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Vaginal balls by Feelztoys

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One more distraction at work: The Desi Balls get the job done without wowing the boss

Your reasons for this toy should determine whether you buy it: If you want a durable, well made kegel exerciser, these are excellent. If you're looking for sexual pleasure as you go through your day, they're probably not the best choice.
Strengthen kegels, easy clean-up, how they feel when you go up and down stairs.
Balls don't move enough in relation to one another, badly designed for initial insertion.
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When I’m supposed to be studying, I usually end up spending a part of every hour staring off into space and thinking about sex. The Desi Balls|Desi Vaginal balls certainly didn’t help with that. They are, as advertised, a wonderful way to bring sex out of the bedroom and into the workplace (or library, or movie theater or on your morning jog). The package claims that they will “keep you at a simmer” all day long, and, indeed, they did. When I got around to wearing the Desi balls for a full day, I found that they kept my mind on sex pretty much constantly. Unfortunately, this is more because of my lack of focus than it is because of the toy itself.

The Desi Balls are two plastic eggs encased in a (stylish!) silicone cover which connects the two. Both the eggs and the silicone are extremely well made; that wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately, their sturdiness combined with their size made them somewhat difficult to enjoy. The connected case made slipping them in a real struggle as pushing the second ball in required pushing the first deeper, sometimes not in the specific direction that felt good. Even with lube, I struggled to slip these balls inside my vagina in the morning. The best trick I found was to masturbate with other toys, including a small dildo|Small dildos, before sliding in the Desi balls and leaving for work. That said, I almost never have the time to indulge myself in the mornings which makes the Desi Balls’ design less than ideal.

It was also somewhat difficult to really feel them moving around inside of me. Although walking up and down stairs was a true pleasure, and almost had me turning around to go back to my bedroom, walking around on flat ground wasn’t nearly as thrilling. The balls didn’t shift in relation to one another as much as I imagine two individual balls might have.

I nonetheless continue to use my Desi Balls for a number of reasons. First, those moments on stair cases, or while getting up from a chair, are truly a wonderful surprise in the middle of a day. Second, these balls are designed to strengthen your kegels and I could certainly feel the difference after wearing them for a few days in a row. I felt I could grip a cock inside me much more firmly and that I could sustain that grip for longer. Finally, the Desi Balls are a dream come true when it comes to clean-up. The eggs slip out of the casing easily and slip back in easily if you simply turn the casing inside out and flip it back to its normal position with the eggs inside. Furthermore, there is no more innocent toy to clean in a public bathroom. I know none of my dorm mates had any idea what I was cleaning when I pulled out two pink eggs and a weirdly shaped sleeve. Both parts can be cleaned easily with warm water and soap.

When push came to shove, I didn’t get a whole lot of studying done during the days when I brought the Desi Balls along for the ride. I did develop one or two wonderful new fantasies|Sexual fantasies, though, and imagine there are plenty more to come. All in a day’s work.
-Use lube as you're putting in the Desi Balls. If you have the time, masturbate before inserting them to make slipping them in easier.
-To clean the balls, slip them out of the silicone casing. To slip them back in, turn the casing inside out and snap it back around them easily.
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  • Dame Demi
    I have trouble inserting my second Smart Ball sometimes, too, so I do understand.  Warming up with a dildo first is an excellent suggestion, if you have the time.  Otherwise, I just keep at it (made more difficult by long fingernails--ouch!).

  • Epiphora
    Plastic with silicone around them... so how heavy are they? I assume they aren't hollow.
  • Gabe
    Demi- I've also found that actually doing kegels as you slip them in (so, releasing the clenched muscle just as you slip them in) also works really well.

    Epiphora- I don't have any real way of weighing them, but they're really quite light. The plastic eggs aren't actually filled in as they seem to have a slightly smaller egg moving around in them but to be otherwise empty.
  • darkkitty
    Great review!
  • eeep
    Thanks for the great review, very helpful.
  • Ash1141
    Good review
  • MrGoodTool
    Thanks for the review!
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    thanks for your review.
  • Kristi :)
    If you have to lube up and work these in, will stick with glass and metal. Thank you for the review!
  • RedFreak
    Thanx for sharing
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