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Smart balls sex toy review

When the internal weights move around, your body naturally tightens to prevent them from working their way out, which creates a constant, easy and unconscious exercise for the PC muscles. Though the balls are not highly stimulating, they are pleasant and easy to wear at any time of day. They are much easier to use than Ben Wa Balls and I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting to strengthen the PC muscles and gain more vaginal control.
Strengthens PC muscles. 100% elastomer. Increases vaginal control.
Only provides mild stimulation. May be difficult to insert at first.
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Having stronger PC muscles makes sex more enjoyable for both you and your male partner. While it obviously will feel great when you can squeeze more tightly around his penis, it also allows more blood to flow into that area. This creates more vaginal sensitivity and gives you more control over your orgasms. How do you exercise your PC muscles? Well, you can do kegel exercises, or you can add Smart Balls and make it much more fun!

The balls themselves are very lovely to look at in any color you choose; I have them in Pearly Sky. They are smooth and the body has just enough give in it. On the end of the balls is an attached string, coated also in elastomer for safety. Inside each ball is a small weight that moves around when you do.

Now, I have been doing my PC exercises for regularly for over 10 years, so I was mostly curious as to how well they aid in doing kegels as well as how they felt once they were inside. I cleaned my new toy like a good girl and tried to pop them in. Let me say that inserting the Smart Balls is a little tricky at first. They did not seem to want to go in, so I had to play with a couple of positions. Standing, squatting and sitting did not really work - I laid on my back with my legs apart and up to my chest. With a little help from my Astroglide lube, they slid right in. I think this the easiest and most comfortable way to insert the pearly beauties.

After getting them settled, I did a few sets of vaginal squeezes (sitting and standing) and I was very pleased to see that they did not change their position at all. They also felt great while I squeezed around them; I think this is a great point for those just starting to do their kegels as you can really feel yourself doing the exercise instead of wondering whether you are doing them at all.

To be 100% sure these would not slip out, I did some jumping jacks and sure enough, they stayed put. Which got my mind wandering...Could I use these at the gym? I had to try! I put on my gym gear and headed over. In the car, I could feel the weights bumping up against me and it was very pleasant indeed. I also noticed that every time they moved, I would automatically tighten up, almost like a reflex of sorts, and realized I was getting a nice workout without even trying. Another great plus in their favor!

Once I got to the gym, I headed straight for the elliptical machine and jumped on. I quickly discovered how much more enjoyable your work out can be with these little gems! Every step of my 30 minute semi-jog workout was enjoyable and I will definitely be taking my balls to the gym more often. I did weights and sit ups, then headed to the bathroom for a placement check - yep, still nestled comfortably inside of me.

On my return home, I felt very primed for some loving. My boyfriend and I hopped into the shower together, removed the balls and did our thing.

While the Smart Balls do not provide enough stimulation to induce an orgasm, they are a great form of self-foreplay. They also make a wonderful partner when used with a clitoral vibe. They are too large to wear inside during intercourse, but, when used regularly, really aid in making sex much more fulfilling.
Follow-up commentary
On a whim, I thought I could have some fun sliding these inside of me last night while I went salsa dancing. Well, that didn't work out so great. After the first song, I had to go to the bathroom and take them out as all of that movement was making them slide out. So, if you are planning on being outside doing a lot of vigorous activity, it is probably a better idea to leave these waiting for you at home.
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  • lexical
    Thank you for your review. I've really been wanting these, but I'm a little concerned about them fitting properly inside of me...Your tip on how to insert them might be helpful! Thanks very much!
  • TinyTease
    Insertion takes a little practice, but it's definitely worth it. There are so many women (and male partners) who have benefited from these, it's something you don't want to miss out on.
  • Sunrise
    Thanks for the review!
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Great review!
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