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Smartballs reviews

105 reviews
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105 reviews

You're better off purchasing a Kegel exercise product that has a better material make up, more flexibility, and more variety.

I think the Smartballs are just one of those toys that requires a very specific body type and sensitivity rather than being adaptable to a large range of women. They weren't bad, they just didn't work for me as well as I thought they could have with only a few minor design adjustments. I'd recommend giving them a try at least once, but after trying the Smartballs, I'm still in the market for my ideal kegel exerciser.

Little effort, big payoff! This toy is an excellent Kegel trainer, as well as an awesome discreet stimulator. It's particularly excellent for all-day wear.

Lovely for beginners, these quiet balls provide stimulation no matter what movement you're making. They help to tighten and are a good reminder to do your Kegels, along with providing plenty of fun!

The Original Smartballs set the standard for kegel balls. They're not ideal for me, as they are slightly too long and too rigid, but they have been a favorite of many women for many years.

The biggest reason I decided to try this product is because I have had children, and things change after something like that. You can never go back to the "you" that you were before, but this helps get you a little closer. Overall, this is an amazing product that I would recommend for any woman! It got me the results I wanted and is easy to use.

Overall, I would recommend this toy not necessarily to ladies looking for a quick way to get off, but to those looking for a fun way to strengthen their PC muscles (which can help improve the quality of orgasms!).

I would definitely recommend the Smartballs. I love them. They are very discreet, noise free, easy clean, very pleasurable and arousing.

Want to try a Kegal exerciser that gives you a great workout without breaking the bank? Try Smartballs! If you have a tilted uterus or a short vagina, look at the Teneo Uno instead.

FunFactory's SmartBalls are functional and fun, two fantastic reasons why this is an item every woman should have in her drawer.

These just feel fun to me and it's sometimes hard to remember they have a health-related reason for being. There are some unexpected benefits to this product. They double as a toy to build anticipation (especially in a D/s sense) as well as build muscles. I can see how some women may not like this particular design (too long or too broad). Made of high quality materials. Reasonably priced. Which means there will be more than one reason for the smile on your face...

What a great set of balls! These will make an excellent addition to any toy box, and are great starter balls for someone interested in vaginal training!

Sometimes our pussies misbehave. Sometimes, they've just been through a lot and they need to be gently coaxed back to the growling tigers they once were. Other times, you're a classy perv who needs a little something to get you through the workday that won't land you on the sex offender's registry. Whatever the case may be, Smart Balls are a discreet, silent way to get your kitty purring again.

If you want a fairly inexpensive, well made, and attractive product that delivers on it's claim, I suggest buying these. They aren't "rock your world amazing" but they work and the difference is telling.

I love walking about and thinking about my balls in my pussy. Puts a bounce in my step, then an ohh of delight. They might be a little thick for some women.

These balls are very discreet, which makes them an easy addition to make daily routine more enjoyable. If you plan to wear these running, dancing or to your yoga lessons, be prepared for a good time. The only reason these received four stars is that they are slightly large for me and I'd prefer the option of being able to insert only one.

This is a great toy which I enjoyed. It felt very good inside me, even though it may be slightly painful to insert. I would buy this toy again. It is well worth it.

Fun Factory Smart Balls are a pleasurable and easy way to strengthen your pelvic muscles with little effort. They also double as a discreet way to keep your arousal slowly building to a crescendo when used as a D/s tool or for when you want to have a sexy secret. Nobody will know why you cant wipe that smirk off your face as you walk. They are a fun and versatile toy with many possibilities for the creative user.

These are an impressive set of high-quality ben wa balls for a first time or regular user. Great to use as your little secret in public, or with someone else during sex play!

These Balls are an Every-Woman's toy, but for immediate gratification buy a dildo. These are better suited for health and long term learning with pleasure being a fringe benefit. They are only for those ready for a patient and diligent exploration and strengthening of their bodies.

