Sweet obsession Divine - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Red Riding Hood

Could have been perfect...

I wanted this to work when I saw the size and shape. It felt good until the mechanical issues came about. Sadly, this is no longer used. I've yet to throw it away, as that just seems wasteful, but I have other toys I'd rather use. It's just not dependable and frustrates me more than anything.
Size, shape, recharges
Short usage time, weak silicone, loose battery compartment/handle
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I was so excited when I got this toy! I saw the size and shape and I just knew it was going to be perfect. I ended up being disappointed. This is a G-spot vibrator that recharges and is made of silicone. Sounds like a winner. I would say it would be good for beginners, but the truth is, this was a very frustrating toy for me and I wouldn't suggest it at all. I suppose that the size and shape would still be ideal for beginners, but otherwise I'd have a hard time suggesting this to someone.

Material / Texture

This toy is a combination of silicone and plastic. The shaft is made out of a textured silicone that feels almost rough on dry skin. The base is made of a smooth plastic with soft buttons. The product has no real odor or taste and is fairly easy to maintain. If you use the toy with lube or have enough of your own naturally, it isn't bad at all and is rather stimulating. I did try to rub it on my clit before I was wet, and I was very unhappy. The outside has an almost grainy feel to it. Combined with the drag that silicone has, it was just unpleasant. The material SEEMED strong, but was actually not very sturdy at the tip. I'm not sure if this was more to do with the material or the craftsmanship.

Design / Shape / Size

This was what had me excited about this product at first. The shaft was petite, measuring about 4" insertable and less than an 1 1/4" wide. The entire length of the toy was minimal, making it easy to hide. The lack of bulk in the toy might have made it ideal for travel. The shape was quite nice and featured some curved designs that added stimulation. The shaft was fairly straight and had a sharp curve at the tip for G-spot stimulation. Don't let the use of the word "sharp" scare you. It's just a sudden angle in the tip. The tip also slims to a point. The silicone was soft enough that this wasn't uncomfortable for me. It was easy to insert and fit just right. The tip didn't give me completely blissful G-spot stimulation, but it had a wonderful tickle that ALMOST sent me over the edge. Almost.

The base is simple and straight with a bush-button system that is easy to use while you are in mid-toy play. Other problems with the mechanics followed, but the general shape of the handle fit nicely in my hand.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions were easy to use and on their own worked just fine. They are located on the handle in convenient reach of your fingers/thumb. One button turns the toy on or off, the other cycles through the 10 patterns. If you turn the toy off while using a pattern then turn it back on at a later time, it will pick up on that last pattern, rather than start at the first.

The vibrations are not super intense, but I was satisfied with them. They are buzzy and strongest at the tip. The variance through the vibration settings wasn't that different, but I felt the patterns were. Some were more of a pulse or throb and the speeds were quite different. A couple were more of a roller coaster feel that felt different as well. I typically used this toy on the pulsing settings. I would be satisfied and almost there, then something awful would happen...
The toy would just stop.

The handle has a bad habit of coming SLIGHTLY unscrewed. Not enough that you can really feel it in your hand, but just enough so that the vibrations stop. This was the most annoying thing ever. You'd have to hold the handle just right and if you moved, the vibrations would stop. Not only that, but you don't get a long battery life out of a single charge. You have to charge your battery for 4 hours according to instructions, but it seemed to always take mine closer to 6! Once I got down to business, I felt like I was only getting 20 minutes of STRONG vibrations before they got weaker and eventually slowed down to almost nothing. I had only used this a handful of times before I felt like it was too much trouble.

In the package, the battery and charger are both packaged separately. You have to put the charger together and put the battery in the toy. The charger plugs into the wall and then has a cord that plugs into the toy to charge it. You have to charge it before you can use it. This was all just such a hassle. I did it at first, thinking I’d have a mind-blowing toy, but NO!

This thing also boasts that it is "Totally Waterproof" on the box. WHAT A CROCK! How can a product be waterproof if the handle just unscrews at any slight movement? I didn't even TRY to test this out, as the product barely worked for me just laying flat on the bed.

Care and Maintenance

Since this toy is made of silicone, you don't have the worries of bacteria setting up house in your vibrator. You can clean this with soap or toy cleaner and water. Take care not to unscrew the handle while cleaning, or you might end up with a messed up toy. Because it does not break down to where you can take the silicone off, you can't boil or put it in the dishwasher. I wouldn't even use a bleach solution just to be safe.

To dry, I dry the surface off with a paper towel, then I twist the base off and let the entire thing air dry. Seems complicated, and it is. At the same time, I don't want anything sticking around where the base unscrews.

When it comes to lubes, use only water-based lubes. The silicone isn't strong enough for you to even think you could just use it a couple times then rinse. I wouldn't risk it at all.


Oh my lord! This thing is packaged so well, it blew my mind. It all comes in a box. Inside the box is a plastic box. Inside the plastic box, you have little crevices that are removable for each piece of your toy. The box isn't tacky, really. It does have a little window that shows the product and features a woman's face on the box. If you need discretion, move along. As far as storage, the individual compartments are annoying and nothing really fits well after you've removed it once.

This product comes with the toy, battery, two parts of the charger and a little paper pamphlet that really doesn't tell you all that much. It’s mostly just the legal stuff from the maker. I now have the product back in the box simply because I don't use it. Otherwise, I'd just store it in a bag of some sorts.

Personal comments

This thing is a hunk of junk for the most part. I love the size and shape, but nothing else worked out. The silicone is so weak that the tip just split and fell off, leaving a weird, blunt nub. The handle keeps unscrewing, thus ending the vibration that seems to work just fine until I am almost "there". The charging time was fine, as I could just charge it while I'm at work or sleeping. The problem was in the usage time. I really wanted this to work, but it really just didn't. It's all a great idea, but the quality needs to be better. It was at least fairly quiet.
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  • bog
    Thanks for your review! Sorry this toy didn't work out better for you.
  • Rossie
    Thank you for the good review. Sorry for your disappointment.
  • Red Riding Hood
    Thank you both for reading. It's sad it didn't work, but I guess they can't all be winners.
  • js250
    Thank you for the detailed but honest review--I hate it when the item is cheaply made and looks amazing!
  • spiced
    Thanks for an excellent review of a not-so-excellent toy. Just as well it's discontinued.
  • Red Riding Hood
    Yeah. I always try to give it a chance or think "maybe I just got a dud", but there is only so many excuses you can make for a product before thinking "this is junk". I'm happy to have been able to try it. It's just sad it didn't work.
  • Cindi025
    Great review thank u!
  • Red Riding Hood
    Thank you for reading, Cindi.
  • ZZ
    Great review! Sorry this turned out to be a letdown
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