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Fou is a solidly built toy that will work well for a number of people. The controls are easy to use, and the unique design works very well to cup smaller areas and provide relatively strong indirect vibrations. Unfortunately, the plush silicone collects lint and dampens the vibrations some, but as long as you're not looking for a powerhouse this shouldn't be a big problem.
Unique design, works well to cup smaller sensitive areas, easy to use.
Somewhat loud, vibrations travel through whole toy, silicone dampens vibrations.
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The Fou is designed for indirect stimulation, but you can finagle it to give you some direct vibrations as well. The open mouth design works well to cup sensitive areas like the clitoris, nipples, head of the penis, fingers, ears, toes, and a plethora of other body parts. The small size also make it easy to hold onto, although some may be bothered by the fact that the vibrations travel throughout the entire toy.

Material / Texture

Fou is made of silicone and plastic. The base with the controls and charging point is a scent and taste free plastic, and the rest of the body is FunFactory's signature silicone. It's smooth to the touch, but does have a bit of drag and collects lint and other particles. It can also hold onto scents, like those from flavored lubes or scented cleaners.

The color is also bright and vibrant, if you get the yellow. It's comparable to a fluorescent yellow highlighter. Seriously. Some are going to be a huge fan of that, but others might want to go with the red instead.

Design / Shape / Size

Some may be reminded of Pacman when they look at Fou, with the round shape and opening that looks suspiciously like an awkward smile. Fou is also very compact and can very easily be wielded by smaller hands. At just 6 1/2" around the short way and 7 1/2" around the other way, Fou is also compact enough to travel with or store very easily.

The open mouth is the unique part of Fou's design. Just sitting there, it measures about 1 1/2" across and 3/8" tall. However you can squeeze the mouth shut and have the edges touch, or you can pry it open a bit to stick something wider in there to be cradled by vibrations.

To anybody unfamiliar with FunFactory as a brand, Fou looks like it could be just another egg shaped piece of art. You can easily pass it off as a massager of sorts though if anybody does happen to notice it. The unique design lends itself well to being asked about, so don't leave it out if you don't want to answer "what's that thing that looks like Pacman?"

Functions / Performance / Controls

Fou is very easy to use. Start with charging it by connecting the magnetic end of the charger to the FunFactory logo. The first charge can take up to 8 hours, so you may want to leave it on the charger all day while you're at work or overnight while you sleep. If you want to keep doing that for recharges, it should be fine as well. When it has a solid connection, it should glow red. Mine was still solid even after being on for 8 hours, so don't worry if yours is too.

There are three buttons located on the top, surrounding the logo in a triangular pattern. The + button turns Fou on and cycles up through the vibration strengths. Something that's neat is that once you max out on strengths, the backlight blinks continuously to let you know there's no more to go. Pressing the - button will cycle you down through the vibrations and turn it off. Pressing the little * button will start the vibration patterns. These feel like they only have one speed, but it was hard to tell for absolute certain. The solid vibrations are a lot easier to tell the difference between with the lowest feeling moderately strong and the strongest being finger numbing. They're also a bit on the loud side as well; not being able to rival the Hitachi in sound but definitely loud enough to hear through a closed door on the highest setting.

The vibrations are the type that feel really strong in your hand, but then in use don't quite seem to live up. That's most likely due to the very plush silicone, which seems to serve to dampen some of the vibrations and make them feel very surfacey when you get them through the edges of Fou's mouth.

On the plus side, Fou is completely waterproof so you can bring him into the bath or shower with you. So far, he's held up just fine to shower use and a submerging to clean.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for Fou is simple. Use, and clean. If you want some extra slipperyness, you can use some water based lube. If you want to use a silicone based, make sure to spot test first to avoid accidentally scarring the surface of the toy. You can clean it with warm soapy water, a wipe, or a spray. If you want to share Fou, you can even bleach it. Don't boil it though as that will probably destroy the motor.

To store, just toss in the handy dandy storage pouches that FunFactory has included!


The packaging for Fou is pretty nice. In a large plastic bag you have two boxes; one for the magnetic charger and one for the Fou. The outside of Fou's box is fun, bright, and lively. It shows the Fou in the color you ordered it in and a few illustrations of places you can use it. Slide that cardboard sheath off to find a champagne colored box that houses the Fou in not one, but two storage pouches. The outer one is satin like and matches the champagne box, and the inner one is a tulle like material. Also included in the box is an instruction manual and a sample of FunFactory's water based Toy Fluid lubricant.

As far as giving as a gift, it definitely shows what you're giving (if you don't ditch the outer sheath), but it's not tacky at all either.


I want so badly to like Fou. I really do. My husband and I love the design and the color and the first thing he says every time he sees it is "Pacman!!" My first problem with Fou is the silicone. I just apparently do not like FunFactory's silicone at all. It's got a lot of drag and just picks up a ton of lint. It's nice and squishy, but at the same time that seems to eat vibrations so I have a harder time getting off with it. The plus side is that when I end up applying a lot of pressure, it doesn't hurt.

I did enjoy being able to cup my clitoris during solo play and during sex. Surprisingly, Fou didn't seem to get in the way that much. A bit more than MiMi, but nothing horrible. In doggy style sex, the size difference was negligible. It's a very unique design that may grow on me, but may not. Fou is overall well made though, and while not perfect is still a solid toy.
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