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Lovely Little Bowling Pin

The Luxotiq Classic is truly a luxury piece. Its undulating curves and its glistening, placid surface make for a glass dildo that is as beautiful as it is functional. Offering two differently sized bulbs on either end, this double-header is no one trick pony. It is sure to keep pace no matter what your appetite is like, and no matter how quickly it changes. The sturdy, simple Classic is consistently able to out-perform the competition and always look beautiful while doing it.
Offers size options, non-porous, phthalate-free, safe to share, easy to clean, gorgeous
Cheap packaging cannot actually be used for storage
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The Luxotiq Classic is a beautiful double-ended glass dildo that is best suited to female-bodied/FAAB persons for vaginal/front-hole usage. Though its fabulously round and swollen bulbed tips may look inviting for anal play, the Classic is really not advisable for anal use. Between the very slick texture of the glass, which can be difficult to keep a firm grip on, and the lack of a sufficient flange, this dildo really isn't safe for the butt. You may enjoy using it for a little bit of massage on the outer anus, but once you insert it you are really taking a gamble with your safety.

Still, for the rest? A.MAZ.ING. This is a seriously swanky toy! Though this is a relatively straight dildo, the bulges in the shaft are enough to provide wonderful G spot stimulation with some precise aim and I freaking LOVE that I have options about the size! I typically warm myself up with the smaller end by teasing my clit, tracing my inner labia with its tip, then finally entering and thrusting slowly. Once I am naturally lubricated and prepared enough, I flip the Classic right over for some more (okay, make that MUCH more) filling play. I never even have to get up off my lazy behind and get a different toy! Oh, and did I tell you? The big end really does feel BIG. The unyielding density of the glass makes every millimeter of girth 100% noticeable. If you appreciate a nice, healthy width this end will not disappoint. Meanwhile, if your tastes are more on the slim and slender side, the other end will suit you quite nicely as well. You sort of can't lose here.

I would strongly advise that you take your time during your first use of this one. Because it's glass, and because the curves can be a little extreme, you'll want to go slow and listen to your body. Glass is a very firm material which can leave you very sore in the morning if you thrust too hard or fast. For your first couple of sessions I would suggest going easy until you get the hang of the Classic.
    • Female assigned at birth individuals
    • Female bodied individuals
    • Romantic dinner

Material / Texture

Pyrex glass is a name brand of borosilicate glass, which is a particularly sturdy kind of glass that is resistant to stress caused by temperature fluctuations. Does this mean you can stick your toy in the freezer or in a pot of boiling water? That would be a resounding "Noooo!" However, it is safe to put your Pyrex dildo in a bowl of ice water or in a bowl of hot water (put a bowl of water in the microwave until it's about as hot as you like your soup to be) for a couple of minutes to add some temperature play to your sessions. Pyrex glass retains temperature very well, so on a hot summer day or a cold winter night, your dildo can provide some very welcome relief from the weather!

Borosilicate or "Pyrex" glass is also less dense than other forms of glass, which makes it resistant to shattering. It is designed to break into larger pieces when it experiences extreme stress, which overall makes a less dangerous toy. However, if you don't drop your Classic or store it in your freezer you really don't have to worry about any of that.

The Classic is a relatively light (about a pound) dildo with a hard, slick surface that doesn't provide a lot of stimulation for those that prefer texture. I don't really miss the texture though due to the beautiful curves, which for me provide all the stimulation I need. Because glass is such a dense, hard material, I would recommend that beginners be cautious when using this. Actually, everyone should be cautious! Make sure you listen to your body, and if it hurts, slow down or stop.

Design / Shape / Size

As I said previously, this toy's ability to do some serious G spotting is perhaps not immediately apparent because it lacks a pronounced curve. But those bulges! All those curves! With a little creative angling you can definitely get some very nice G spot stimulation. With 8" voluptuous inches of shaft and a variable width and anywhere from about .5 inches to 1.5 inches, the Classic provides a lot of room for experimentation and finding a method that's right for you. The only disadvantage with the two ends (.75" and 1.5" respectively) is that there's not much in between. Your two options are limited to those two sizes, so if you prefer moderate widths, say an inch, you will be forced to choose between two more extreme ends of the size spectrum. This wasn't really a problem for me, and I actually appreciate the severity of this toy's curves, but this will not be a plus for everyone.

This dildo is obviously quite unrealistic, and as long as it's clean you can leave it out on your coffee table and no one would be any the wiser. It looks more like a strange bowling pin miniature or a very expensive paper weight --while it may look a bit phallic, it's intended purpose would still remain fairly obscure to a guest that found it next to Newsweek on the table. So it's certainly discreet enough for keeping around the house and for traveling with; just be sure it doesn't get banged up in transit!


