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A Nice Little Massager

The UFO vibrator is designed for external use and makes a nifty little all-over body massager. It all vibrates, so you can use whatever part of the silicone area that you'd like to get varying sensations. The 6 levels of steady vibrations range from a gentle purr to a moderately strong hum, and there are 4 vibrating patterns as well. Its compact waterproof design lets you take the UFO nearly anywhere, and it's rechargeable so you'll never have to worry about batteries.
Well made, rechargeable, waterproof.
The silicone is a serious lint/dust magnet, won't be powerful enough for some.
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The UFO is a compact vibrator that can be used at nearly any angle on every external part of the body. As a clitoral or male genital stimulator it's going to be most useful for people who like gentle to average intensity vibrations, but as a general body massager it has potential to please anyone. It's also fully waterproof, which makes it very easy to clean.

Material / Texture

Most of the toy is made of fairly firm smooth silicone with a pliable surface that is comfortable to press against, but the white control panel is hard plastic. On the panel, raised buttons with raised icons on them are easy to feel. The silicone creates an eraser-like drag against the skin, so the toy works better when used with a bit of lubricant or massage oil. It picks up lint and dust very easily, so rinsing the toy before use is a good idea.

Design / Shape / Size

At only 3.5" wide and 2.5" tall, the UFO fits comfortably in one hand and is easy to store, hide, or travel with.

Obviously shaped like its namesake, its construction is solid and seamless, and there is no separation between the control panel and rest of the toy. The vibrations travel through the silicone so you can use the UFO at any angle, but the unusual shape and varying thicknesses means the vibrations in some parts of the toy feel stronger than others.


Functions / Performance / Controls

The control buttons are backlit in white light and arranged in a triangular pattern, each marked with a raised symbol; a plus sign, an asterisk, and a minus sign. These buttons are easy to push when you need to, but not so easy that accidentally bumping them will change the toy's setting.

You can turn the toy on by holding down either the plus or asterisk for 3 seconds. Using the plus sign starts the toy on a very gentle rumbling vibration, and you can click it to raise the intensity 5 more levels of steady vibes. You can also hold the button down to run through them more quickly. Using the asterisk to turn the toy on starts it on the first of 4 vibration patterns, which is a rapid warbling pulse. The other 3 patterns are various durations of "revving" and are moderate in intensity. When you're in patterns mode, pressing either the plus or minus sign takes the toy back to the steady vibrations, and you can then hold or click the minus sign to decrease the strength and turn the toy off.

The vibrations on the highest speed can be described as average in intensity; not super powerful, but enough for most users. They are strongest in the "well" where the underside of the rim flows into the body of the toy, and in the bottom. The vibrations at the outer edge of the rim aren't very strong at all.

The UFO is very quiet on low speed, but once it's powered up a bit the high-pitched hum can be heard through the covers, though not through a closed door.

In between the control buttons are small raised letters that say "FUN". This is where you charge the toy by lining up that logo with the matching one on the charger disk. A magnetic connection is made so the two stay together, and the charger's logo lights up in red so you know it's charging. When the toy is fully charged, the light goes out.


Care and Maintenance

You can wash the UFO with soap and water or use a commercial toy cleaner on it. You can also wipe the silicone down with a 10% bleach solution for more thorough sanitizing. Avoid silicone lubricants as they can damage the UFO's surface.


The UFO comes in two separate small boxes, one for the charger and one for the toy. The toy's box is a soft gold-tone cube wrapped in a thin 4-sided cardboard sleeve that has pictures of the toy on it and some advertising jargon. With the sleeve removed, the little gold box is discreet enough to leave out on a bedside table, and strong enough for long-term storage.
Though small, the charger's box is not so discreet, having brightly colored pictures of various Fun Factory vibrators on the back as well as a picture of the charger on the front. However, included with the UFO is a white organdy drawstring bag nested inside of a gold satin one; these are big enough to store both the toy and charger together in for a more versatile storage option.

Also included is a sample packet of Toy Fluid lubricant and a mini pamphlet of warnings pertaining to the care of the toy. Such as "Do not poke the toy with pointy objects." There are no actual operating instructions though, so it may take a little time for buyers who aren't familiar with Fun Factory toys to figure out the controls.


Personal comments

The manufacturer says that the UFO may take up to 8 hours to charge the very first time, but we can't vouch for this since ours came already charged. It lasted for 1 hour on that, took 6 hours to recharge, then lasted a little over 2 hours on subsequent charges which have ranged from 4.5 to 6 hours each.


Alan says:
This is another vibrator destined to get more use as a massage tool for us. Not that it doesn't feel good on my nether regions, it just isn't shaped as friendly as some other toys for that sort of thing, and I prefer buzzier vibrations. It's excellent for working out sore muscles though. I like using a slow rocking or rotating motion and the lower 2 speeds of vibrations for that.
We have other Fun Factory Click N Charge toys, and one thing I noticed with the UFO is that the magnet on the charger seems stronger. Whereas the others have a tendency to be quirky about finding and holding the connection, this one stays in place better.

Michele says:
I agree this is best for us as a body massager, but it isn't useless as a clit vibe either. The outer edge fits down in that space between the side of my clit and labia really well and lets me get a good grinding motion going on it. The only thing is it's not quite strong enough for me, so it's a long road to orgasm. It does work though. To compare it with other Fun Factory toys (for anyone who might have these), the UFO is nowhere near as strong as the mini vibes (Bubbles, Spring, etc.); my impression is that it's about like one of those on their middle speed.
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