does a very nice job at it, but I'm still so excited over the simple thrusting with this one!
    • Easy to use
    • Not very discreet
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

I use anti-bacterial soap and hot water to clean my Tender Touch. If you prefer, you can use a toy cleaner, but I find that Dawn anti-bacterial works amazing on toys! It really makes them shine too! This is waterproof so feel free to clean it well! That is a huge plus because I'm very turned off when I have to spend a ton of time to clean a toy that can't be fully wet. Do make sure the battery compartment is screwed on good and tight. Cleaning is very easy and quick. Since this vibrator doesn't collect hardly any lint or hair, you won't have to worry about cleaning it every time you sit it on the bed. Besides, you can stand it up straight. This toy is Hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalates free and has a material safety rating of 6! That makes owning this thing even more satisfying. I couldn't be happier. Keep in mind, Tender Touch's box says it is made of 100% silicone so it should NOT be used with silicone based lubricants. I suggest only using water based lubricants with this toy as silicone can ruin the material. I haven't even needed lubricant with this though. Tender Touch easily stores in it's original box and can be tucked away in any box or drawer. The box isn't large and takes up little space. I've kept mine in it's box and inside of a back pack for the entire year I've had it. To keep Tender Touch from damaging or melting do not store him in direct contact with any other toys!

Like I said, the box says it's 100% silicone, but I've heard of this statement being untrue so to be safe I would never share it, but if you must a condom should be used each and every time and every time and a new one should be used each time a new user is going to use it!

I'd also like to suggest taking the batteries out when not in use. This will prolong your awesome toy's life and I for one don't want to shorten his life! What would I do then? I never leave the batteries in and mine's still like brand new (no joke) a year later!
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Tender Touch comes packaged in a plastic box. The front is clear with words on it, but the toy is totally visible. The back has a white background with a short paragraph about the toy and a couple of pretty pink and purple stripes. The box says "Ultra Flex" "Tender Touch Spiral" and "100% silicone."

It also has the Pipe Dream little logo on it and says "Phthalates free" "waterproof" and "Multi-Speed."

The bottom has fine print text that says " Caution: this vibrator is not intended for therapeutic purposes and is recommended for external use only. Prolonged and frequent use is not advised or recommended as these items are sold for novelty purposes only. This vibrator should be used with discretion." Then right below that it says "Sold as a novelty only." *Sigh* It also says "ALWAYS ON THE CUTTING EDGE"

Besides the above, there were no instructions or anything, not that they are necessary with this, just worth noting.

The box is not bulky or large and it comes with 2 flimsy clear things that securely hold the vibrator in place inside the box. One flimsy piece encases the vibrator and the other slips over that one to cover it. Not a bad storage option. It feels flimsy, but it's lasted me a year with no damage! It's been kind of tossed around and trampled on by loads of other vibes in the back pack too so it's great for storage. The packaging it comes in is not discrete, obviously since it's clear and all, but I would say it's OK as a gift. I wouldn't mind receiving it in it's original packaging. The packaging contains no people or nudity or lord help, people USING the toy, thankfully! It is recyclable. Go PipeDream!
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Tender Touch has proven to be a high quality vibrator that has yet to fail me and lasts for a good while. I only hope I'll still have it another year from now ... or ten? Fingers crossed!


I'll do my best not to get too excited here, but it will be hard. I will say, this vibrator has given me some of the most intense O's I've ever experienced from a toy! I'll share what my partner and I like to do (no, I will not force you to read it. Lol.) If you like cervical stimulation (also known as the X orgasm), you might like this idea. I sit on my knees on the bed, straight up, not bent over (although that works wonderfully too) while my partner's doing the work, thrusting the vibe in and out. It hits the cervix perfectly and while your on your knees, you can easily squeeze them if it's hitting too hard. This way it will stop him from accidentally going to hard and bruising or hurting you. I like to use this on pretty roughly especially since I don't get to do that often with toys. This is perfect for that.

While I'm on my knees or hands and knees it's a perfect position for cervical stimulation! I can't even keep myself quite! Slightly bending forward gives an amazing sensation while your partner thrusts the vibe for you. Cervical, clitoral and vulva stimulation! Can't go wrong. I'm able to feel the texture perfectly while on my knees.

Lying down is awesome too, but I suggest a pillow underneath you for more intense G-spotting. Either way, it's always an intense O with this vibe and not every vibe works well for cervical stimulation. This is the only vibrator that really gives me intense cervical O's. I highly recommend it for that! This vibrator has been with me for a year and I'm still just as thrilled as the first time I used it. It's one that never gets old and won't ever go to the 'beginner toy pile.' It's an all time favorite of ours.
Follow-up commentary
This toy has remained a favorite. After months and months of use I never tire of it. It's a great toy with texture that's always pleasing to me. It's held up amazingly well and I'd be happy to buy again if anything happen to it. Being that it's lasted longer than one year and still works wonderfully, I'm very impressed. I think it'll be around for a very long time and will get plenty more use!
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