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FOU Got Fingered!

FOU is a uniquely designed clitoral vibe. The vibrations seem promising in your hand, but are lost in the toy once applied. Overall it is a great beginner vibe or great for those with sensitive clits, but not great for clit of steel ladies.
Safe material, rechargeable, unique design, and waterproof.
Vibrations are lost and loud.
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FOU is a egg shaped clitoral vibe that appears to have a finger pushed through it. FOU is meant to be used on the clitoris, but can be used on the nipples, testicles, or penis too. The gap's purpose is to apply vibrations on the outside on both sides of the clitoris, but it can also be used to flick over the click.

FOU doesn't have enough direct power to pleasure clit of steel ladies, but it's beginner friendly. He is a great toy fro beginner's since there are multiple settings and functions. This would allow a beginner to play around with one toy and see if there are patterns or certain settings that they like. The vibrations are better off as a warm up to something stronger unless you can orgasm from indirect vibrations, 3 vrooms, and the sound of a model airplane.

Material / Texture

FOU is made of two different materials Silicone and Plastic. The plastic area is the bottom, but the part that used to stimulate the clit is silicone. Silicone is latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non porous, which boils down the the beautiful safety rating of a 10. This silicone has got to be the biggest lint collector I have ever seen. There is a fair amount of drag to FOU, but it does get better with lube application.

There is no added texture, but there is a chunk missing, which acts as a flicker for added stimulation.

Design / Shape / Size

FOU looks like an egg, but at the slender end of the egg, at the top, is a chunk missing, which to me looks like someone stuck their finger through it. The chunk missing is equal to the size of my pinky finger sliding through. The egg can not stand up on its own and when laid on its side it tends to roll. Since, FOU is egg shaped I don't think proper measurements can be taken for length, so my measurements will be circumference/diameter for both up to down and right to left.

Up to Down- 8" circumference (a little over 2.5" diameter)
Right to Left- 6.5" circumference (2" diameter)

FOU is available in two different colors yellow and red. The color you pick is the color silicone you will have. I picked yellow, which is very neon in color, but super awesome. The majority of your egg is this color, but the bottom fourth of the vibe is white plastic. The plastic has three push buttons marked in +, -, and *, which are grouped together to make a triangle. In the middle of this triangle is the word FUN, which is metal. This is magnetic and is how the vibe is charged. This bottom portion has LED lights inside and lights up, which I can't tell for sure the reasoning, since sometimes it is random.

The size is suitable for travel and it is fairly discreet, unless you know sex toys. Someone might be clueless to your glowing erotic egg in your suitcase, but if they know toys then they will know it is a sex toy. If you are traveling outside of the U.S. get an adapter, so you can recharge your vibe. The size is suitable for all levels of users.

Functions / Performance / Controls

FOU is rechargeable and powered by a Lithium Ion battery. You get a 55" cord to charge your FOU. The charger is magnetic and clips to the "FUN" at the bottom of the toy. Your first charge is recommended to charge for 8hours even though it comes pre-charged. Charging time seems to last forever, I have used it over 2 hours and still doesn't need a charge. The LED light on the charge is suppose to be red when charging, but when it is complete it should shut off, but it may not. There are also LED lights on FOU, but I have not figured out what the indication is, they seem to be on most of the time.

There are three buttons to FOU -,+, and *. + and - are self explanatory, they make the vibrations go up and down. * is to control the vibration patterns. There are 6 power levels to all the different patterns. The patterns are as follow:

Steady- Doesn't require the *
Steady Fast Pulsation- One click *
Steady Slow Pulsation- Two Clicks *
Slow building up to high- Three clicks *
More drawn out vibrations that build up- Four clicks *

These vibrations are rumbly, but get lost in the toy. You can definitely feel them in your hand, but when you put pressure onto the clitoris it lightly tickles the area. The Chunk that is missing can be used as a light flicker to the clitoris, which is the most pleasure I got out of this toy. The vibrations are really loud! They sound like a small model airplane. This is not for someone who needs quiet.

FOU is 100% waterproof and performs well underwater, but sadly the vibrations are not quieter underwater.

Care and Maintenance

FOU should be cleaned before and after every use with warm soap and water, however toy wipes or toy cleaner will work as well. If you want to share FOU a condom is not possible, but using a bleach and water solution in between users will.

FOU comes with two pouches that are suitable for storage. (I thought it was wonderful that there was two pouches, so I have taken one to use for a glass toy.)

FOU is compatible with water based lubes, silicone based lubes can damage silicone toys.


FOU comes in a box with another box for the charger. There is also a sample of lube inside.

Personal comments

You get a 0.102 oz sample pack of Toy fluid lube from fun factory. This is a water based lube this isn't super runny and stay in place. It has a slight sweet smell and a sweet plastic taste. It is not ideal for oral, but great for masturbation (solo or mutual.) It last a long time and does leave behind a sticky residue. It feels very silky. There is enough for one time use and a fair amount for that use. To wash it away just rinse it off, should you find this wasn't enough soap should help.

Lube Ingredients:

Aqua (Water)- The most universal compound; it is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, so it is added to most things. There are some people who are allergic to this, however it is rare.

Glycerin- Is a viscosity decreasing agent that also conditions, but known to cause allergies for some. Comes from the natural alcohols of vegetables or animals.

Xanthan Gum- It is derived from the bacterial coat of Xanthomonas campestris that is a a food additive, but is used as a thickening agent.

Benzyl Alcohol- An organic compound that is colorless and has a pleasant aroma. It has been FDA approved to treat head lice in children under 6 months of age. It is used as a bacteriostatic preservative.

Sodium Benzoate- It is the sodium salt of benzoic acid that is formed when it is dissolved in water. It is commonly used as a perservative, but under acidic conditions it is also bacteriostatic and fungistatic.

Potassium Sorbate- It is a food preservative that is potassium salt of sorbic acid.

Citric Acid- It is used to add acidity to a product, but is a weak organic acid. It is a great chelating agent.


My first use with FOU was as a solo toy. I wanted to start with FOU first, since I was unsure of the power level of vibrations. Being unsure of the the vibrations I did not want to become numb to them by using a toy more powerful than FOU first. I started off with no lube and quickly found out that spit was not going to be enough due to the amount of drag to the silicone. I applied Wet Light Lube and began on the lowest setting and built my way up. Once I reached the highest setting I used the missing chunk to flicker over my clit fast. This can only be described as similar to oral sex, but without the heat. It is not a good substitute for oral, but similar in sensations. I was able to climax from this, but it was a slow, less intense climax. After reaching climax from that I decided to change things up with the vibration patterns. I just can't bring myself to like any of those, but I never seem to like them. I tend to prefer quick, hard, intense, and multiple orgasms, which FOU did not provide for me, but that doesn't mean he is not the toy for you.
Follow-up commentary
I've gifted my FOU to a friend. I just couldn't love this toy. The vibrations were lost in the shape of the toy. It sounded like a model airplane as well. It just wasn't the vibrator for me.
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