Smartballs - sex toy by Fun Factory - review by P-townGal

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Pretty, Pleasing and Perfectly Designed

Smart Balls are pretty, perfectly-designed, and perfectly comfortable. For a such a straight-forward toy, it was fantastic! Who knew such a tiny thing could provide such a satisfying experience!
Attractive appearance., Well-designed., Not Distracting., Safe, easy-to-clean material.
Light, jiggling vibrations could be disappointing for some women.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I bought the Smart Balls because I was seeking a way to strengthen those muscles “down there” to create a more enjoyable sexual experience for both my partner and I. Mine are of the raspberry-pistachio variety, which gives this object a very appealing, attractive look. One thing that struck me was the amount of options that the website gives you as far as color is concerned – there is a color scheme available for every type of female. When removed from the package, the Smart Balls are light, scentless, pretty, and flexible in the middle just as they should be. Just as the package states, the Smart Balls are completely Elastomed for easier cleaning and safety. The Elastomed pull-string is one of the best assets on this toy as it will never get stained, discolored, or any other hygienic nightmare. The balls are a good size – small enough to conceal easily, but large enough to have the weight to work the vaginal muscles. Overall, this product is very well-designed and takes into account hygienic, comfort and pleasure concerns.

Naturally, it was easier to insert the first ball than it was to insert the second. Luckily there is some flexible material separating the two so that any woman can maneuver the balls as necessary for her desired angle. I inserted the product without lubrication, but I recommend using a dollop of your own preferred lubrication, or the lubrication provided in the packaging. Once inside of me, the fit was very snug and surprisingly comfortable. I thought that because of the width of the balls I would surely notice them a substantial amount when going about my daily business, but I hardly noticed them at all. Sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs, jumping and laying down were all comfortable actions. I didn’t experience any soreness or any feeling that became too overwhelming for me to leave them inside of me. After inserting them, I pulled at the removal string to ensure that the balls would indeed slide right out – they did! I put them back in, comforted by the fact that they were very manageable, not disruptive of my routine, and could be removed worry-free later on.

The great thing about the Smart Balls is the fact that they provide slight vibrations whenever you move. These jiggling vibrations are noiseless. The sensation is not a very strong one, but it’s a nice surprise when walking briskly or hopping a bit. The more you move around, the more you will notice the vibrations. They won’t vibrate when lying motionless - you do have to make some effort at movement. I was a bit disappointed in the sensation the balls provided because I was hoping for a more noticeable feeling. It’s no fun if you can’t be at least a little bit aware of the toy’s presence inside of you, right? That’s one of the only improvements I could think of for the toy. Regardless, the vibrating or jiggling sensation was comfortable even though it was more pleasant than pleasurable for me. I can’t complain about a pleasant sensation though! I think that the Smart Balls are a great option for women who would like to where them for prolonged periods of time, during exercise, or any other activity. They are subtle enough to be completely stress-free, and pleasant enough that you feel rewarded for using them.

Smart Balls were also a breeze to clean thanks to the fully Elastomed design. This product was easy for me to clean using warm water and soap. There are little divots where the accent color is located, but they were not hard to cleanse in comparison to the rest of the toy. The pull-string rinsed right off, too. I feel very safe using this toy; you won’t have to worry about it getting ‘germy’ because it is very simple to sanitize. This toy is very well-made and worth every penny. It’s a small but incredibly useful addition to a woman’s sex accessory collection – I am looking forward to seeing whether or not my partner notices greater vaginal strength!
I inserted the Smart Balls inside of me on my way out to a meeting, and a lunch. I got a kick out the fact that no one around me knew that they were inside of me - that made them all the more exciting Big smile They slid in unlubricated without much difficulty. As I made my way around my college campus and around the city, I hardly noticed them at all. When I did notice them, I was experiencing a slight, jiggling vibration that was very pleasant, but not super strong either. I walked up stairs, along city blocks, sat down for dinner, lounged at my computer, and hopped a bit experimentally with them inside of me. I had no issues completing any of these activities! I kept them inside of me for about six hours while running errands. When I removed them, I was very wet and aroused from the constant, light stimulation. They didn't cause any soreness, and were a breeze to rinse off with soap in the sink.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    These seem like the vaginal exercisers of choice for many women. It's a good price for a well made product. You mentioned that it is harder to put in the second ball than the first. Is that because of vaginal resistance or the bendable middle section or both? Thanks for a thorough review.
  • Femme Mystique
    I really think that might be the best part about Smart Balls, the fact that you can wear them out in public. They become your sexy little secret. Great review!
  • P-townGal
    Jimbo Jones:

    It was a mixture of both as far as the resistance goes. The second ball encountered more resistance from my anatomy personally, so I had to bend my knees a little more to get a good angle. It's partially due to the flexible material separating the two. Don't get me wrong though - it was not a lot of resistance, I simply had to adjust my position a bit because I am rather small.

    Big smile
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    great review
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