I find the Smart Balls to be a good investment if you are serious about tightening your vaginal muscles. They are very discreet and can be used anywhere.

I love this vaginal exerciser, it's highly pleasurable, and effective for strengthening the PC muscles. They're easy to care for, and beautifully made. They may be a little big for some users, but their size makes them easy to keep in for those new to ben-wa balls, and generally wonderful for the majority of women.

Gives a light buzz to your day, a little zing in your panties that only you will know about that gets stronger each time you get up to move. Smartballs are beautiful little ovals of joy that are filling and are the ultimate workout. WHat other kind of exercise feels this good?

I definitely found these balls to be fun, not that I have a complaint about balls normally ;) Easy to maintain, plus since it's a fairly discrete insert-able toy, it's a bit fun to use it while around other people. It makes you feel a bit naughty, in addition to the stimuli you get from it.

I loved these little balls!! I was a tad iffy on buying them at first, but thought they looked fun and that it would be a good idea to get in the practice of doing kegels now, so I went for it. I am SO GLAD I did!! They're easy to insert and remove, the size is pleasurable, the shape is sexy and sensual. They're not just a vaginal exerciser, they really are a sex toy. I am extremely pleased by them!

Overall, the smart balls are worth every penny and give probably the most noticeable pleasure a sex toy could give. A dildo can't enhance the way your body pleasures you when you don't have it around! These guys can.

Smartballs, while an excellent concept, are a bit on the long side and will only work if you have a deeper vaginal canal. Those with a short vaginal canal or tipped uterus may find them uncomfortable. If they work for you, however, they work well and are very effective at exercising the kegel muscles.

Overall this is a great quality and beautiful product for vaginal exercises. However, it might be too big for some.

The Smart Balls are a decently priced set of Ben Wa balls that are easy to clean, fun to wear out and while masturbating and helps you to focus on and use your PC muscles. Also, as a beginner, I have found them to be easy to use. While a bit difficult to insert, I have enjoyed having them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a nice vaginal exerciser.

Smart Balls are incredibly exciting to wear! If you have never tried this type of product you are in for a treat; but beware, if these are too long for you, you'll regret the purchase.

Not pleasurable, no resistance, too big, and just awkward. Yes it's very discreet but so is the intended purpose since I am not satisfied with the product.

I highly recommend purchasing the smart balls. Whether it's running errands, shopping, doing laundry, or making a romantic dinner for your hubby, you will be sure to feel sexy and deviant the entire time.

Although the Smart Balls didn't work for me, they're a wonderfully made, beautiful set of vaginal exercisers that I would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat. But if you have a tilted uterus or short vaginal canal, consider the Smart Balls Teneo Uno, something that the company itself recommends.

Easy removal but if you have a small garage, this car will be a tight fit and that pointy nipple the string's attached to can bite. Three stars mainly because they're easy to clean.

These are superior to solid balls, and the materials are superior to the traditional metal balls. These Smart Balls are really smart and an improvement of an old idea. They are odor free and made of an inert material. The removal loop prevents "lost" balls, and also adds to the stimulation, when tugged on. They are good for toning, as well as a unique type of stimulation, good for masturbation, added stimulation with a vibrating toy or partner sex play.

Smart Balls are a good purchase for anyone trying to work their pelvic floor muscles in a easy and pleasant way.

These Smart Balls are a smart choice if you're looking for some foreplay fun or wanting to exercise and strengthen your kegel muscles.

I would love love love to try these in a smaller size--was super excited about trying these. But alas, the size made the Smart Balls very uncomfortable and sadly, unenjoyable. Overall disappointing for me personally, but the design has potential.

The Smart Balls look great, feel great, sounds like a great idea and was a very tempting buy. But I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed because I couldn't get them to work for me. The size of these balls were much too big for me--either that or I wasn't experienced enough for them.