The Classic is absolutely perfect in its performance; I really have absolutely no complaints. The only thing that it might be lacking is a little bit of a curve for better G spot stimulation, but given its design I'm actually still surprised at the stimulation I do receive with it. It's excellent! I have found it a little tricky to hold onto during play when things start to get slippery, so unless you are unable to produce sufficient bodily lubricant I would not really recommend adding any to the mix.

As I said before, I had my reservations about this toy being used anally, but I dipped my toe into that water just to see how safe it really was. While I only inserted the tip of the smaller end about an inch, I still noticed that because the glass is so smooth and slick that it was VERY easy for it to be pulled in more than I wanted it to be. I would NOT count on the bulge in the center of this toy to save your bum; this dildo has a mind of its own at times and you may find yourself in the ER if you try putting this in your butt! Luckily I was very mindful of this and removed it once I started to notice it slipping. With a little TINY bit of lubricant, however, the Classic does feel very, very nice when used to massage the outer anus. I also love using it to tease my clit and labia a bit, too.

Care and Maintenance

Due to the delicacy of glass, one might imagine a glass dildo is a high maintenance buy. Surprisingly, not so, at least not for this little darling. With no narrow scoring or gook-catching ridges, the Classic is remarkably easy to clean. When using solo or with a fluid-bonded partner, a gentle lathering with anti-bacterial soap and warm water after use is enough for the purposes of basic cleansing. In order to completely sterilize the toy (when going from anal to vaginal, sharing with partners, etc.) you can simply wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. As mentioned above, because glass is not porous and cannot absorb microbes, you are able to completely sterilize and share it. Just make sure to be careful when washing; I've nearly dropped this and other glass toys when washing because glass can be quite slippery when wet. You can also boil your Pyrex glass dildo so long as you are careful not to let it bob around and smack against the walls of the pot. A helpful commentor recommended using kitchen tongs to hold your glass in the pot so that it won't roll around too much. Just be careful not to move your glass from one temperature extreme quickly to the other. You can also put your toy on the top rack in a dishwasher should be perfectly safe (no dish detergent, though!)

Glass does not negatively interact with other materials, so you can use this dildo safely with oil, water or silicone based lubricants if you desire. It is also safe to store with silicone, metal, jelly, other glass, really just about anything. Be careful that it's well padded wherever you choose to keep it because you don't want it to get banged up or even broken. Even stowing it away it a sock is preferable to leaving it out unprotected.


Probably the only thing that was a let-down with this toy was the packaging. Are you astonished? I know that I was, because in the photos the packaging looks SO. DAMN. PRETTY. However, from the moment I received the Classic it was problem after problem with that pretty little box. To start, I pulled the ribbon to open it --gently, I might add!-- and it popped right off in my hand. The cardboard box (and that's all it is, cardboard) quickly came apart, as did the stiff, cheap Styrofoam lining. The Styrofoam was not even glued in to the box and the faux-satin that covers it looks like it was hot-glued gunned on: not very effective for adhering fabric something, let alone Styrofoam.

For a toy as wonderful, not to mention delicate, as the Luxotiq toys are a cheap box like this really doesn't cut it. I hope to keep this dildo for a lifetime and this kind of storage isn't going to help me do that. Buying one of these is my very next order of business as I'm definitely going to need something else to keep this baby in. A message to Luxotiq: a plain ol' pouch would have been infinitely preferred for your gorgeous glass!

ONE good thing I must say about the packaging is that Luxotiq includes a soft, pink little cloth for cleaning off your toy with. It's the same kind of cloth that is included with eye-glass cases for wiping of fingerprints. I'm not really sure how often I'll be using this, but it's certainly a nice gesture. So far I've only wiped my toy down once with it just as a test run but it didn't really do too much that I noticed.

Personal comments

Wonderful, wonderful dildo! My only word of advice to potential buyers is to make sure you get a pouch if you don't already have one for storage. I've listed the one I'll likely get below in "Similar products" in case you're on the hunt for a nice little bag. For a beauty like this it's worth the investment, I think.
Follow-up commentary
I do still love this toy and every now and again I pull it out when I want to unwind and take some time spoiling myself with some fancy glass. Dim the lights, get completely undressed, actually take the time to engage in some masturbatory "foreplay" before heading for the big finish. This one forces me to slow down and work at an orgasm because it's not angled for G-spot stimulation; it takes some creativity.

On most days I find myself reaching for my stand-by when I crave glass: the Bent Graduate. I just don't always have the time or motivation to work so hard on cumming! For this reason the Classic gets used a lot less than it probably deserves to, but I do still love it and it serves me very loyally when I do get around to it.
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