Neon luv touch lipstick vibe - discreet massager by Pipedream - review by Tuesday

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Not quite my shade

This could potentially be a fun product, especially if you follow their suggestions to use it in semi-public places. But you'll need a sensitive clitoris and pinpoint vibrations will have to work for you for this vibrator to meet your needs.
Easy to use, cute
Pinpoint vibrations, moderate vibration strength, not actually waterproof
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The Neon Luv Touch Lipstick Vibe is good for those who like targeted, pinpoint vibrations and are happy if those vibrations are of moderate strength. On the back of the package are amusing use suggestions. "Great for your afternoon commute, bathroom breaks or solo play at home or in the office." I immediately envision using it in these situations. It could be comical, although these situations would never work for me. I commute on a crowded bus and work in a cubicle. In the women's room? Maybe, if I were more sensitive and had confidence that I could turn it off in an instant if someone else entered.

For the right individual who is suitably motivated, the package suggestions could just work.

Material / Texture

This vibe is made of SoftTouch, which is a mixture of PVC and silicone. At least the tip of it is. The rest of the vibrator may be made of plastic.

The tip is somewhat compressible. There is something hard underneath its surface but there is what feels like 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch of the soft SoftTouch covering over the hard part. The rest of the unit is completely hard, just like a lipstick.

Surprisingly, it has no scent whatsoever. SoftTouch is a type of cyberskin, so I was expecting it to have an unpleasant scent. Scent will not give you away if you use this in a public restroom.

The part that is below the tip is shiny, hard plastic. On mine its yellow, not black, as it appears in the photo on this site. The cap and the rest of the vibrator have a matte finish and feels velvety to the touch.

Design / Shape / Size

The Neon Lub Touch vibe is designed to resemble lipstick, although maybe one geared for teenagers. Its a bit longer than tubes of lipstick typically are and of course the color isn't similar to any lipstick I've seen.

The cap unscrews about 1/2 inch from the bottom. When the cap is fully in place there is a slight gap between the cap and the body of the tube. Its supposed to be a waterproof vibe and there is a rubbery gasket to seal it, although I'm not sure that that's the reason for the gap.

It is powered by four watch batteries, which are included. Remove the plastic that keeps the batteries from contact with the spring, reattach the cap and you're ready to use it. A dial at the base of the unit allows you to control intensity of vibration. At its strongest setting, vibrations are moderate.

Due to its small size, this vibe would work well for travel. I don't believe it would turn on by itself while mingling with other contents in your purse/bag. You could re-insert the plastic battery/spring barrier if that is a concern.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Neon Luv Touch vibe is controlled with a dial at the base. Only a quarter turn takes it from off to full power. Its intensity at the maximum setting is moderate.

This vibe delivers pinpoint vibrations, more than any other product I've tried. Some women may like that, but I prefer vibrators that work over a larger area. This vibe's vibrations can feel strong enough when they are exactly on their target, but when that pinpoint moves slightly, and its impossible for that not to happen, then you've immediately lost all that good sensation. This is probably why I have such a preference for big-head vibrators - to make it a non-problem when the vibrator moves.

For those with smaller clits, and especially those with smaller and sensitive clits, this vibrator could be just what you need. Those who need stronger vibrations will not be satisfied with this product.

Its moderately noisy. You will need music on to cover its sound if you want to use it when others are in the house.

I tested this vibe for waterproofness. It failed miserably. There was a significant amount of water inside the battery compartment after allowing it to run under water for only a few minutes.

Care and Maintenance

While SoftTouch is a porous material, this product isn't for internal use, so its still easy care. You can wash its tip in soap and water if necessary, then towel or air dry.

It can be stored as is. It requires no extra protection.

Use only water-based lubes with this toy in order to not damage the SoftTouch tip.


It arrives in a simple clear plastic package with amusing use suggestions on the back and standard use warnings in the tiniest text possible on the bottom. You will not need the box for anything unless you want to hold onto the plastic barrier.

The false claim that its waterproof is touted on all four sides of the package.
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