I love my Smart Balls because they're so unique, discreet and multi-functional. There aren't many toys out there that not only strengthen your pelvic muscles, but can also be used for pleasure. Smart Balls are different from most toys because you can wear them in public and no one will know! They might be wondering why you've got such a devious look on your face, but that can be your little secret. Just remember, regardless of what the product description says - DO NOT USE THEM ANALLY!!

Feel sexy and work your muscles! So easy to use and totally discreet. This is a great product for every woman to have around.

Quiet, stylish, convenient, and sexy, the Smart Balls are definitely a favorite of my collection. Used during the day, while exercising, or simply while masturbating, you can't go wrong with these little guys.

Love the idea behind Smart Balls; the vibrations are fabulous and discreet! They are a bit too big for me to use comfortably, so be aware that they might be larger than expected.

If you're looking for a way to get your juices going, a fun new dirty little secret out in public, add a hands-free take to double penetration, or just to start strengthening your vaginal muscles, the Smart Balls are going to be there for you the whole way.

If you ARE looking for a discreet way to please yourself, a way to strengthen your vaginal muscles, a way to get the juices flowing, or a toy that will stay in you vaginally during anal sex, this IS for you!

Smart Balls by Fun Factory exercise the vaginal muscles well, but may be too large or long for some. The jingles add a little spring to your step and are fun to use while doing chores! If you're expecting a very arousing toy, however, you might want to look elsewhere.

While I highly recommend doing kegel exercises and can see the benefits of adding exercisers such as Smartballs, I found that they might not fit everyone. But if these are right for you, they are extremely well made and should last for years with proper care.

All in all, if you're trying to find something that is not intimidating for a first time user, then this toy is not for you!

At first I found these incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to insert and subsequently wrote them off as unsuited to my particular body shape. However, once I got the knack of popping them in they offer great sensations and can be an excellent saucy little secret in public or around the house. I'm not sure that they offer a lot in the way of exercising your vaginal muscles, but I'm damn sure they're a lot of fun.

This is a great sturdy simple toy. It has a fine color, sleek design and soothing rattle! A perfect travel companion.

Smart Balls from Fun Factory are a great vaginal exerciser, they create a subtle arousing vibration while inserted as well as provided resistance while doing Kegel exercises. Great for beginners or advanced users, I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to purchase a vaginal exerciser.

Great for people who wants to strengthen pelvic muscles. Not only for young women who want to have better sex life, but also for women from middle age who have urinary incontinence problem.

Enhances your pleasure while you're at work! Smart Balls are discreet and feel so good when you walk around or do other mundane tasks. Smart Balls make everything fun!

The Smart Balls were a complete disappointment for me. If you generally have difficulty inserting toys, I would stay away from this product.

The Smart Balls by Fun Factory are the best Ben Wa balls on the market! Buyers will have to dig deep and hard, to find any fault with this miracle in a box. Easily cleaned and maintained, yet durable enough to last, the Smart Balls are a great buy.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my Smart Balls! They seem to work well as vaginal exercisers. They also have the added benefit of increasing your awareness, of your genital area, when they are being used. Meaning, they make you horny. Can't beat that! (insert bad pun here.)

Overall, I didn't feel much change in my vaginal muscles. The best part of this toy is how discreet it is. The smart balls can be your own personal way of making it through a long Monday at work, or a tedious trip to the grocery store. The heightened awareness you gain, can lead to more pleasurable sensations during foreplay and sex. They are also simple to clean, easy to store, and a fun way to change your mood for the day.

In general, I thought Smart Balls were a functional, quality product. The packaging was great, the sensations were great, I can't really come up with a reason not to have them. They're a worthwhile purchase, and a lot of fun. And, like Essin' Em said, who doesn't want to be able to say "Hey, I've got balls".

A great starter toy – both for vaginal exercise and simple pleasure. Easy to clean, easy to use, and made of decently safe elastomed, Smart Balls are a great deal for a multipurpose toy.

I was a little disappointed that the vibrations weren't as strong for me as they were for some other reviewers, but overall I'm happy with the purchase. They're a good warm up toy.

