Smartballs - vaginal balls by Fun Factory - review by Essin' Em

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Smart balls sex toy review

In my opinion, everyone with a cunt should have a pair of Smart Balls, and not just so you can say "I have balls!" These are some of the best vaginal exercisers out there, are very pretty, and definitely cost effective.
Silicone, good size/shape, fun colors, fabulous!
May be too big for some; try lots of lube, and one at a time.
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extremely useful review
Holy moly. I love balls.

Never thought I'd say that, but these Smart Balls are absolutely outstanding! I've tried a variety of vaginal exercisers|Exercisers for vaginal muscles, and while I love the "barbell" style ones (the Energie comes to mind, and you can also use the Pure Wand|Pure wand - Anal sex toys - Anal Probes as such), these are more convenient, more vibrant, and definitely easier for wearing while not in bed.

I love Kegels. As Lili Desi says, I can probably crack a walnut with my vagina. It's just true. But just like regular muscles atrophy without constant exercise, vaginal muscles can also weaken unless they're worked out on a regular basis. And since I'm not getting sexual action on a regular basis, I have to take care of this myself. Smart balls are the answer.

If you're naturally quite wet, you're good to go. Otherwise, if you need a little extra, like me, I suggest using a good water-based (NOT silicone) lube to get started. They were a little big for me, so I started by slipping in one to begin, and then as my cunt got used to the size, then, and only then, did I slip the other one in.

They feel phenomenal when inside me. You can feel the inner balls moved against the outside coating when you're walking, and if you decide to shimmy or do a little salsa dancing? WOAH - watch out! While I can't go running or take a set of stairs with these babies in me, I did vacuum and tidy up, and they felt marvelous inside.

I will say that they are *very* arousing. As in, the second I took them out, I was plugging in the Hitachi|Hitachi magic wand review to get some relief. This may or may not be the case for everyone, but for me, this is one type of work out that needs a happy ending rather than a cool down.

Moreover, they are silicone (including the pull-string), so to clean them, you can boil them, dishwash them (top shelf, no soap), or wipe them down with a 10% bleach solution. In fact, I believe mine are sitting in my kitchen drain rack right now...

Overall, I think these are some of the best vaginal exercisers|Smart balls - Vaginal balls by Fun Factory out there, and I give them two thumbs up. I think my vagina will agree.
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  • Dame Demi
    Try them with Tantric Lovers Stimulating Lubricant for a little (ok, a lot!) something extra!  The cooling sensation felt wonderful on its own and made me hyper-aware of the balls!
  • Great review! It begins and ends on a humourus note and it is very informative.
  • Essin' Em
    DD - I'm already hyper aware, and super turned on. I don't know if I could handle it!

    NS - Glad you liked it :) 
  • Can you wear these in the pool. The pool @ my gym seems to have excessive chlorine,so much so it's eating my suit. I wonder what would happen to the retrieval string? I dont want to ruin these i love them.
  • Essin' Em
    Hmm...I'd be careful about any pool with excessive amounts of chlorine, not just for your toys, but also for yourself.

    However, the entire toy is made of (or with the string, coated in) silicone, and this can be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, even soaked in it. If your pool is more than 10% chlorine, I'd be REALLY worried, so I'd say that the balls should be ok :)

  • Thank You, We'll miss you!
  • Miss me? Where am I going?  I'm still reviewing and free lancing here, don't you worry!
  • Bulma
    Your review was great.  I had been looking at the smart balls since I watched the v-blog on vaginal exercises, but your review pushed me into the "I have to own those!" catagory.  I am just waiting for them to come into stock now.  I know I am going to love these!
  • Essin' Em
    Glad to be of service, and also happy you liked the v-blog.  Enjoy your pair!
  • Parhelions
    Ooohh I love that you use the word "cunt" in your review. What a delicious word. I love my balls as well. They are truly worthy of all your praise.
  • folie208
    I LOVE Essin' Em. Your reviews are great! Humorous and very candid, giving an excellent sense of the product. Got to get my wife some of these balls!
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Thanks a lot for the review!
  • Howley
  • zz1aag
    Thank you.
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