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The Forbidden Fruit gave me high hopes, with its lovely, tasteful design and its sleek exterior. Unfortunately, it fails to deliver, with weak, buzzy vibrations and extremely frustrating control. Its shape, size, and strength may be enjoyable for foreplay between couples, but its design is not ideal for individual use.
Discreet, gentle, variety of functions, non-intimidating. Couple friendly.
Weak vibrations, no texture, unique, but useless controls. Not very stimulating overall.
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The Forbidden Fruit is a large, apple-shaped, discreet vibrator produced by Rianne S. It is used for external stimulation. It can be used for gentle, sensual massage and may be handy during foreplay. Partners may or individuals may use it to gently stimulate the breasts, vulva, penis, testicles, back, neck, shoulders, and any other available erogenous zones. However, it is not ideal for solo use since its controls require you to be able to see which way you're pushing the joystick, making it somewhat irritating to use between your legs. You have to continually bring it up from between your legs, thus interrupting the whole process! Be aware that you cannot sterilize this toy, so you should not share it unless you are fluid bonded with your partner. Even then, be careful!

This toy is definitely not recommended for anal or vaginal insertion, though kudos to you if you have the ability to get this sucker into any of your orifices.

It is similar in size and intention to the new Fun Factory UFO. Unfortunately, it is less well executed and less powerful. On the other hand, if you enjoy gentle vibrations and broad pressure stimulating your clitoris and the area around it, you might love the Forbidden Fruit.

Material / Texture

The Forbidden Fruit is made from shiny, hard, red plastic. Other than a noticeable seam that circumscribes the middle of the toy and divides it into two hemispheres, it is entirely slick and smooth. The plastic is anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, non-porous, latex and phthalates free. The solid structure has no give to it, which is useful for applying a broad, general pressure to the vulva or to large muscle groups, like those that run through your shoulders. A small amount of water-based lubricant will make this toy nice and slippery. Unfortunately, since it is round, it also means that the entire thing tends slide right out of your grip once you lube it up. Be careful not to use too much lubricant. The seam is somewhat noticeable, but it is not terribly troublesome when in use.

(Please excuse the dust all over the surface in this picture. I didn't think to wipe it down after it had been bopping around my desktop for a few days. Whoops!)

Avoid using silicone lubricant with this toy, since the small green stem that controls the settings on the top of the apple is made of silicone. It is matte and has a good amount of grip so that you can change settings easily. On the bottom of the toy there is an oval-shaped indent that has two metal contact points that are used for charging. They occasionally heat up during use, but not enough to be dangerous.

Truthfully, the texture of this toy leaves something to be desired in my opinion. It actually becomes too slipper, to the point of being less stimulating than it could be. At least if it was covered in a matte silicone material that would provide more drag and a better sensation.

Design / Shape / Size

The Forbidden Fruit is shaped like a big, shiny apple. It is reasonably discreet and innocent-looking. It is entirely smooth except for a shallow seam that runs around the entire thing. The size is surprisingly big, being somewhat larger than your usual edible apple, though it fits pretty comfortably in my hand. Someone with smaller hands might have a little bit of difficulty gripping it, especially when it's lubed up. At its seam, which is also the widest point on the toy, it measures 3 3/8". From top to bottom, it measures 3 1/4" tall.

The toy is easily hidden in its drawstring bag or in the plastic lid that goes on top of the charging base. It is somewhat bulky for travel or tucking into a purse, but it does have a locking feature. You might look a little strange walking around with a toy apple in your bag, though. Even if someone doesn't notice it vibrating! This vibrator is fairly lightweight and seems slightly heavier at the base, where the charging components and possibly the motor are located.

The apple has the letters "RS" embossed in gold on the front. It also has shallow symbols engraved around the control stem. The control stem is a little too short for my tastes. Furthermore, the controls are difficult to use because of their design, but more on that in the next section!

