Smartballs - sex toy by Fun Factory - review by Vamp Ire

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They Wobble While You Walk

If you are looking for a relatively quiet toy that you can wear around all day for a little thrill, this one is a pretty good bet!
Easy to clean
No batteries or electric cord
Large girth
Easy to scrape
Needs lube
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What do they do?

Well, when you insert them into a vagina they are naturally held in place there. When the person moves around, there are weights in the balls that shift around and create subtle vibrations.

That is about it.

Some people claim that they do your taxes and raise your children as well, but so far mine only wobble and create a sense of fullness. Let's not belittle those qualities though, as my vagina is pretty fond of those feelings.

I've tried other "ben wa balls|ben wa balls discussions" and been utterly dissatisfied. They are often too tiny, have no vibration, and are hard to retrieve. These smart balls provide girth, interesting sensation, and are easy to remove when you use the string.

The material is smooth and easy to clean, but I recommend that due to the soft nature of the material you keep them in a separate bag. I threw mine into a full toy bag after a busy weekend of play, and I managed to scrape them with some of my other pointy toys. That was a bit of a bummer, since the scraped material made a bit of a rough spot.

Be careful of the seam, as it can sometimes be a bit rough. It isn't a problem if proper lubrication is present, but I've had someone try to cram these things into me dry before. The seam was highly unpleasant at that time. It was not, however, as unpleasant as I suddenly was to Mr. Cram It.

That brings me to the next thing that I wanted to discuss, and that is anal use. In a word, don't. They are not designed for that, and it would be very easy for them to work their way too far into the rectum and become impossible to retrieve due to suction. Anal toys|Classic anal toys should have a flange that should keep them from "disappearing" into your body. Fail to heed this warning at your own peril. There is a reason anal lovers (like myself) discuss "hungry bottoms". They tend to suck things into them. I've had everything from bass players to candles up my ass; take what I have to say seriously on this topic as mistakes have been made.

If you want to have a lot of anal fun and include these balls, I recommend using them vaginally while someone (or yourself) penetrates you anally. Now that is a lot of fun, given the added fullness and extra zing of the vibration. Add an external vibrator to that situation, and you have a particularly fabulous experience!

Some say that these balls are great exercise equipment for the pelvic floor|Pelvic Floor Muscles. I take these exercises seriously, as I suffered a uterine prolapse after a very difficult pregnancy. I simply used the Kegel exercises|Toys for Kegel exercises as explained by my physician, and I made a full recovery. I think that if I were to honestly recommend exercise equipment for that purpose, the Kegelcisor|Kegelcisor enhansor review is much more appropriate.
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  • ToyingCouple
    Good informative review with lots of good advice! These balls definitely look like they're a good workout for a reasonable price.
  • Nice review!
    On the material- it's elastomed/silicone, and can be boiled, wiped with bleach solution or put in dishwasher (top rack, no soap) to sterilize.
    On the exercise value- these balls can be a good starting point and offer a different kind of workout than something heavier will. In theory, the vibrating sensation from the internal set of balls massages muscles, and having them in while doing Kegels offers more resistance (and therefore more workout) than nothing. Definitely will only go so far for serious pelvic floor exercising, though.
  • Oggins
    Thanks for the review! I've been wanting these for quite awhile now. I was unaware of the seam until reading your review though.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    great review
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