Neon luv touch lipstick vibe - discreet vibrator by Pipedream - review by K101

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Neon Luv Touch, I Luv what you do!

The Neon Luv Touch Lipstick is the kind of toy you can give as a gift and be sure it'll provide almost any female with good stimulation, just as long as she likes toys and vibrations. The price for such a good, powerful and long-lasting toy is almost mind blowing. With the tip of the Lipstick you can focus the vibrations on the exact spot you want them. A clitoris that doesn't respond easily will probably perk up to this.
Pin-point and intense vibrations.
Long lasting.
Awesome price.
Arouses very quickly!
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I'm a neon kind of girl, personality wise and I love neon colors, but this is not what I call neon. Hot and bright pink? Yes. No big deal though.

While discrete vibrators usually don't appeal to me, I was impressed with this. I like a little extra with mine so I was a kind of mind blown at how much I like this simple little guy.

This is not a good choice for internal use, but if you must then you could. It's only a small tip so it won't provide much internal stimulation. However, it's absolutely wonderful for pin-point stimulation and will easily slide and glide all over the clitoris, labia and other body parts making your play even more exciting! In the bath it feels wonderful sliding over nipples! If you are really into nipple play and enjoy time dedicated to nipple play, this will give awesome sensations! Enjoy nipple clamps? The vibrations feel even better on the nipples when they're clamped. Perfect for nipples and clitoris.

The pretty and simple design makes this perfect for a first time toy, but it's also a wonderful "go-to toy" for advanced users. No matter how long I've been using toys and how many fancy toys I try, this is always a promising, quick and easy toy. I would definitely recommend this for beginners, but don't be fooled, it's perfect for advanced users too. If you like pin-point stimulation and intense vibrations then this will surely do the trick. It's not super exciting and doesn't have anything fancy to it, but it's a very promising vibe. It never takes me long to "get there" using this. After a year, it still excites and pleases. I've yet to be let down by it.

I personally like this toy for couple's play, but it has those "finish line" vibrations so it's going to work out for both solo and couple play. When we're using it in the car or just to excite me before being intimate, it gets me there in seconds! I'm not hard to arouse and I have a fairly responsive clitoris, but these are the only vibrations that get me excited in only seconds. I love it. It makes a fun little toy for foreplay and will certainly excite and heat things up. Having a partner use it on you is fun.
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    • Couples
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    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
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    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The product page describes the material as "Platic/soft touch". It's made of "food grade material." The entire lipstick vibe and lid has a nice soft, kind of velvety feel. The actual part being used is the tip of the lipstick and while it's tiny, it's very smooth and squishy, not hard plastic. It's not flexible, but the tip is squishy enough to feel soft on my lady bits. This powerful little baby rates a 1 on the material safety rating. It doesn't bother me since I don't ever share toys and this is something meant for external use.

I'm happy to know that it's hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalates free. And for the awesome price it's a nice thing to have. Please remember though, this is porous!

With the tiny size of the lipstick tip I didn't expect a scent, but mine's kept a light scent for nearly a year! It's not bad or bothersome and can't be noticed unless you stick your nose to the lipstick. As for taste, I did taste it so I could report back and for those of you who put them in your mouth, you'll be happy to hear there's no taste.

There's no texture to this toy and it's not meant for insertion, but I suppose you could if you wanted to. Since there's no texture, only a simple, but awesome vibrator this will not provide internal sensation, but will give you all the clitoral stimulation you need.
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

I usually prefer some kind of texture or a G-spot feature in my toys, but this passed a huge test: exciting me! It's not easy for a plain old vibrator to do the trick and since this one did, it ranks high in my toy box! I don't usually go for discrete vibrators since they tend to lack in function, but the Neon Luv Touch has such amazing vibrations that it's hard not to "Luv" (sorry, I couldn't resist that one).

