Love Candy by Kendra the Curve - clitoral stimulator by Evolved Novelties - review by K101

Perfectly Shaped, But Too Weak To Please

With everything to love about Curve, I simply wasn't able to get past the weak vibrations enough to enjoy it. Time and again, Curve has gotten me nowhere but frustrated. The vibrations are severely lacking in power, they don't carry well throughout the toy and they're not penetrating. My normally sensitive clitoris refuses to respond to Curve's vibrations.
Perfect shape.
Comfortable, soft material.
Variety in settings.
Weak, non-penetrating, surface-only vibrations that don't carry well.
Not rechargeable.
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Curve is a small external vibrator manufactured by Evolved, with a shape that somewhat resembles a cupped hand. The shape makes it fit easily in your hand, and easily on your crotch. Curve is best used as a clitoral, nipple and all-over vaginal vibrator. It can be used anywhere externally, but the best areas to use it on would be the vagina. You could use it to stimulate other external areas on both a male or female body, if you wished. Since Curve is waterproof, it can be used in a hot tub, shower or pool. It's completely waterproof and can be submerged without droplets making it into the battery compartment.

Curve is a great, non-intimidating toy for couple's use, foreplay and possibly during intercourse for subtle clitoral stimulation. "Doggy-style" intercourse would be the easiest way to use Curve during penetration with either partner holding Curve. Curve can be used in addition to an internal vibrator or dildo and for most, extra stimulation with this toy will be needed to orgasm. Those who like a slow build-up and enjoy starting with subtle stimulation will find this enjoyable. You can use it to get worked up, and then switch to a more promising toy to finish.

Curve is what most would consider a "teaser" or introduction to intercourse, but not likely a vibrator to get you to the finish line during solo play or any instance where you plan to orgasm.

Love Candy The Curve is made in China.
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Everyone
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The Curve's description says it's made of high grade, pure silicone. The entire purple body of the toy is made of nice, smooth & squishy-ish silicone. The great thing about this, as a vibrator to be used on your delicate crotch is that the body of it is a thick sleeve silicone, it's not just a hard plastic toy with a silicone coating. This means it is squishy enough to allow pressure and even grinding without causing discomfort. I can feel that there's a harder core, so I assume that it's a hard plastic curve shape with a pretty thick sleeve of silicone over it.

The unique thing about Curve's material is that it doesn't feel or look like most silicone I've used. It's almost got a small rubbery feel to it.

This isn't so squishy that it's flexible. You can't bend it or anything, but it could be described as "supple and soft." It feels very smooth on my skin. For me, it's the perfect material. Plenty squishy enough for a grinder like me! It has a minor drag to it when used without lubricant, but nothing like most silicone toys.

The battery compartment at the end of the Curve is made of ABS plastic.

Silicone rates a 10/10 on EF's safety scale. It's non-porous, food grade, hypo-allergenic, latex & phthalates-free.


The Curve has 3 raised ridges running across it on the underside, where the curve dips in. The bottom ridge protrudes the most and the first one, located nearest the tip, is the least pronounced. None of these ridges are noticeable to me during use, even if I drag the toy's underbelly across my skin. They don't really serve a purpose as far as extra pleasure goes.

The back side of Curve, the side that I hold in my hand, has raised "ridges" as well. I assume they're just for better gripping or looks because they serve no purpose pleasure-wise either.

The Odor
The odor was the very first thing downside to this toy. When I un-buttoned the little container it comes in, the smell hit me hard. The odor was coming from the little tray that held it inside the container, so I had to remove it all together because each time I'd place it back in there, the toy would take on the smell again. It was an awful concoction of strong chemicals, a burning odor & salmon. Not pleasant for a sex toy.

Thanks to the acrid odor, I had to wash the toy several times before I was able to use it without the odor. 3 sessions of hot water and Dawn dish detergent were necessary to get rid of the odor. Once I got rid of the stink-tray inside the container, the Curve's body odor was gone for good.
    • Not porous at all
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

You might call this a discreet toy in that it doesn't resemble a sex toy upon first glance and because it's small. However, it's not so discreet that you can leave it out and expect nobody to figure it out. It will fit easily in a small purse or luggage. I keep mine in my purse (inside of its container.) It weighs 5 oz. so it isn't going to add much weight to a heavy purse. However, in its container, it's slightly more bulky, but will still easily fit. The case measures about 4" wide, 5" tall and has a total diameter of almost 10". It's about the size of a cosmetic purse, I think. If it so happens that the awesome container makes it too big for your travelling needs, you can simply use a drawstring pouch or just a small zip-loc sandwich bag to protect it in your luggage/purse.

I wouldn't say this toy is one that would be specifically for a more advanced user or a more novice user. It's completely beginner and advanced-user friendly. In fact, the simplicity makes it perfect for both someone who's new to toys and someone like me who just appreciates ease-of-use. There isn't anything that would make this for one type of person. It's going to boil down to your preferences, not your user status.