Functions / Performance / Controls

You control the functions of the Forbidden Fruit with its joystick stem in the indent on top of the apple. The stem is short and soft, with a rounded end. To turn the toy on, you press the button in and then release it. It will make a soft click. That will turn it on low, steady vibrations. When using the other settings, you can go back to low, steady vibrations by clicking the stem. At any time, you can hold the stem down for three seconds in order to turn the toy off instantly.

Surrounding the stem are four symbols. A +, -, .., and ~. To use the various functions, you push the stem in that direction. However, the symbols are indented, rather than raised up, and the joystick has 360 degrees of motion which makes it extremely difficult to tell which direction you're pushing the stick without looking right at it. You cannot use your sense of touch to tell which symbol you're pointing at.

If you can figure out which direction you're aiming, the + causes the vibrations to increase in strength and the - causes the power to decrease. It has five steady vibration settings. The vibrations seem like they should be quite strong, but they do not translate well through the hard, hollow plastic. They are disappointingly buzzy. Oddly, they are significantly stronger on one side, right to the left side of the RS logo. They are extremely weak on the opposite half. As you turn the toy to different angles, the vibrations seem to change, not remaining steady. Instead, it makes some strange thrumming noises depending on how you hold it, becoming louder. When it is on the highest setting it is quite loud and can certainly be heard through covers and possibly through thin walls and doors.

The .. button starts a slow pulsing. Pushing towards it a second time starts medium speed pulsing and a third time starts a rapid pulsing. The ~ button starts a rollercoaster setting, rolling slowly from high to low. A second push starts a speedier roller coaster and a third push an even faster one. Each of the individual functions can be turned up through the five vibration strengths, keeping the same pace, but becoming more powerful. Sadly, it is impossible to adjust the vibrations with any kind of accuracy. You have to just bobble through the random settings that you come across as you attempt to find what you're looking for.

You can lock the vibrations by holding the stem down for six seconds. The light will flash to indicate that it is locked. Hold it down for another six seconds to unlock and it will pulse three times to acknowledge that it is ready for use.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is splash-proof, but not waterproof. Therefore, you cannot submerge it completely to wash it. Carefully rinse with soap and water or wipe down with rubbing alcohol or toy cleaner. The seam and the indent where the contact points are have a tendency get dirty and are a pain to clean without a q-tip or a toothbrush devoted to that purpose.

The Forbidden Fruit sets on a charging stand which comes with a lid. You can cover it completely while it's plugged in and charging so no one will be any wiser. The charging port is convenient, sturdy, and preferable to constantly having to purchase batteries. However, it does not have a light or any other indication that it is on and charging, so you'll have to keep on the top of the apple, which will flash when charging. It will turn off when it is finished charging. Charge the toy for 8 hours the first time, then 2-3 hours after that. Its battery life seems quite reasonable. It has survived a couple weeks of occasional use thus far. The light will flash when it is in need of a charge.


This toy comes in a sturdy purple cardboard box with a lid similar to a shoe box. It has a sleeve around it that indicates what is inside. The box is divided into two sections, one holding the apple and its charger base and cover, the other holding the included paperwork and the charger cord and plug. It comes with separate pieces that need to be inserted in order to enable use with outlet styles in various countries.

The toy comes with a one-year warranty packet, a pamphlet featuring other toys from Rianne S, and an instruction booklet. Unfortunately, my Forbidden Fruit came with an incorrect instruction packet. It is for the Matryoshka, also by Rianne S. This gave me absolutely nothing to work with when trying to figure this toy out, as the control system for the Rianne S is completely different.

The box is perfect to give as a gift, especially if you remove the outer sleeve. It can be used for storage, but why keep it when you've got almost excessive storage options? The toy also comes with a storage pouch, as well as the plastic charging base and case. Be sure to recycle, if you're not using the box!

Personal comments

This toy does absolutely nothing for me. The shape of it does not appeal to me, nor does the texture or the controls or the strength and variety of vibrations. I just could not get anywhere with it and did not find it stimulating in the least. It is extremely frustrating to use and is not user-friendly.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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