With 1 1/2 of this being insertable, it's not going to do much for most in that area, but the pointed lipstick tip does wonders for me even when simply holding it in place over the clitoris. The discrete design is nice for those who don't want something large or noticeable, but the bright color really stands out. That is certainly not a con for me though. Heck, if every vibrator came in an almost neon( preferrably actual neon) color I'd be all for that. Discrete doesn't matter to me, but I do like that I can easily carry and use this in the car and not worry about it being seen easily. I don't think the tube looks like lipstick since it's both bright pink and looks more to me like a mini flashlight, only without a light! If I happened across this, that's what I'd assume it was unless I opened the cap.

This little guy measures 3 1/2 inches with 1 1/2 being insertable.

Even with the beautiful, bright color, it's easily tucked away in a make-up bag for travel. I actually am taking a vacation next week and this little guy is going in my purse!

While using, I have had the Neon Luv Touch get bumped very slightly by my hand and turn off so taking the batteries out (store them in a plastic baggy so you don't lose them) so it doesn't accidentally turn on.

If you're looking for pin point stimulation for the clitoris or nipples, but want penetration as well, this is the perfect size for comfortably holding on the clitoris or nipples while using another toy for insertion. Or for even more fun have your partner help out!
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

I love how this little guy performs! Intense, pin-point vibrations, multi-speed and waterproof functions have made me a very happy girl.

The vibrations are intense. In fact, this little vibrator is one of the most powerful I've used. It carries the vibrations well from base to lipstick tip which is nice, but it does make my hand numb. The numbness I get in my hands from this is nothing compared to most so it's not bothersome and doesn't cause that pins and needles sensation. I think the numbness is mostly due to such strong vibration packed in such a tiny container.

The vibrations are controlled by a little spin dial at the very base. When using, a slight bump will cause the dial to move and often turn completely off. It wasn't a real problem, but worth noting. To turn the vibrator on, simply put the 4 included watch batteries in from the screw on lid at the base then turn the spin dial to the right. To turn it up to a stronger speed, keep turning to the right. To turn down, turn the spin dial in the opposite direction (left) continue turning to power it off. (Incase you didn't catch that, batteries *are* included!)

It's labeled "multi-speed" so I'm not 100% sure how many speeds, but I counted 7 all of which are strong. On the lowest setting, it's enough for me and I've never been able to use the lowest setting on any vibrator. Sometimes I prefer turning it to one of the higher settings just because I enjoy the intense sensations.

It is waterproof and so far has held up well in the water, but always remember to line the screw on cap's threads up with well to be sure it's on good and tighten it or water will get in. It does great in water and will holds up fine when fully submerged.

The buzzing of this toy is a little high pitched, but can't be heard through a closed door. With thin walls, simply turn on the TV or air conditioner to be sure it isn't heard. Like most hard vibrators, this will get increasingly louder when touched to hard surfaces like a tub or table and could possibly be heard. Other than that, it's fairly quiet as long as a TV is on or the shower.

The 4 watch batteries last a very long time! I hate watch batteries since they're harder to find when I need them, but I've never had to replace them and I've had the Neon Luv Touch for over a year! Now, I did lose the poor little guy for about 3 months so keep this in mind. Still, the batteries will hold up for at least a few month's use.
    • Long lasting power
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Like I mentioned earlier and should definitely mention again, this product is porous so it should never be shared! If you absolutely must share, do use a *new* condom when switching partners!

It's small, it's easy to care for. This simple toy is something I've taken good care of to keep around for so long. To clean this little lovely, you should use warm water and soap. To make this toy absolutely perfect, PipeDream made it waterproof! It couldn't be a more perfect "get the job done with something cute" vibrator! I cannot tell you how much I love the waterproof feature. While I usually get too distracted to get much pleasure in the water, it's always wonderful when a toy is waterproof so cleaning is quicker, easier and feels more hygenic. I rarely use toys that cannot be fully cleaned. With the small size and it being waterproof, cleaning is very quick. Simply use warm water and soap or a toy cleaner if that's your thing.

