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Not for ME!

The Smart Balls were a complete disappointment for me. If you generally have difficulty inserting toys, I would stay away from this product.
Look good; smell good; easily cleaned.
VERY difficult to insert; I felt next to nothing.
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These were the first (and so-far only) vaginal balls I have bought. I read the glowing reviews and decided the Smart Balls were the ones to buy. Removing them from the package, I thought they looked nice, and they have no off-putting odor. The product information makes clear that they can be easily cleaned, certainly an advantage. They are also phthalates free and hypo-allergenic. Considering that you leave them in your vagina for along periods of time, this is essential.

I anticipated an interesting new experience. Unfortunately my experience was not very positive. My first problem with the balls is that I cannot insert them easily. In fact, I can hardly insert them at all! Although they do not look large, for some reason I have to work and work and work to get them in, and it is not a pleasant doing so. Yes, I made sure to lubricate them well with the lube that was included, but it was still far too difficult. In general I cannot insert large dildos or vibrators, but average sized is OK, and these balls are not THAT big. Why it was so hard I cannot say. Perhaps it is the special, easily-cleanable coating?

All of this would have been acceptable if the pay-off had been as spectacular as some reviewers reported. However, once I finally got them in my vagina, I felt almost nothing! Every once in a while I did feel the vibrations the other reviewers write about as the balls inside the Smart Balls moved around, but I certainly did not feel anything like arousal.

On top of everything, I had problems getting them OUT again! Despite these difficulties, I did use them a number of times. There was no change, either in the ease of insertion or the sensations I felt. Sigh.
Follow-up commentary
My review of this product caused a lot of comment. As I said originally, it is not for me, but from the response, it is clear that it IS a product for other people. I will not use it, but hey, if you're interested, give it a try. Might be great for you!
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  • Tuesday
    I'm wondering if these were for you like the Eclipse balls were for me where you can only feel movement with really vigorous activity like jumping. Was that how they were for you?
  • WildKimA
    Yes, exactly! In fact, I kept trying to do something that would allow me to feel them, like jumping. Big smile
  • spicywife
    That's too bad.. I've been thinking about these but I wouldn't want to get them if they are hard to insert. Everyone's experience can be so different. Were you scared at all? That could make your muscles tighten and then you can't insert them properly.
  • WildKimA
    I'm that's an interesting point. I don't know if I was scared. I don't THINK so but it was a new kind of insertion. It's not like a dildo or a vibrator; I mean they don't go in straight with something to hold on to. This is hard to explain. You're holding the ball in your hand and then you have to push with your fingers on the other side of the ball to get it in. Often when I use a dildo, it takes a bit of manipulating to get it in the right spot to move it fully in. I couldn't do that with the ball. It just kept getting hung up, if you know what I mean.

    I finally got them in by lying on the bed and putting my legs in the air. But it wasn't pleasant, as I said in the review.
  • spicywife
    That make sense. That's exactly why I'm hesitant to try them. Again, I'm sorry they didn't work for you. I've seen a product that's just one ball (with a string) and I've thought about trying it. Here's the link, if you're interested. It seems a bit less daunting to me.

    Thanks for responding Smile
  • Britni TheVadgeWig
    I have these and love them. Are they *easy* to insert? No, but nowhere near as difficult as you seemed to find them.

    I do not feel arousal when I wear them, and I'm not quite sure that's the point of them. They're for strengthening PC muscles. I barely feel them when they're in as well, but that's part of what I like about them. I can wear them for hours and barely feel them, so I can be strengthening my vaginal muscles while going about my daily activities, be it work or school, without interference from them.

    My Dom will also have me put them in at random times and whenever I *do* feel them, I think about him. I enjoy playing with them that way, too.

    Shame that you didn't like them!
  • J's Alley
    While Smart Balls can bring stimulation to some, the main purpose of them is for vaginal strength. Many people I know have vaginal exercisers and they get not erotic pleasure from them.
  • spicywife
    It's not unrealistic for her to except from pleasure or stimulation from Smart Balls. Most of the reviews report them as being very pleasurable to use. My opinion, though, is that the main purple is a vaginal exerciser not a pleasure device.

    The Fun Factory web site also describes them as being pleasurable:
    "Smartballs -
    a deeply feminine pleasure

    SMARTBALLS will let you experience a wide range of emotions and motion, because their friendly texture will give way to intimate massage, from slow and smooth initially, then shifting slowly to ever more caressing and exciting feelings so hard to describe you just have to go out of your way to get a hold of them. They will become your new best friend in a heartbeat."
  • spicywife
  • spicywife
    expect* not except.. sorry again, been a long day
  • WildKimA
    I'm glad people are chiming in on these! I was going to add in my review that if I had bought them only for working my PC muscles I would have been happier. But that wasn't why I bought them. The description of their becoming my new best friend, etc. that Spicywife quoted intrigued me, and I wanted to try the experience they described. Also, quite a few reviews note that they were aroused when using them.

    About insertion: everyone is different. For me, they WERE very hard to insert. I wanted women to know that they can be difficult to use, especially if you have problems with inserting other toys.

    The title of the review is "Not for Me". They're not for me. Doesn't mean they aren't for other women. Britni, I think it would be wonderful to be reminded of my lover when they moved around! Just won't happen for me (too bad).
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I appreciate your review. Honestly, I do think that vaginal balls in general are not super easy to insert but I think these are pretty big. My guess would be the shape makes it more difficult, too.

    I would absolutely expect to be able to feel them. Otherwise, how does it remind you to use them? I mean, that's kind of a "Duh" point so I'm shocked at some of the comments here. I've heard some colour combos are less stimulating than others, strangely enough. What colour were yours?

    I assume the little indentations were no help when it came to inserting, because it was still difficult. That would be something to add into your review.

    Even though they haven't been amazing for you, how did you feel about overall quality and cleaning?
  • WildKimA
    Adriana, I'm not sure about the color combination. Mine are black and a kind of gray. Don't know how the color could possibly make them more stimulating, except psychologically?

    I didn't mention the little indentations because, frankly, I never paid any attention to them. Didn't even notice they were there.

    About cleaning, I did say they were easily cleanable. Should I say HOW they are supposed to be cleaned? And quality: I didn't use them enough for any wear and tear to be shown. Should I have put in something about what the quality seemed to be? I will go back and edit the review if that I know HOW to edit a review.

    This review sure got some response, didn't it?
  • Nashville
    It sounds like you already have great muscle tone, when it comes to balls like these they usually just slip out and the advantages of using them is that it perfects my muscle strength by me trying and straining so hard to keep them in.
  • ginnyluvspotter
    great review
  • Twitch
    thanks for the in depth review!
  • purplecoco
    thanks for the review
  • amenti

    Thank you for your super helpful review! I was just about to buy these but now your review has me thinking twice, I do have trouble inserting things as well but I think a good silicone lube used on the smart balls would along with a relaxed easy insert position make this do-able for me. Perhaps a rather think but slick lube would be better for inserting these. What kind did you use? Were you fully relaxed and in a pose that would help insertion? or do you think that those things would help or not?

  • GirlOnGirl
    Thanks for your review!
  • giftdgecko
    Hmm, sorry it didn't work for you, the design is almsot the same as a few others, just not for you i guess
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