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Water Babies

Desi balls are a great alternative to Smart Balls and are fabulous for playing in chlorinated water, due to the hard plastic and silicone girdle.
Silicone girdle and retrieval tail. Hard plastic balls can be used independently.
Balls and girdle have to be cleaned independently.
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I've tried three sets of vaginal balls now and Smart Balls are my #1 on land. Desi balls are a STRONG #2 for very specific reasons. I do water aerobics and have wanted to wear my Smart Balls or something similar while doing water aerobics for a long time now. My fear has always been that even though Smart Balls have a liquid impervious retrieval string, that it too would be eaten away along with my swim suit elastic and destroy "my precious" Smart Balls. Desi balls are my new favorite for water aerobics.

Desi balls are vaginal balls constructed with a silicone girdle and retrieval tail that house two hard nonporous plastic balls; each of those balls contain smaller balls inside of them that shift, roll and vibrate with your body movements when worn. All components of Desi balls are body friendly and hygienic. Desi balls are intended to strengthen a woman's PC muscles and provide enjoyment and added stimulation while doing kegel exercises.

Desi balls have ended my quest for vaginal balls that can withstand chlorinated water. The silicone is perfect for this application due to the fact that many swim caps are now made of silicone and withstand chlorine well. Desi balls retrieval cord is all silicone, as opposed to nylon or the Smart Balls coated cord that could be penetrated or compromised in some way by chlorine. Hard nonporous plastic balls inset in that silicone? Great! Desi balls are awesome for the pool, hot tub...chlorination etc.

Now, for the pros and cons of Desi balls. Pros: Desi balls are a nice size, diameter: 1 1/2". I can also utilize the two hard plastic balls as ben wa balls working the vaginal muscles even harder. The design is very cute, two cut out heart shape openings that act as the outlet to remove the inner balls. The texture of the silicone is soft and silky. The cons: The heart shaped openings look as if they're rimmed in paint; in actuality there is a raised rim of the same silicone around the heart shape. I found the raised ridges lend themselves to some discomfort upon removal. I also found that a shaved snatch is likely to be aggravated by the substantial thickness of the silicone tail. Last but not least is the extra work in having to remove the innards (plastic balls) to wash and or clean the Desi balls. I find the cons insignificant in comparison to being able to use these in a hostile environment.
Water aerobics+Desi balls= A tight coo and you too!
Follow-up commentary
I'm very happy to report these little baby's are preforming splendidly both in and out of the water. Desi Balls are high quality product I'm happy to own. The water impervious retrieval string on my Smart balls is showing some swelling and wear right where the string meets the balls leading me to believe the liquid barrier is now broken. I wont ever have to worry about that with the Little Desi Balls due to the all silicone construction of the girdle.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Nice review! Smart Balls can be boiled to sterilize, so I'd imagine they would withstand chlorinated water, but I understand not wanting to risk it. These are definitely another good option.
  • Minxy
    Thanks, nice compliment :)
  • Betty Rocket
    I have yet to own any kind of kegel balls, but this one I think i may purchase!
  • Epiphora
    Cool! Never read a review of balls being used in the water.
  • Minxy
    Sorry to all,I was out of power yesterday,couldn't access my computer.
  • Minxy
    glad to be of help.
  • Minxy
    I agree, it's very cool such a product exists.
  • Victoria
    Great follow up review! Thanks!
  • Lollie
    I love your idea of wearing these while doing water aerobics! Talk about a full body workout Winking
    I usually find myself wanting to engage my abs while kegeling, so I bet if I tried it, I'd get an extra ab workout too.
  • Minxy
    Hi Lollie,
    These are great for water or land. I would say they're pretty close to the feel of original smart balls. The only downside is the extra cleaning that's involved but it's a minor sacrifice for such versitile set of vaginal balls. If you get them I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
  • Enchantedkitty
    great review
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    Nice review!!
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    thanks for the review!
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    Thanks for the review!
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    Thanx for sharing
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