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Groovies wave

Traditional vibrator by Shaki Toys

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Off With This Groovies Wave's Head

Assuming the vibrations stay working, this toy has a lot of potential. The Queen does offer a lovely velvety texture as well as a more interesting design than a traditional slim-line vibe, but even for $10, you might want to consider just sticking with your slim-line. The controls are confusing to work through without the packaging right in front of you.
Color, velvety feel, could be used as a non-vibrating penetrator.
Lack of 'emergency off' button, may just stop working, controls can be confusing
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The Groovies Wave is an 8 speed vibrator that in theory is great for just about anybody with a vagina. That would be assuming yours works more than one time, which unfortunately, mine did not.

Ideally you would use the Queen for vaginal penetration as her slim stature makes her good for angling for the g-spot, however her lack of extreme texture also makes her a good candidate for clitoral stimulation as well.

Material / Texture

The Groovies Wave is made of plastic, which means she is nonporous and phthalate-free with a firm, smooth texture. I would describe the feel of this vibrator as velvety, which makes this an ideal vibe for beginners. More advanced users may prefer more texture, but nonetheless, it is still nice.

Out of the packaging there was no real smell that I could detect. No real taste either.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is pretty basic. A total length of 5 1/2" with an insertable length of 4 1/2" with a shape that almost looks like a handhold. There are a total of 2 dips in the shaft giving the widest part a circumference of 3 1/4" and the smallest a circumference of 2 3/4". More advanced users may require a larger size, but I think this toy could work for just about anybody.

The battery cap at the end is about 1" long. It features 10 rows of 2 columns of shiny sparkly "diamonds". Rather than opting for a twist dial the functions are controlled by a push button located on the center of the base of the battery cap.

The design of this toy is such that if anybody were to see it, unless they didn't know what a sex toy was, or that they existed, they would know exactly what this was. So be sure to keep this hidden from prying eyes.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I only got to try out the vibrations once, and even then the settings were a bit schizo and didn't seem to function properly. However I can tell you that they sounded as though they had more substance to them, and weren't just a really whiny vibration. From what I recall of the noise I would have the TV on and the door shut and be under the blankets, just to be sure nobody's hearing what's going on.

But these are the following levels of vibrations as listed on the back of the package. To achieve them while using the toy you simply press the button located at the base of the toy.
- Level 1: the weakest level of vibration
- Level 2: the middle level of vibration
- Level 3: the strong level of vibration
- Level 4: weak-middle-strong vibration, the vibrations will go from the weakest to the strongest and back and continue until you change the setting
- Level 5: weak-strong vibration, the vibrations will jump straight from the weakest to the strongest, skipping the middle vibration, creating something of a pulsing sensation, until you change the setting
- Level 6: middle-strong vibration, the vibrations will jump from the middle vibration to the strongest
- Level 7: the strongest level of vibration
- Level 8: the multi-speed vibration. This setting is going to combine all of the previous settings into one. I unfortunately can't give you a time frame on how long it takes each one to change.

Supposedly the Groovies Waveis waterproof. The one time I got to test her out I was on my bed. The next time I went to use her in the shower to try out the waterproof-ness and to my dismay she wouldn't turn on at all. So I can't actually tell you how well it vibrates after being sumberged.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is fairly simple. The Queen runs on 2 AAA batteries which are inserted pointy side down into the toy. Since she is made of plastic you can use any body safe water, silicone, or oil based lube with her. To clean you can either wash with warm water and soap, or spray down with a toy cleaner. Make sure the battery cap is screwed on tight when cleaning to avoid getting anything inside wet. When storing you should probably remove the batteries to remove the risk of corrosion to interior parts.

The packaging recommends washing before and after every use, and even they recommend the toy cleaner.

You could theoretically just drop the Queen into a drawer and leave it at that. If you do, be absolutely sure that you do clean before each use as well as after, just because you don't know exactly what else is living in that drawer with your Queen. You could also store her in a plastic bag or even in her original packaging.


Honestly, I think the packaging would fit right in at Spencer's. It's just tacky enough to make sure you know you definitely didn't buy the most high quality toy on the market, but at the same time not so tacky you're immediately regretting buying it.

The Groovies Wave comes in a plastic container that pops open on the top and two sides and hinges at the bottom. Against the back of this is all the "paperwork" for the toy, which rests in an indent pressed into the front. On the front you can see the name of the toy, that it has 8 functions, is 100% waterproof, and is 5.5" long. The back features more little phrases intended to sell you on the toy as well as a diagram of the functions and a list of directions.

Those directions read as follows:
- Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
- Wash product thoroughly before and after each use. We recommend the use of a toy cleaner such as safe suds, however warm soapy water may be used as well
- Do not use on any open wound, skin laceration, or swollen or inflamed area
- Discontinue use if pain or discomfort develops

Personal comments

Please make sure to never use this anally. It lacks a flared base and you really don't want to explain this one to the local ER doc. If you want to stimulate the anal opening, just take care to not actually enter and to clean thoroughly before using vaginally again.


Quite frankly, my experience with this toy was horrible. The functions were confusing to figure out, even with the packaging right next to me (talk about mood killer) and to top it off, I only got one use out of it. I've tried everything, changing the batteries, banging it against other objects, my toy just will not turn back on. I never got it wet, I never spoke ill in front of it, my theory is that it just hates me.

The one time I did use it, once I kinda found a setting that I liked it wasn't too bad. The vibrations could have been stronger for me, but they weren't the weakest out there. I was unable to finish by just using this toy vaginally, I ended up using something else vaginally and this went onto my clit. It worked just fine there.

So I give this toy 2 stars. One for being pink and sparkly, and one for having a lovely texture and not being made of jelly. Otherwise this toy is a big flop as far as I'm concerned.
Follow-up commentary
While I'm still sad that I still cannot seem to get the vibrations on this to work, the contoured edges do provide some interesting vaginal sensations, so I do use this occasionally for vibration-less thrusting.
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    Great review! What was confusing about the functions?
  • Jul!a

    Trying to sort through them, especially without the packaging. I personally found it to be a bit confusing, but I had also never owned anything that went this complex with its vibrations before. Without the packaging to tell you where you're at it's darn near impossible to determine it for yourself.
  • Sammi
    Good review!
  • VictoriaRose
    Sorry it turned out to be a dud for you but great review!
  • Jul!a
    Thanks girls
  • ......
    Very nice review!
  • Jul!a
    Thanks Newme21
  • lamira
    Great review, thanks!!
  • Jul!a
    And thanks for reading
  • Sweet-Justice
    Thanks for the review.
    It seems like a nice beginner vibe but probably not wide enough for most.
  • mama2007
    thanks for the review. it was a flop for me too cant figure the dumb thing out! =[
  • Jul!a
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