A little tip: The lipstick tip has a little ridge where it protrudes from the "tube" so lint and dirt or lubricant can build up there. I just make sure I use a wash cloth on that small area to be sure it's good and clean. Now, if you do insert it all the way to the base, be very careful as there's a deep crevice that will catch fluids. If you use it internally and the fluids get trapped in that crevice, screw off the battery cap (and DO take out the batteries first!) and use a damp wash cloth to clean the ridges and crevice.

I'd also like to add a little something about the waterproofing. There is a clear little O-ring thing for sealing off the compartment and making it waterproof. However, the battery cap screws on and you should *always* make sure that this is screwed on correctly and tightly before ever using in water! It easily comes loose in use if it's not screwed on good so take caution. Also, when screwing on a coke bottle's lid, the threads and the cap doesn't always line up making the lid not securely on. The same thing can happen with this, but rarely does. Just be sure it's on right to avoid damage. These things have never been a problem with mine, but I like to be extra careful with a good vibrator.

This is even easier to store as it is to care for. I toss mine in my purse, vanity, makeup bag, pocket or pen organizer box at my desk! (I do not recommend the last one.) I've stored mine in my car for days at a time too, but do be careful as heat can damage. This baby holds up wonderfully!

This will fit anywhere and is perfect for travel. This is one of my favorite vibrators to take in the car. I keep mine in my purse and while it's discrete, the bright pink color will draw attention. To keep the kids from accidentally stumbling across it while in my bag, I store it in a little satin make-up bag. It will even fit in a lipstick container.

Lube can be used with this. I use it externally, but a dot of lubricant works makes it slide and glide even more for techniques like tracing around the clitoris and labia and gives a lot of extra stimulation.

It is compatible with water based lubricants. I use "Sex Is Natural" lubrication because it can be used with any materials, contains soothing and healing aloe and is all natural.


The Neon Luv Touch came packaged in a nice clear plastic little box with text on it. Thankfully, there was no images of people or anything that needed hiding. The box can be used as storage and it's cute, but it does take up a little more room than the tiny lipstick itself so I tossed it.

It would make a good gift, especially since the box isn't too graphic or explicit. I remember it saying Neon Luv Touch Lipstick Vibe, but I'm not sure what else it said. It's been so long so I don't remember whether or not instructions were included on the box, but there wasn't extra instructions inside the box (not that they would be needed).
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift


My partner and I love the Neon Luv Touch Lipstick Vibe! I thought I was going to have to buy a replacement when I lost it for three whole months! I'm glad to have the little guy back and of course, it still pleases. For the price, it's an amazing toy and one that almost every female would get some kind of pleasure from. We have a good time with this toy.

Personally, I use this often as a car toy and for travel. It's perfect for taking on the road and having fun. It's coming with me to Panama next week! I'm happy with how well it's held up and how powerful it is.

I thought it may be worth it to add that the color of the Lipstick Vibe in the product photo is very different from the actual toy's color. It's much brighter than the picture shows. I think the photo kind of looks purple or fuschia, but rest assured, this is a full blown pink beauty! My favorite color! It almost matches my neon pink toe nails all year round.

Also, on my Lipstick, around the edge where the soft, squishy tip is, there's glue on the actual tip. It kind of bugs me when cleaning since I'm always trying to scratch and scrub it off, but it won't come off! The good thing is, this must indicate that the glue holds on for dear life so the little tip won't fall out anytime soon.

Adding a dot of water based lube then gliding it in a figure 8 around and over the clitoris and labia is wonderful with this vibe!
Follow-up commentary
Little Mr. Neon Luv Touch is still going strong and still in my purse! This little thing is great for on the go forplay and we can't get enough of it in the car! It has been a toy that's well worth the price and I'm surprised at how long it's stayed around! It's still surviving on it's first battery. I would definitely recommend this. The vibrations are strong, it is discrete and can be used just about anywhere.

The power of the Lipstick Vibe is what blows me away. It's pretty strong for a small thing that's so old. It's outlasted some of my newer toys and is still just as much fun as the day we got it. :)
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