Curve's Shape and Design

Curve's body has already been described, for the most part, in the above parts of my review.

It has a pointy tip and gets wider and wider. The curve kind of cups over your entire crotch and the tip would be suitable for trying to achieve pin-point stimulation on a specific area like the clitoris. The gorgeous purple color is one thing I love most about Curve.

Curve's Size

Total length, including battery compartment: 5"
Total length of the toy alone (not including compartment): 4 1/4"
Circumference: 5"
Diameter: 1 3/4"
Widest part of curve (the non-pointed end): slightly over 2".
Width of tip: 1"
Width of area under tip, where ridges are located: 1 1/2".
Weight: 5 oz

You can see, from my measurements that the Curve kind of tapers from a narrow, pointed tip to a wider, flater surface.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

Curve is said to have three speeds and four functions. I think there are a total of 8 different settings to choose from including, pulsations, escalations, steady vibrations and a "roller coaster" setting. This is what I count, anyway.

How To Use Curve
Curve runs on 2 AAA batteries, which sit side by side in the compartment.

One amazing thing about this toy is how super easy it is to use and control. I like it simple and this is as simple as it gets. Unlike some nice toys, there aren't any extra or special buttons to get you confused.

Twist the battery compartment cap to align left arrow with the bottom arrow located on the right (see above photo.) So with the battery compartment facing away from you, and the pointy end of the toy facing you, you'll turn the battery cap the the right slightly. Then you pull it away from the toy. It comes off, so be careful not to just keep twisting or it could break. It's pretty simply to remove. To replace the cap, you basically do the same thing in reverse. It was a royal pain for me to get the cap to slide back in though so that I could twist it down, but you just have to line it up correctly first.

You have two simple, perfectly placed buttons on either side of the battery compartment. I've tried showing them in my photos. The good thing about them is they're out of the way so you won't accidentally bump them while using the vibrator. They're just two raised black buttons on either side, which would make feeling for them easier if you were in the dark, I think. One has a W raised on it, and the other a power symbol.

The button on the left side (battery end facing me, concave part of the toy facing up) is pressed once to turn it on and again to power off. The right side button (again, when the battery compartment is facing me and concave side of the toy facing up) does nothing if you've not already pressed the left side button to turn it on, so keep that in mind. This right side button controls the different functions. At any given time, you can press the left side button and it'll power off instantly -- a big plus!

Vibration Settings
Pressing the button that powers it on brings you straight to a weak, steady vibration that sounds kind of buzzy. From there on, you'll use the right side button to cycle through different patterns. The left side button does nothing more than power it on and off. I kinda got the impression from the package that it had three speeds, but I can't notice three speeds. Maybe it's referring to the functions (roller coaster, pulsing and steady) getting stronger, but it's very tough to notice any change of speeds in most of the settings.

1. What we have when I power the Curve on is, as I already said, a steady vibration that's pretty weak, but can be felt with my hands. Just not so much with my crotch.

2. Pressing the right side button after you've powered it on (as I said, is the only way to get a change in settings) will take you to a long-ish pulsing vibration. The pulses are about one second apart, which means you have one second of paused vibration before the pulse begins again.

3. Pressing the right button once more gives you a faster pulse, which kind of sounds like Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzzzz.
This one is more easily felt than the first ones, but still doesn't really get a response from my clitoris at all.

4. The next ons is a more erratic kind of pulse and it does not feel any more intense than the last. This is what it feels like: Bzz Bz Bzz Bzz Bzzz.

5. The next is similar but a lot quicker like Bz bz bz bz! Bz bz bz bz bz!

6. And the next goes a lil' somethin' like this: burrrrrr..... That's the sound/feel I get from it anyway. It's like a purr. It sounds very different from the other vibrations. This one is not a pulse like the ones in front of it, it's a similar version of the very first vibration -- a steady hum. It sounds like a car running in a way, only quieter and the feel is almost non-existant when on my clitoris. Now if I barely touch it to my skin on this setting and move it in a circular motion, I can feel a little something.

7. The next one feels almost identical to me as the Bz bz bz bz! I mentioned before the last one that says "burrr..." The only difference I note between this setting and the 5th one except the last two Bz's are more drawn out, so it's more like "Bz Bz bz bz bzz bzz!"

8. Bz a bz a bz buzz! That is what I get from this last one. It's like this "buzz a buzz a buzz a buzz a buzz Buzz!" Say that out loud and that's exactly how it sounds. It's kind of funny, but this vibration feels so much like the others that my crotch has a tough time telling the pulses apart, but my hand can.

