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The UFO from Fun Factory is a cute, cheeky little external vibrator that has a variety of uses. Though it will not provide pinpoint clitoral quickies, it can be quite nice with some patience for a protracted masturbation session. For those that prefer toys with more horsepower for clitoral stimulation, the UFO still has the perfect shape and rumbly vibrations needed for body massage. It fits perfectly into your palm, so it's a breeze to use where ever you use it.
Easy to hold, rechargeable, interface is easy to use, non-porous, deep vibrations, multiple speeds
Vibrations diffuse, surface area too broad for pinpoint stimulation, noisy, too weak for some
Rating by reviewer:
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I was thrilled when I was asked to review the UFO from Fun Factory, because it looked to me like a cousin (perhaps a second cousin?) of my beloved Yooo. I was profoundly surprised at how much I adored my Yooo, in spite of its controversial shape, and I assumed that the UFO would easily be as lovable. Plus, it comes in a really stunning blue color that I've only seen before in the LELO Gigi if memory serves. So, suffice it to say that when I didn't fall head over heels for this toy after my first use? I was far from discouraged. It's taken me a dozen or more tries to get the knack of some toys, and a few of them have gone on to be my favorite.

But, I won't beat around the bush. Try as I might, I cannot come to love this clitoral stimulator purely for its intended use. For me this is a still a four star vibrator because it's fabulous in a number of applications, including on the vulva and clitoris. Still, I must dock a star and offer the caveat that the UFO will not tickle everyone's pickle, so to speak. A large number of clitoris-owning folks appreciate their vibrations focused on the clitoris or at least directly adjacent to. I count myself among this group. Unfortunately, though I have had orgasms with the UFO, they were much more difficult to achieve than with other vibrators - many with far less strength.

The tragedy for those among us that like direct stimulation is that the UFO's novel shape features vibration over a broad surface area. Unlike the Yooo, which packs two insanely powerful motors into a package of comparable size, the UFO only has one motor. This baby is appropriately shaped like a broad, flat saucer, perfectly in line with the design of the 1950s extraterrestrial cinematic trope. From one side of its "saucer" edge to the other, it's about 3.5" in diameter. In the center it has a pronounced mound that is about 1.75" in diameter. This shape lends itself extremely well to cradling in the palm and manipulating without much difficulty, but it also creates a lot of surface area for the deliciously deep vibrations to go rogue over.

I found that my palm received about the same vibration treatment that my clitoris did, which is never ideal. While most vibrators have their power focused in just one part of the toy, the vibrations could be felt with equal strength at any point on the toy's surface. The feel of the vibrations in this toy are very similar to that of the Yooo, as well as Fun Factory's powerhouse G4 toys. They are deep, rumbly, and penetrating; they essentially exactly what I look for in a vibrator. But, as I maneuvered my UFO during play, I could feel these delicious sensations being lost to the far reaches of my vulva. Sadness ensued.

Now, this doesn't mean the UFO won't get you off. If you like broad stimulation on your clitoris and vulva, this would actually be ideal for you. I have met more than one woman that enjoyed stimulating their clitoris/vulva with their entire palm as opposed to one or two fingers. For such a gal, this would be perfect. And make no mistake; this is a powerful toy. No, it's not as strong as something you'd plug into the wall, but for a rechargeable toy this ranks high up there for power. The part that will make this vibrator hit or miss for many is simply where those vibrations end up going. It won't feel like much if you need all of that power focused directly on your clit, but it'll be heavenly if you enjoy a more diffuse massage experience.
I have personally had orgasms with this toy, but it was necessary that I was very aroused first and that I was a bit patient with it. This is not a toy I reach for when I'm a bit horny and I want to have a quick climax before starting my day. This is more a toy that I lie and watch porn with first, maybe dirty talk with a partner, teasing myself with the lowest setting first. Admittedly, I'm not always in the mood for that, nor do I have the time for it. For the most part, I see this toy being used as a teaser toy or for back massage, which it's actually incredible for. But, for solo play, the orgasm is delicious when I get to it. Agonizingly protracted, full body, and with a long, steady decline rather than the sharp come-down of clitoral orgasms furnished by Hitachi-like motors. It's just not something I have the patience for most of the time, I'll be honest. I much prefer to crank up the motor, stick it between my labia, and perform other sex acts (like oral on a partner) while being teased by the impending almost-orgasm sensation.

I can detect about 6 distinct levels of power in the settings of steady, continuous vibration. For solo play, I like ramping myself up to about the fourth (by clicking the button with the positive sign) and then hanging there until I get to the plateau of orgasm. Then, I bump things up to the highest setting and let the shock of that sudden change bring me to climax. Turn the toy back off is as simple and holding the minus sign down. You can also enjoy several pulse and rollercoaster presets by pressing the third button which is marked with a flower symbol. I tend not to use these with this toy as I need the continuous vibration to get me off, but some may enjoy them.

All in all? I think this is a great vibrator, and a design that Fun Factory should be proud to carry in its catalog. Unfortunately, I do think that there is a large demographic that will not be pleased by its design as far as clitoral stimulators go. Whether or not the UFO will be a great toy for you depends entirely on what you look for in a toy in terms of the concentration and strength of your vibrations. It's a great price point for rechargeable, 100% silicone toy (with the exception of the hard plastic interface) that is non-porous. It's easy to clean with a 10% bleach solution, antibacterial wipe, or warm water and antibacterial soap. Water or oil based lubricants should be used with the UFO or with any other 100% silicone toy. Do not store openly with toys made from soft materials such as non-100% silicone composites, rubber, jelly, or others. For more on caring for your silicone, check out Eden's handy material guide. Do not boil or put the UFO in the dishwasher as it does contain electronic components.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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