Smartballs - vaginal balls by Fun Factory - review by Carrie Ann

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So cute - but not for everyone

Smartballs, while an excellent concept, are a bit on the long side and will only work if you have a deeper vaginal canal. Those with a short vaginal canal or tipped uterus may find them uncomfortable. If they work for you, however, they work well and are very effective at exercising the kegel muscles.
Inner balls move nicely, gorgeous, fun, varied colors, body safe
Too long for many users, string is uncomfortable
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Smartballs are another of those Fun Factory toys I just keep getting more of - which is ridiculous, because they don't work well for me. At the moment, I have lovely pistachio and raspberry ones and tamer, more subtley colored honeydew and grey ones. I'll be honest. I got the green and pink to match my Laya Spot, even though I didn't need more of these.

As I said, they just don't really work well for me. Others, however, swear by and love them. It's really a matter of how deep your vaginal canal is when relaxed and not aroused.

Smartballs are meant to be worn to both stimulate and exercise the kegel muscles. They consist of two roundish balls, connected in the middle by a thin, bendable joint, with another set of balls inside that rock and move around as you move around. The motion of the inner balls causes the pc muscles to contract and release unconsciously, without you having to think about doing your exercises. This is why they work best if inserted when you tend to be active - cleaning, working out, shopping, whatever. So long as you're moving, they're moving, causing your body to work with them, your muscles to get a work out.

If you're not active while wearing them, they don't do much good unless you intentionally contract and squeeze your pc muscles around them. Even this way, however, they're a bonus over doing kegels without something to squeeze around, as you can really pinpoint the muscles and they serve as a reminder to actually do the exercises.

Smartballs are made from body friendly elastomed,a non porous, phthalate, latex free material that is hypo allergenic. You can use any sort of lube with them but I recommend as little as possible as, too lubed up, they tend to slip out more easily.

My problem with Smartballs is their size. They measure 1 3/8 inches in diameter, which is totally do-able for just about anyone. However, they also measure 4 1/2 inches in length, which is deeper than many vaginal canals before arousal. They also have an elastomer covered retrieval string that - while it does the job well, can feel a bit irritating rubbing against the labia. For me, Smartballs are simply a little bit too long. The area where the string connects is a small, tapered bump on the end of the balls and this part always sits right at the entrance of my vagina, rubbing and, in general, feeling exceptionally uncomfortable. I like the way they work, I like the way the inner balls feel moving around inside the outer ones. I just can't ever feel comfortable with them inserted. I've never felt like they were going to slide out, they just don't... sit right.

How they'll work for you depends entirely upon your own anatomy. If you find longer toys easy to manage, even before you're fully aroused, these will likely work just fine. If not, I suggest a smaller version, like the Teneo Uno or SinFive Emigi.

Clean these up with soap and water or, if you want, you can bleach or boil them. I've done both and never had an issue.

Packaging is standard Fun Factory cardboard, shades of red, cream and grey. The Smartballs come with a neat Fun Factory pamphlet with instructions in multiple languages as well as a product flyer. They also include a sample of their lubricant - sometimes Toyfluid, sometimes Bodyfluid.
Follow-up commentary
I really go thru phases with my smartballs.

Some days/months I like them a lot. Some days/months I hate them.

They're so cute, so colorful, so durable and dependable and yet, at times, they are just too long for me.

At other times they seem to be just fine.

It's weird. I guess hormonal changes must effect the length of my vaginal canal.

This month, I love these. Next month, I may be cursing them again for being too long.
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  • Blinker
    Gah! I hate the little nipple where the string is attached, too. More doom balls!
  • Owl Identified
    I wanted these so much because they're so cute, but the length has seemed to be an issue for many. (sigh) I must invest in some less cute PC exerciser, then
  • sophie2229
    great color-coordinating though
  • sophie2229
    great color-coordinating though
  • Selective Sensualist
    Thanks for the heads-up about the length being a possible problem for someone with a tipped uterus (from what I was told once by a former gynecologist, my cervix tilts back).

    I wish the single ball came in this adorable color combo. This was the color combo I had on my Wish List. :-( So sad!
  • Midway through
    Awesome review! As always!
  • kck
    The colors on this are AWESOME.
  • P'Gell
    Great review, Carrie Ann. As for the length, I like to use them when the second ball (the one with the retrieval string) only halfway in, holding the labia open. The "neck" between the balls is then right at the muscle which, for conversation's sake, holds a tampon in, and the first ball (the one without the retrieval loop) is BEHIND the muscle, so they fit and don't fall out, and aren't too far in.

    I am able to put them all the way in (I have an elastic vagina, evidently) but they feel better worn like I described.

    I'm sorry you didn't like them as much as I did.
  • TitsMcScandal
    I wish they made these in a smaller length size. I feel like then they would have everyone covered. I had the same issue with mine.
  • ......
    I wish these worked for me because I love the color combinations. Great review!
  • Annemarie
    I just had these in the other day and I so dislike the little nipple where the string is connected, too. It pokes my vaginal entrance as well.

    Wonderful review, as usual.
  • deadpoet
    great review
  • Red Vinyl Kitty
    I've been on the fence about wanting these since I have a tilted uterus, but after reading your review, I think I'll just stay away.
  • Just Jen
    I worry about these fitting now...
  • Airen Wolf
    So very conflicted...but i want a matched set of laya and smartballs....
  • mllebeauty
    I've been considering these but not sure if they'll be too long for me. Good to know they at least work some of the time.
  • LavenderSkies
    Great review Thanks
  • Septimus
    Great review! I've have a very similar like/dislike relationship with my SmartBalls. I haven't used them in a long time though, so maybe it's time to give them another chance!
  • Asher
    Thank you...
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