Contributor: AndromedaJane AndromedaJane
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Is this heavy enough to work well for kegel exercises?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Constructive discussions on Ben wa balls:

Can you tell if the kegel exercise balls really work when your walking around?
I know I need to strengthen my pc muscles b/c I've had two kids vaginally. I've been looking at all the different balls that Eden has to offer and...

Kegel Exercises with Weights
Has anyone ever tried this? I figured attaching weight to some sort of plug could work for men and women. I may give this a shot. link

Kegel balls seem to have caused an infection! Anybody had that happen?
Have ya'll had ingections after using kegel balls? It appears I have a problem and I'm really thinking it happened because of my Lelo Mini Luna beads!

Whats your favorite Kegel exerciser?
I am trying to choose a new kegel exerciser. Any ideas?

Anyone have experience with benwa balls?
ladies, I have never used benwa balls. Please explain what type of pleasure should I expect? Are they fun for the user or only a exercise?
Contributor: Porygorish Porygorish
Its fairly heavy for the size but dont thing of it as a work out tool, wont get you very far