Exercise balls for a new generation

These are superior to solid balls, and the materials are superior to the traditional metal balls. These Smart Balls are really smart and an improvement of an old idea. They are odor free and made of an inert material. The removal loop prevents "lost" balls, and also adds to the stimulation, when tugged on.

They are good for toning, as well as a unique type of stimulation, good for masturbation, added stimulation with a vibrating toy or partner sex play.
Safe materials, inner moving ball bearings, easy to clean, easy to remove
No good way to store, may be too large for some women
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Ben Wa balls have been around for centuries, used to help tone the vagina and stimulate. They were originally made of metal, often coated in cloisonne of unknown materials, sometimes of wood, bone or other materials. They are believed to have originated in the East. Hence the name. (I have no idea who Ben Wa is, but I do want to thank him/her.)

I wanted a pair to tone my vagina, remind me to Kegel, increase orgasmic intensity and for yet another novel stimulation use. My Man suggested a pair of the old fashioned cloisonne metal balls, but I had reservations about the material, (would there be lead or other heavy metals in the balls themselves or the lacquer?) and the fact that they had no easy way to remove them.

I looked for almost a year and found these by one of my favorite companies, Fun Factory.

They are used by being lubed and inserted into the vagina for toning. Kegels or other exercises can be done to help the balls work. If you have a difficult time inserting them, add more lube, breathe deeply, and sometimes some light sexual stimulation will facilitate insertion.

These balls have metal ball bearings inside them, which helps you learn the right movements to make the balls spin inside the outer ball. The two balls are attached, and they have a silicone "string" or removal loop for easy removal. They are not difficult to insert, with enough lube although learning to make the inner balls move may take a few tries. They are totally covered in inert material, so clean up is easy.

Often, these are so stimulating that more happens than just "exercise." They are not only comfortable but also very stimulating (sometimes too much so ) I have found orgasm easier with vaginal toning and these balls help by providing resistance to the vaginal muscles during Kegels.

The manufacturer says you can wear them when you are out and about, but I find them much too stimulating for this. I use them at home, doing light housework, while reading or watching the TV or sometimes during masturbation. I certainly can't imagine trying to drive with these balls inserted and I wouldn't recommend it, but people have different responses to them, some may not be as sensitive as I.

I have found the best placement is to insert the first ball far into the vagina, and to then allow the second ball to penetrate only half of the way and rest at the opening, with part of the ball helping the inner lips stay open. This is a good way to practice your Kegels, it stimulates the Labia Minora (inner lips) as well as the deeper vaginal muscles and IMO this placement feels the best.

I have seen reviews where people use them during intercourse, but I can't see how that would be possible with My Man's construction. There would simply be no room for him. They could be used during oral or anal sex, I suppose, but I prefer a larger, longer more phallic toy for this purpose. For some, however, these situations may work well while using the Smart Balls for vaginal stimulation.

They are SO easy to clean, I just use hot water and soap, and then carefully dry them before returning them to the box they came in. (I also clean the plastic clam shell box they were packaged in.)

They need to be completely cleaned before and after every use.

I DO wish they had come with a small bag for storage. I don't like keeping them in the plastic shell they were sent in; but until I buy a new Sugar Sac or make or find a small bag, this is where they are kept. If Fun Factory had included a cloth bag, it would have made me more satisfied with my purchase.
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Material / Texture

The covering for the Smart Balls is a silicone based "Elastomed." It is slightly more slick than many of Fun Factory's phallic vibrators, which often have a "velvet" or textured surface. I prefer the more slick surface, as it slides in easily and is very easy to clean. The balls are very firm but when you move the "right way" the inner balls rotate and move.

These balls have small "slashes" for added stimulation and design on the sides of the balls, these do not add a lot to the stimulation, but they may help the balls stay in better and are pretty. I chose the black and pink balls, and like the color combination a lot.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the New Age Fun Factory Smart balls is fantastic! They are just the right size and shape for many women, the pattern on the surface offers a small amount of stimulation, and the silicone "string" or loop for removal is great! Traditional Ben Wa balls have a tendency to "get lost" in the vagina (no, they can't really, the vagina is a blind alley, but traditional balls can be difficult to remove.) This won't happen with the Smart Balls, unless you really aren't paying attention and the loop slips in. It is long enough that this would not be easy to achieve.

The inner balls, which spin and bounce inside the outer balls, took a little while to learn how to use. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to dance or what! I learned the proper movements for my own body in only a few uses.

Women who have not yet learned to control their vaginal muscles may find insertion and use more challenging, but lots of lube, learning to relax while inserting the balls and learning the best way for her to Kegal and move will help. Using these balls will help the beginner, the intermediate or advanced toy user. This product is good for even women who do not usually "use" sex toys, as it has a health value as well as stimulation.
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic


I have found that using these seems to increase intensity of orgasm. I have had orgasms with the balls in place (the little inner balls spin violently when a vibrating toy is placed against the outer ball, which is not only stimulating, but a lot of fun!) but not during partner play, only solo.