The vibrations seem to be muted and hardly felt. I feel them the most right on the ridges on the underside (concave side.) This means the tip isn't good for direct stimulation because the vibrations are hardly felt at all, even at the strongest point -- on those ridges. The vibrations are very surface-only feeling to me, but when I apply pressure on the toy I don't notice any muting of vibrations.

On the other hand though, there is a variety of different pulses, so a person who really loves them may find this to be fun.


The Curve has fairly quiet vibrations. Some of them can reach a level that's definitely louder than the vibration setting on my phone, but all of the vibrations should be covered up if you use it behind a closed door and with background noise (T.V., music, air conditioning) for extra assurance. Most settings can be heard by someone in the same room. It won't be heard outside of a closed door with background noise or if you use in the shower.
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

How To Care For Curve

I wash Curve with hot water and Dawn dish detergent. You can use hot water and a mild soap, toy wipes or spray cleaner made for toys. Since it's small and doesn't have a lot of texture, it wipes clean easily, and the waterproof feature means you can really clean it well without the worry of damaging it.

Don't forget to make sure the battery cap is on well before washing & remember to remove batteries when not in use.

Since the Curve is silicone, you should use only water-based lubricants with it -- no silicone lubricants. Also to be on the safe side, you shouldn't store it in direct contact with other materials.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The only packaging is clear plastic slipped over the box and a small paper label wrapped around the container that has a photo of the toy and a lot of information. I was so grateful that this didn't come in distasteful packaging with images of people or tacky words. This means it would be totally appropriate for gifting, and the nice, handy container it comes in adds to its gift-worthiness.

On that label that's wrapped arond the toy's container, it says O"ne Year warranty" and has the RoHS and CE symbols which are certification symbols, and then there's the symbol asking you to recycle it.

The inner side of this seal/label has instructions on it. The outer portion mentions the silicone material, speeds and functions.

There's also the disclaimer thingy that says "this product is sold and should be used as an adult novelty only and should never be other than for external use. It should not be used on a prolonged or frequent basis. It should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas or near or on skin lacerations. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of this product. The shape and appearance of the product inside this package are proprietary trademark and trade dress of Love Candy, Inc. 2012 Love Candy Inc., Chatsworth California."

You can see the storage container in my photos. It's black with a leather-look to it and surprisngly sturdy! It opens and closes via a button. It's a nice way to disguise the Curve if you want to keep it in your purse. I store it in the container at all times. You could also just toss the container in a drawer or toy box.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift


My feelings for the Curve are what you could call "bittersweet." The concave underside fit perfectly to my crotch and the material couldn't have been more perfectly suited for me. Even the color is beautiful! The ease-of-use where controls are concerned and variety of settings all had me thinking that once I turned it on, I would be in heaven. I was happy to look past the odor, but when I turned it on and couldn't hardly feel any stimulation, I was sorely disappointed. This thing has everything going for it! That's why I get so bummed about it.

My excitement for Curve was high because I've been wanting a clitoral vibrator of this type of shape for so long. I'd bought Zini Deux a long time ago and couldn't get anything out of it because the curve in it was too concave, which would cause me to press the hard toy against my crotch and result in discomfort. Besides that, I also found the vibrations to be severely lacking in Deux, so I was over-the-top excited when the Curve fit my crotch well and had soft material.

Despite my crotch not responding in the least to any of the vibrations offered by Curve, it does numb my skin quickly and big time!

I got Curve a little over a month ago. The first time I used it, I spent an hour working hard to get somewhere with it. As time passed, I began wondering why nothing was happening. I have a pretty sensitive clitoris -- just so you know what to expect -- and it doesn't even swell up after using Curve! I can feel the vibrations very well in my hand, although even then I wouldn't call this powerful, but on my crotch, it's like nothing. It's very weak and the vibrations are so surface-only that I suppose it prevents me from getting much stimulation.

A month after owning Curve, I finally came to realize that it's just not pleasing for me. It took me this long to even write a review on it because of the trouble getting any kind of stimulation (besides numbness) from it. I haven't ever had this happen before. I'm the kind of girl who can get really close to orgasm just from rubbing my clitoris outside my jeans, for Pete's sake!

The only time I began feeling a little perky was when me or my partner barely held the toy to my crotch and moved in circular motions. The tip was on my clitoris and the circular movements themselves will cause some stimulation, but even doing this for long periods didn't bring me there. At this point, I don't bother grabbing Curve anymore because I have vibrators that will bring me to orgasm in minutes, so this is useless for me. This is by far the weakest toy I have ever used, ever!

The last time I used Curve was in a desperate attempt last week to make it work for me. I'd gotten Lia G Bliss and the vibrations were so powerful that using it internally, I could feel the well all over my crotch and even my back side. So I had the idea that Lia G's intense vibrations would be powerful enough to stimulate my clitoris when pressed against Curve. Lia's vibrations did carry nicely, but in the end, it was too much trouble and work for me to do that again.
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