Love Candy by Kendra the Curve - clitoral vibrator by Evolved Novelties - review by Kayla

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Not Quite My Candy

The Love Candy Curve vibrator is not one of the vibrators I'd recommend unless you love softer vibrations. For most people, though, there are a lot of other options out there that are going to work better - despite the really cute design and packaging of the Love Candy Curve.
Nice silicone, Amazing packaging
Too curved, Weak vibrations, Buttons hard to press
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Love Candy: The Curve by Kendra is a vibrator made by Evolved for their "Kendra" line. Made of silicone and plastic, this clitoral vibrator is about four inches long with a diameter of over an inch and a half. It has a distinct curve designed to make it ergonomically curved along the body. It operates on two AAA batteries which are not included.

The packaging is one of the things I'm most impressed about the vibrator. It comes in a sturdy, leather-covered case. This case includes a removable tray where the vibrator rests, but you can take out the tray as well. The case is only slightly larger than the vibrator, so it works really well for storage. It fastens with a button, and it actually does a good job of keeping the vibrator safe. Outside this packaging, there's a slipcover of cardboard. To cut down on trash, all the instructions for the vibrator are printed on the inside of this slipcover. Since the vibrator is pretty self-understanding once you know how to use it, you'll only need to read the instructions once.

The design for the Curve vibrator is pretty simplistic. All of the purple portion is made from silicone. This silicone is pretty soft, and your fingers glide against it nicely. The black portion is all plastic. The back of the vibrator (the part that isn't designed to be against your skin) has some interesting ridges running along it. These ridges actually do help with holding the vibrator, and since it's not against your skin, it's a good thing. On the inner portion, that goes near your skin, there are three miniature ridges along the tip of the vibrator. These do give some slight sensation against the body, but as the vibrations are centered at the tip and the curve doesn't seem to work right with my anatomy, I really haven't felt those bumps all that much.

I really don't like the curve that they gave The Curve vibrator. It's just TOO much of a curve. It doesn't fit comfortably against my body at all. It fits very comfortably in my hand, and it's surprisingly easy and comfortable to grasp. However, it doesn't work well against my body. I find myself picking the toy up (away from laying flat against my body) and just using the tip of the toy where I want it. The curve really just seems to be TOO curved to fit comfortably with my anatomy.

This vibrator uses two AAA batteries. These two batteries are inserted through the base. The base gets twisted slightly to the side, and then the base pops off easily to allow you to insert the batteries. It's difficult to pop off the base when your hands are slippery, so this really isn't one of those vibrators that you can change the batteries if they die mid-use. The inside of the battery compartment does include etching that shows which way to insert the batteries, though, so once you have it open, it's simple to add in the batteries.

To control the Love Candy by Kendra Curve vibrator, there are two buttons near the base of the vibrator. One of the buttons turns the vibe on and off while the other button allows you to cycle through the settings once the vibrator is on. It's kinda hard to remember which button is which, but once you learn it (and if you plan on using the vibrator enough to continue to remember it), you'll be able to tell the two buttons apart. The buttons can be hard to press on their own, though. With some vibrators, you can just hold the vibrator and press the buttons with the same hand. Not with this one. If you want to press buttons on it, I have to hold the vibe still with one hand while pressing the button on the vibrator with the other hand. This would be extremely frustrating if I was with another person or hoping to use this in a partner situation. It's nice that the buttons don't push down on accident, but they also are very hard to push down on purpose, too. NOWHERE near as bad as the buttons on JeJoue toys, but more difficult than most vibes.
The vibrations are soft at best. I don't think that most women could orgasm from them. Sadly, when a vibrator is made for external pleasure, it means that the vibrations need to be strong enough to be orgasmic through external vibrating. And this one does not have that. It's about as strong as a bullet vibrator, so I'd doubt that most women will be able to orgasm from it. On the bright side, it's very quiet, and I have a hard time hearing this vibrator while using it in the same room.

So, for me, the Curve vibrator was a let-down. It doesn't have strong enough vibrations for me, and it doesn't curve against my body like it is intended to. It's comfortable to hold, and I love the design of the silicone and the controls, but those aren't enough to make me want to switch to using the Curve regularly. It needs stronger vibrations, and I could even tolerate the curve of the toy if it had that, but without the vibrations, it's not a toy that I can really recommend.

When it comes to cleaning, on the bright side, the Curve vibrator is waterproof. This makes it really easy to clean because you don't have to worry about where the water ends up. To clean this vibrator, you can easily just use warm water and antibacterial soap. It's a bit long to fit into a condom, but you could fit it into a glove if you want to safely share it with another person. It's compatible with water-based lubricant, and Evolved did a great job with the packaging that will do a fantastic job of storing this vibrator.

The Love Candy by Kendra vibrator isn't my favorite vibrator. I wish the vibrations were stronger, and I wish the shape wasn't too intensely curved. As a clitoral vibrator, I just really feel like it falls flat compared to other clitoral toys out there. It's cute, and it has amazing packaging, but I expect more power and ooomph out of a toy designed to be pleasurable clitorally. However, if you work best with softer vibrations and want a very quiet toy, the Curve by Love Candy could work for you.
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