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Got balls? I do.

If you are looking for a vaginal exerciser to improve your sexual or overall health, I recommend these. The muscles they work on will help you sexually, and with the issues some women experience after childbirth and with age. They also work wonders on the libido!!
Great material, stimulating, a color choice for everyone
takes patience to get them inserted properly so they are comfortable
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extremely useful review
Smart balls are a smart purchase. I recommend them to anyone who is considering a purchase of a vaginal exerciser. They are safer, and far more functional than most of the others out there. Though they will not get the job done for you, they will help you get there.

The material of the smart balls is elastomed. It is much safer than jelly and other materials, especially since these are designed to be worn for an extended period of time inside the vagina. The material is phthalates free and is hypoallergenic. Both water and silicone based lubes can be used with the Smart balls and you will need it! They can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap, making sure to thoroughly clean in the crevices. A soft bristled tooth brush is good at thoroughly getting fluids and other things out of all the little hiding places on the smart balls. Always rinse them very well before inserting them to avoid contaminating the vagina.

Size and firmness are the biggest differences in how the smart balls feel compared to other vaginal balls. They are firm, almost hard with the raised area being a touch softer. The balls are long since they are connect and are wide. It may take a couple of times, and adjusting them till they are comfortable. When inserted correctly they should barely be felt if you can feel them at all. I suggest using lube and inserting them slowly, and keeping at it till they feel just right. After you get the hang of it they will go in much easier and become comfortable. The string on these is small, but is also covered. This is yet another way these are a better choice than other balls.

They work because they remind you too use your muscles. There is no set of balls or other vaginal exerciser that will tighten and teach you to control your muscles, without you working them with the exerciser working as a tool. I will say that the vibrations are more easily felt with the smart balls, and do better at reminding you to squeeze. The vibration comes from weights that roll around inside the balls, the more you move the more they move. If you put them in and sit all day you will not see results. Use them when shopping, walking, or exercising to get the maximum benefit for your body. The more strenuous the activity, the more you will feel the need to use your vaginal muscles to hold the balls in place. As a plus the balls provide gentle vibrations that will keep you hot and ready to go all day, while giving you a secret work out. These will work great to recondition the body after child birth not only vaginally, but can also help build your muscles if you experience incontinence.
With a couple months of use I can tell a difference, not just in the "tightness" but in the overall control I have over my muscles. They do work with patience and active use.

It has been suggested that the balls will feel nice inserted into the vagina with clitoral stimulation. I found that this did nothing for me at all. The pleasure I get from these is from the vibrations when I jog or dance around with them in, or just wear them out running errands. I can't say if this is from the naughty side of having a toy in me all day, or from the constant vaginal stimulation that keeps me at a heightened state of arousal. They have improved my sex life in more than one way, and I feel like they are an asset to improve my muscle control as a whole.
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  • Gary
    I thought that you already reviewed these, maybe it was just a similar product that I recall seeing one of your reviews for. You should really consider changing your caption to "blitzkrieg sex toy reviewer", hahaha. Either way I am going to recommend that my wife look into picking up a set of these balls. I have seen a lot of reviews, but this is the first one I have read that talked about the results of using them for a while.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    I did the Wicked balls a LONG time ago. I like these a little bit better, but they are more than double the price too. Blitzkrieg lol...I will keep that in mind!
  • