Smartballs - exerciser for vaginal muscles by Fun Factory - review by Robin Goodfellow

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Shes Got Big Balls

These Balls are an Every-Woman's toy, but for immediate gratification buy a dildo. These are better suited for health and long term learning with pleasure being a fringe benefit. They are only for those ready for a patient and diligent exploration and strengthening of their bodies.
High quality, promotes health and body awareness, rewards patience.
On the larger side, subtle effects requiring patience.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I'm writing this review about my girlfriend's experience with these balls. First off they are a modified and connected version of the traditional ben wa balls originating from the ancient Orient, designed to exercise your PC muscles by provoking kegel-like contractions. My girlfriend's account of this is that they are quite mild. She is a small person (5'3 x 110lbs) and they are a bit large for her when entering, causing some discomfort regularly. However, upon entry they are very mellow and she enjoys wearing them for extended periods of time. Shes explored their use in tandem with baths, Yoga, coffee in the A.M., Wine in the P.M., doing work on her computer, cooking, etc.

Throughout her experiences she maintains that she can hardly notice them when inside of her. She occasionally squeezes, forcing contractions but shes unaware of their kegel-like effects, if they're present during long term use. They sometimes make her horny, other times she is content with a session of the balls alone.

The Balls themselves are made from lavender colored silicone and white plastic connected by silicone between with an attached rubbery string. Recovery has never been a problem. True to Fun Factory's reputation these balls seem to be made from the highest quality in the typical German fashion. For cleaning she simply washes in hot soapy water or throws them in the dishwasher. Shes does not share these so this is done to only for her own vaginal cleanliness. Because they are silicone, she frequently uses a water based lube to aid in insertion since these are often put in without preliminary arousal.

Overall experiencing these balls and witnessing effects seems to be a patient process of growth reminding me of my experiences with prostate exploration. Though there are no radical details in this review, I want to reiterate that there is a positive trend of experiences that seem to gently be progressing. This toy isn't going to create raging orgasms, or overfilled satisfaction. It seems more like learning an instrument, by which I refer more to one's body than the balls, in that the reward is a continually expanding awareness of ones body, mind through an external medium.
A side note because I've seen it asked before. She attempted to pee with the balls in her. Meeting great difficultly at first, she persevered and ended up ejecting one ball during the process.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Shellz31
    I've looked at getting these. I got the Emigi and I can't feel them doing anything for my PC muscles. I feel doing them manually without any of these items does more for me. But I like the idea of these so I haven't given up yet.
    Cheers on the review!
  • P'Gell
    I'm glad your woman is continuing to use these. I've had a pair for a long time, and have noticed very intense orgasms since regular their use commenced. Every woman is different and will probably get different results.

    I personally, cannot go out at all, or even around the house with these in, they are just too stimulating. Like your GF, I also, never urinate while I am wearing the balls. I just see no reason to (unless it would be to "locate" how to Kegal, which is done by starting and stopping the flow of urine, but that can be done without the balls in your body. I'm too afraid of "losing" them in the toilet. (TMI, sorry.)

    Anyway, I am glad your GF likes these and perhaps if she does several repetitions of 10 Kegals while the balls are being used and uses them during masturbation sometimes she might find some more reward from this most useful system.

    Thank you for the review. Good job.
  • Kimbertrees
    Good review.
  • Insomniakillerofdreams
    thanks for the review
  • Danielle1220
    Thanks for the review, nice!!
  • ToyTimeTim
    Are here's bigger than your's? hehe
    Great review.
  • Alicia
    thanks for the review
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