Smartballs - exerciser for vaginal muscles by Fun Factory - review by ~LaUr3n~

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Great Balls of Juicy Fire!

If you ARE looking for a discreet way to please yourself, a way to strengthen your vaginal muscles, a way to get the juices flowing, or a toy that will stay in you vaginally during anal sex, this IS for you!
Superior quality & material , discrete, extended use.
On the larger side, can't sterilize.
Rating by reviewer:
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There is only one use for these vaginal balls, and it is in the title. These are to be used vaginally. Let me be clear, ONLY VAGINALLY. If you are looking for anal beads, these are not for you. If you ARE looking for a discreet way to please yourself, a way to strengthen your vaginal muscles, a way to get the juices flowing, or a toy that will stay in you vaginally during anal sex, this IS for you! One way to use it doesn't mean only one purpose! I don't recommend this toy for beginners though, this is because of their size.
    • Mothers
    • Women
    • Long / extended session
    • Relaxation/alone time

Material / Texture

These vaginal balls feel very well made. The material and construction is superior. The material covering the balls feels like silicone and I was shocked to see that it is actually made of thermo plastic elastomer, also known as, elastomed. Thermo plastic elastomer has no odor or unpleasant taste. It is also non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and phthalate-free. This accounts for its hard consistency. Even though it is very durable and hard, the surface still feels soft. It has an almost velvety finish. The material connecting the two balls is the same, but doesn't have anything it is covering. This makes it flexible. Thermo plastic elastomer can be used with silicone and water lubricant. Stay away from oil.

Design / Shape / Size

One of the reasons I even looked at this in the first place was because of how incredibly cool they look! The colors of mine are gorgeous! I have the raspberry-pistachio variety. I cannot believe how many color choices they have for this product too. I LOVE the choices!

This set of vaginal balls consists of a connected pair of oval shaped balls, which are attached to a lopped cord. The total length of the two balls together is 4 1/2 inches. With the looped cord, it adds about 2 1/2 inches to the total length. The balls are of considerable size at 4 1/2 inches in circumference with a diameter of 1 3/8 inches. They are on the larger side. I am really tight and had a hard time inserting them the first time. They don't weigh much at 0.3 pounds. The balls each have grooves in them that are a gorgeous accented color. My smart balls were a lime green and the grooves were a bright magenta.

I actually think the bright colors make the toy look more discreet. It really looks like a bright colored toy for a baby or pet. They are not long enough to be anal beads, so I wouldn't be too embarrassed if someone found them. I would just play it off as them being something else.


Vaginal balls have been known to strengthen vaginal muscles by stimulating the vaginal walls and they also help to repair a weak bladder after giving birth. Also by strengthening the vaginal muscles, it will increase your likelihood of achieving orgasm through intercourse alone. Recommended use for this effect is to wear the balls a few hours at a time.

These balls are very easy to use. The package even comes with a sample lubricant. Since these balls are not tiny, lubricant is highly recommended. After relieving your bladder, slather the balls in lubricant and insert them much like you would a tampon. The same positions work best. I found that lifting a leg onto something was the best strategy. They are on the bigger side, so they do take a little bit of effort. I had long nails on and this caused me to have a harder time inserting the balls. I pinched my labia a lot. The best way to insert is to grasp the first ball around the base and stem. Insert that ball as far as you can and then insert the second by pushing it up with your middle finger. If you try to push the whole thing in by the bottom ball it bends weirdly and can either hurt, or takes a lot of force to insert.

Once inserted, it takes about a minute or two for the balls to fall into place. Once in place, it is like they are not even there! They are so unbelievably comfortable, that when I sat down to check my e-mail, I completely forgot they were there until I stood up. I thought I felt, what to be quite honest, felt like air moving around in my lower stomach. At first I was confused, and then I realized that I could feel a low level vibration from the balls rattling with my movement. This low rattling was arousing, but not to the point that I would be hot and bothered if in public. The vibration doesn't happen all the time. I noticed it most if I swayed side to side. I only heard the rattling a few times. It is extremely quiet and my boyfriend couldn't ever hear it.

There was another thing I noticed when I stood up, I was extremely wet! I don't even know why, since I had forgotten the balls were even inside me. There is something about their design that really gets my juices flowing! I began to explore and play with them. I did kegels and tried to pull them further inside me. This didn't seem like it was strengthening my muscles much. I played with the string. I did the same kegel movement while applying a resistance by pulling the string. This made a huge difference. I could really feel my vaginal muscles flexing to hold the balls inside me.

These can also be worn during sex for a hands free way to engage in double penetration. They feel amazing rubbed against my inside walls while my partner enters me anally. The feeling shot my nerves through the roof! They did start to fall out a few times though. We just pushed them back in.

The balls cannot get lost inside of you, so if you lose sight of the string, no worries. To remove them either relax and pull them out by the string, or stand and flex your stomach muscles and cough while pushing. Not to gross anyone out, but mine were dripping. Again, I am not sure what brought on this wetness but I mentioning it to emphasis the need to clean them extra well.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is extremely easy to clean. Use warm water and soap or anti-bacterial toy cleaning spray. I would pat dry or air dry. Like I said before, this toy can be used with water based or silicone lube. If you use silicone be sure to use soap to remove all of the lube. Try not to use a soap with strong fragrance, if residue is left behind it could become irritating next time you use the toy. The material does not collect dust or hair which is nice, and makes it easy to store as well. It can be placed back in the package for safe keeping.


This product is made in Germany, which I love...since I'm German. The package has writing in different languages I could of course read the English and also the German. They describe the superiority of the smart balls and all the different components that contribute to this claim. The package is no bigger than it needs to be. I wish more products were like this! It looks cool also and has a magnetic cardboard flap that closes to hide the toy. The balls are in a plastic shell that also opens and slides into the small cardboard box with the peep hole to see inside. I use it as storage because is keeps the toy from touching my other toys and is small enough to be stored anywhere.

Personal comments

NOTE: Whomever wrote that these are great anally as well, has given horrible and unsafe information. They are NOT to be used anally under any circumstances.
Follow-up commentary
I still like these a lot...however I just received the Smart balls Teneo Duo also by Funfactory. Those are even better! The improved the design and the balls that are within the toy. If you have the extra few bucks, go for the Teneo Duo instead. These are still a great choice, especially if you haven't tried a toy of this type. Look for my review on the Teneo Duo soon!
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  • Blinker
    Great review Lauren! I was worried about these because my lady flower is quite tight, but I just placed an order for a set. Can't wait to get 'em!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I'm sorry they didn't work as well as hoped . Hopefully the Emigi will be better for you.
  • Blinker
    I freakin hope so!
  • Robyn
    I love these!!! They have helped me rebuilt my vaginal muscles after a surgery!!!!
  • Just Jen
    I want to try these
  • ~LaUr3n~
    You totally should
  • LavenderSkies
    Great review Thanks
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Thanks for reading!
  • Woman China
    YAY!!! I am not the only one who found these on the big side!!!!

  • ~LaUr3n~
    lol nope!
  • Elliotstar
    Nice review!
  • naughtyjo
    Nice to check out the other product you mentioned! Thanks xx
  • SapphirexIce
    thanks for the review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Thanks everyone!
  • wetone123
    WOW! Great review! I'm going to check out those Teneo Duo balls soon! If they are better than these smart balls, they must be super hot! Thanks
  • Snappy
    Thanks for your review.
  • ~LaUr3n~
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