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When it comes to the design and performance of the UFO, I have absolutely no complaints. It is moderately powerful, versatile, and challenges the user to be creative, resulting in a unique experience and sensations that you have likely never felt before. Its only downside is that getting its charging mechanism to work is a bit of a balancing act...
Versatile, strong, rechargeable, waterproof, fun, unique, easy to clean and store.
A pain in the butt to charge, not insertable, a bit noisy.
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The UFO (Unbelievably Fun Object, Unforgettable Fantastic Orgasm, etc) by Fun Factory is an interestingly designed vibrating toy intended to be used for external stimulation. It should not be inserted, unless your idea of fun is attempting to fish it out of your orifices. With its gentle vibrating functions and its unique shape, the UFO nestles into your palm for a wild ride that is, dare I say, "out of this world?"

The vibrations are mild, with some variety, and its shape leaves plenty of room for creativity. It is incredibly versatile. You can make use of its broad, rounded tip or its narrow edge for more concentrated pressure. You can use the UFO solo or with a partner, on just about any external body part imaginable. With a little bit of lubricant or lotion, it may be useful for gently massaging the temples and the neck when you have a headache, or rubbing the tension out of your partner's shoulders and back. It is also well suited to sexual pleasure, since you can use it on the visible bits of genitalia of all kinds. Beginner and veteran sex toy users alike will find uses for the UFO.

Material / Texture

The UFO is made of high quality silicone, with a hard plastic cap that houses the soft control buttons. Silicone is extremely body friendly, being both hypo-allergenic and phthalates- and latex-free. It is non-porous and retains temperature well. However, since this item has mechanical components, you will want to avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold. The material is somewhat plush, with a bit of give to its otherwise firm shape. It is matte with a bit of grip to it and is something of a lint magnet, so it should be rinsed off before use. Its smooth texture makes it a delight to rub over the skin, without too much traction.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is fun and refreshing. Its use is open to interpretation! You can turn it on its side and slide its ridge up and down between your labia, or use the edge to tease your partners nipples. You can nuzzle the raised bump on its underside up against your clit or even press it to the sensitive entrances to your body, no matter what gender you are. A little vibrating massage can be an excellent warm up to relax the backside before anal play. The bump can be used very effectively for massage on just about any large muscles as well, with the ridge offering an excellent way to hold the toy in your palm and push it against sore body parts. (As a side note, you should never use vibrating toys on unexplained soreness. Be sure to check with a doctor first.)

The toy measures 3.5" across and 2.5" from top to bottom. The ridge around it comes to a point of about 1/4" and the rounded bump is approximately 2" across. This size makes it perfect for fitting in the palm of your hand. Simply curling a finger up towards your palm enables you to push the control buttons.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are three buttons on the top of the UFO. -, +, and *. They glow when the toy is on and when it is charging. Unfortunately, they all feel identical to one another when the lights are dimmed and the toy is between your legs. You may find yourself accidentally pressing the wrong one. It may have been helpful if the buttons were in a different configuration that would help you identify them with just your fingertips.

Holding the + button for one full second turns the toy on a low, steady vibration. Pressing it repeatedly moves the vibrations up in strength. It has six steady vibration settings, each more powerful than the last. Pressing the - button takes you one step back. From the strongest setting, holding the minus button for three seconds will cause it to cycle all the way down to being powered off. You can also simply hold the plus button to ramp up quickly to the strongest vibration mode, if you'd rather skip the softer settings.

Pressing the * button will change the vibration modes to four pulsing patterns. First is a steady, rapid pulsing, followed by a slightly slower, thrumming setting, another similar, but slower thrumming setting, and an awesome, slowww, roller coaster one after that. That setting is the best, by far. It starts soft and builds, staying strong for a moment before backing down to the lower setting, repeatedly. Pressing the * once more brings you back to the rapid pulses. Pressing either the + or - will make the switch back to steady vibrations, since you cannot adjust the strength of the patterned vibrations. They all seem to be in the middle to high range of this toy's available power.

On the lowest setting, the toy is almost silent. Its vibrations are quite rumbly but diffuse, due to its shape. You can feel the vibrations most strongly if you touch the edge of the toy, which makes perfect sense since the vibrations are more concentrated here on its narrow ridge, as opposed to the vibrations being spread out along the broad knob at the bottom. When you push a button, the toy gets a little louder for a split second, quieting down once you release. The buttons also glow more brightly when you press them. Each setting seems to be slightly louder and more buzzy than the last.

The toy is waterproof, but with its large surface area, its vibrations are even more diffused by the water.

Care and Maintenance

This toy comes with a handy drawstring storage pouch that is large enough to fit both it and its magnetic charger. Since it is made of non-porous silicone and plastic, it can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water or with isopropyl alcohol, though it should never be boiled or washed in the dishwasher because of its mechanical components. It should only be used with water-based lubricant.

The UFO uses Fun Factory's neat Click 'n' Charge charging system. To use this type of charger, you simply line up the Fun Factory logo on the toy with the logo on the charger. Its magnet is supposed to hold it in place. Unfortunately, the shape of this toy makes it incredibly difficult to keep the charger in just the right position. It's something of a balancing act. However, since the alternative is eating through non-rechargeable batteries, this seems to be the better option. Fun Factory recommends that you charge the toy completely before its first use. You will know the charge is complete when the red light on the charger turns off.

The battery life on this item seems great thus far. I charged it completely before its first use and I have been using it regularly a couple nights a week for two weeks. It has yet to die. I will follow up with more information on battery life if I am able to find it or determine it.


The toy comes in a small, square package that is quite efficient. It has a colored sleeve on the outside that has some tasteful images of the toy and emblems that hint at its use. Sliding the sleeve off reveals a monochromatic box that is mysteriously difficult to open! Ignore the tab that looks like you should be able to open it there and, instead, look for the Fun Factory logo, since that is actually the top of the box! Tricky!

I was really hoping that there would be instructions and suggestions on how to use the toy, but there weren't. Now that I've been forced to use the toy creatively, I feel grateful for that! However, it would still be nice to have some tips about battery life and charging times. The toy did come with a pamphlet with warnings in multiple languages. Be sure to read this, both for practical and for entertainment purposes...

Some of the warnings (a.k.a. "Important technical infos"):

-Do not place the magnetic contact point of the charger on metallic surfaces otherwise there is a danger of short circuiting.
-Do not throw power unit or toy in the fire.
-Do not open the toy with force.
-Do not poke the toy with pointy objects.

In other words, use some common sense, folks. Also, be sure to recycle the cardboard packaging and paper pamphlets!
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