If you are looking to experience vaginal balls, Smart Balls are the way to go. Comfortable enough to be worn for hours, this pretty little toy will bring you lots of secret pleasure and will amp up your sex life. Well worth the money.

The Smart Balls are a great product. They allow you to strengthen your vaginal muscles for better sex while turning you on with their low-key vibrations from rocking together. This is an inexpensive and worthwhile option for vaginal balls.

Works very well for those of us who sometimes have trouble getting aroused. Wear while grocery shopping and come home jumping all over your partner!

It's simply fab! Ladies you should definitely get a pair for sure! Great orgasms, lasting after shock massages, Makes you feel delightfully naughty and you have all the fun in the world.

If you are looking for a vaginal exerciser to improve your sexual or overall health, I recommend these. The muscles they work on will help you sexually, and with the issues some women experience after childbirth and with age. They also work wonders on the libido!!

One of the best vaginal exercisers on the market! For the price, it's definitely worth a try by every woman looking for a way to tighten and enhance their sexual experience.

Great for people who want something to excite you during the day - all day! - without worrying about someone hearing your vibrator.

If you have never tried vaginal balls, invest in these babies! They are excellent for a first-timer, not too big or too intense. These balls will give you a whole new feeling and experience!

Smart Balls are pretty, perfectly-designed, and perfectly comfortable. For a such a straight-forward toy, it was fantastic! Who knew such a tiny thing could provide such a satisfying experience!

This is a great tool for strengthening your PC muscles. Work your pelvic floor muscles, and get some pleasure while you're at it. It's two things in one! :)

The Smart Balls by Fun Factory are a great starting point if you are interested in vaginal exercisers but don't want to spend too much money. Not only that, but they can help with libido and put a woman in the mood for some other action. Overall they are an amazing purchase and should be at the top of anyone's wish list.

Think about how hot you feel when you've wearing a pair of insanely gorgeous underwear... the tight silk of the panties caressing your ass, knowing that you're the only one who is aware of the lace grazing your nipples. Multiply that by 100 and you have a rough approximation of how fabulous the Smartballs can make you feel.

A great starter toy, exerciser, and pleaser for the most experienced vaginas. Easy to insert even without any lube. Affordable, durable, discreet, easy to clean, and easy to travel with.

A fun twist on Ben Wa balls! Smart Balls are great for multiple activities and are easily maintained toys, but they do take patience and practice. Good for the lonely wife who wants to maintain her muscles while her man is away.

If you have trouble locating your kegel muscles, these should help. But for someone who is already very familiar with their own muscles, these probably won't do much, since they are so large you don't need to use your muscles to keep them in place. They are very good for public arousal though. I would recommend them for that purpose.

This is a toy that doesn't lend well to those with vaginal issues that cause pain with penetration. Not really worthwhile without penetration.

I wholeheartedly recommend getting these balls not only for their use as a vaginal exerciser, but for their fantastic construction, ease of cleaning, and discreet vibrations that can ultimately lead to more vigorous play!

Smart Balls are economical, exciting and easy to wear. They make long commutes much more pleasant by providing gentle stimulation and enhancing desire.

I was impressed by my experience with Smart balls. They are totally comfortable and the movement of the balls is just stimulating enough to be enjoyable. I will definitely continue to use them.

Smart balls are a good investment. They are easy to clean, extremely durable and they make performing kegel exercises pleasurable.

I really wanted to love this item as much as everyone else had and maybe as a result of this my expectations were just to high leaving me to feel slightly disappointed. It's not that this item is bad by any means, it just was not as good as I imagined it to be. In terms of recommending this item I would give it my approval as I feel it is a good item however it just wasn't the best item for me.

The toy is not intended to give you an orgasm by itself, but for the price I find it really worth having. It's like a barbell for your vagina, and I'm using it to learn how to orgasm from contracting my vaginal muscles alone. Love it!

These ben wa balls are covered in hygienic Elastomed material for a safe trip in your vagina, no matter where you want to go!