The silicone removal loop is a good feature. No one wants to get their Ben Wa balls "stuck" (I had a contraceptive sponge "stuck" on two occasions, the first I had to go to an Emergency Office Center for removal, the second I was able to push it out using what I had learned from laboring with my first child) It was a scary experience, not one I would want to repeat. The removal loop not only prevents this from happening, but is also inert and non-porous and easy to clean.

The balls do what they are supposed to do, tone and exercise the vaginal muscles. They also have the added benefit of stimulation, and they remind you to KEGAL KEGAL KEGAL!
    • Comfortable
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Easy to keep clean. Clean with body friendly soap (I use my favorite Bath and Body works body wash or antibacterial soap, well diluted) or detergent before and after every use. Dry well before storing. When using, a silicone free lube, which works best with your body type is best. (I like Astroglide green cap, with no glycerin.) Do NOT use with silicone based lubricants.

Once a month or so, I clean mine with alcohol, then soap and hot water and dry well before storing.

I do hope Fun Factory starts including a nice small cloth bag with these balls. I don't like the plastic packaging it came with, but that is what I am storing it in, until I can find a good cloth bag for storage.
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


I don't like the packaging. It came in a molded plastic inner case, which opens like a clam shell. I am not found of disposable plastic in large amounts. The plastic case was inside a cardboard box, but the box has large openings, so the toy can't be stored in the box alone, the plastic molded case, or an alternative storage has to be used.

The product is also difficult to place back in the plastic clam shell packaging properly, and finding a place for the removal loop is hard. The storage is my only complaint with this toy.
    • Not good for storing
    • Not user freindly packaging

Personal comments

I think silicone (and it's cousin, Elastomed) is one of the best materials for sex toys. It is inert, doesn't smell, is unlikely to cause allergies or irritation, and has a nice texture. These balls are completely covered, with NO seams so they do not retain bacteria or fungus that the body might not handle well and might cause infection.

The silicone removal loop was a stoke of genius. No more "lost" balls, no digging around, and the loop can also be used to stimulate the movement of the balls during sex play. The fact that they are silicone, not "string" (like a cheap set of balls I was once gifted from an other company and would not place anywhere in my body) or a porous material works well with a toy meant for insertion.
    • Safe


I bought these balls for vaginal toning, but found they are also stimulating enough for a masturbatory aid. They are quite different in feel than a dildo or phallic vibrator when used internally, and the inner ball bearings, which "spin" when you move, or when a vibrating toy is placed against them is a very UNIQUE sensation, which I enjoy a lot. I have not felt anything like this from any other toy, and it is a good addition to just using these balls for exercise alone.

The fact that the materials are safe, and that the inner balls provide a unique type of stimulation is a plus for me. The first time I used a vibrating toy with the Smart Balls, they spun so fast that I actually started to laugh. Fun and healthy.
    • Better than solid balls
    • Fun
    • Safe materials
Follow-up commentary
These PC/vaginal muscle toning balls are still one of my favorite toys. Well, they are considered by me more of a "tool" than just at "toy" and I continue to use them, in spurts and see an increase in vaginal toning as well as orgasmic strength. I have since bought a small satin bag to store them in and I am happy to store them in something other than the original box.

I did want to say something about "Kegals." I didn't describe well in my first review. Women of any age can Kegal. Kegaling (named for the OBGYN who developed the method, although women have been doing this for centuries) is simple exercising the muscles in the vagina, the anus and the urethra.

To learn how to Kegal, all you need to do is to start and stop the flow of urine several times during urination. (I advise not doing this with the balls in place.) When you realize where the muscles are you can Kegal a number of times a day for vaginal and sexual health. You can feel the muscles from your urethra, your vagina, your anus and into your abdomen when the exercise is done properly.

No one will know what you are doing, one cannot see from the outside of your body. Usually ten repetitions, repeated 3 or 4 times, several times a day is recommended. Most women start with only a few Kegals at a time and then work up to the 10/3 regimen.

Kegaling can be done with or without something in the vagina. I do them regularly, when I am at the computer, while I am cooking, shopping, or just using my Smart Balls. The Balls give you something to grab onto and some feel the resistance is a good way to develop the muscles further.

Having a well toned vagina and pelvic floor structure will help with childbirth and after. Also, tightening during PIV or anal sex will stimulate both you and your lover, and this exercise helps with the lack of toning, urinary incontinence and even may help avoid UTIs as it helps you know how to completely empty your bladder.

The Fun Factory Smart Balls are a good way for many women to have resistance during Kegaling, as well as a fun toy to play with. I love it!
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