A quiet, discreet way to remind you to do Kegels! Whenever and however you want. As a bonus- they might just turn you on!

If you are looking for a relatively quiet toy that you can wear around all day for a little thrill, this one is a pretty good bet!

A fantastic product for the price! Durable, discreet and exciting. Smart balls are the only kegel exercisers you will ever need. Not only do they get the job done, they are also fun and arousing to wear.

When I wear these, I want to dance. I want to move around. I want to JOG, yeah- but I don't. I am told they are working, but you know- I just love wearing them. The way they vibrate inside me is a naughty reminder than I'm tightening my kegels, but really- I do it cause it feels good.

Smart Balls are amazing. I would re-buy them in a minute but won't have to due to the high quality materials. Also assists with kegels and can be used with a partner in the vagina during anal sex.

These balls may not give an orgasm when worn, or they may for some people. But boy, do they heat things up for later. Now I know why they are called Smart Balls, because they out smarted me.

The smart balls are worth it. They do improve the muscles. I recommend putting them in then going to the gym or doing some sort of exercise to get the full pleasure of them.

When the internal weights move around, your body naturally tightens to prevent them from working their way out, which creates a constant, easy and unconscious exercise for the PC muscles. Though the balls are not highly stimulating, they are pleasant and easy to wear at any time of day. They are much easier to use than Ben Wa Balls and I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting to strengthen the PC muscles and gain more vaginal control.

In my opinion, everyone with a cunt should have a pair of Smart Balls, and not just so you can say "I have balls!" These are some of the best vaginal exercisers out there, are very pretty, and definitely cost effective.

These are great if you want to feel good all day, but they're not the best to strengthen muscles since they're large enough to stay put without help. They're quiet and can be removed easily. I would recommend these to any woman who asked.

These are the only vaginal balls that I think should be on the market considering they are really the best in all respects. They are the best bet when it comes down too purchasing the perfect pair because thats what they are!

I love Smart Balls they're blissful enjoyment. Not you're mothers BEN WAH balls. Very wearable,Very enjoyable.I dont think beginners will need these but I do think they'll love them. Perfect!

A toy for every woman to try at least once. It strengthens your PC muscles, which leads to more powerful orgasms and tightness. They can be worn for hours on end and gives you a sexy reminder during your day.

I highly recommend Smart Balls for those who are new to Ben Wa balls, because they are easy to care for and remove. This is definitely a toy every woman should try at least once!

I enthusiastically recommend the Smart Balls for their superior construction, ease of use, and absolutely incredible, yet discreet, pleasure-inducing properties.

For first time ben-wa ball users, the Smart Balls are a great toy to have. They are easy to use and remove.

I highly recommend Fun Factory’s Smartballs. They make mundane, everyday activities so much more exciting, and are easy to use once you’ve figured out how deeply to insert them. The cord makes removal easy and is thin enough that you won’t really feel it when they’re in. Cleanup is a snap – I used toy wipes to clean them and later washed them with soap and antibacterial soap. I wear mine all the time now! I love how they make me feel more sexual no matter what I’m doing!

I have forever been looking for new ways to strengthen my PC muscles to increase awareness of my genitals as well as heighten sexual pleasure. Fun Factory’s Smart Balls are, hands down, the best way I would recommend to bring pleasure in more ways than one.

All in all, I think this is a five star product. I can't think of any complaints I have about it. It has excellent craftsmanship, cute colors, and it really seems to work.

This is a really great toy for those days when you don't want a huge dildo or deep penetration, but still want something.

A super awesome effect of using the balls and doing kegel exercises with them in is that your vaginal muscles become much stronger. I find that I can squeeze my partner much more tightly, which he likes a lot, and also that I have been having better orgasms, which I like a lot!

Smart Balls are quite impressive when used, as intended, while walking around. They feel heavier than their size, and their subtle (and not so subtle) vibrations kept my arousal simmering without becoming too overwhelming for public use.

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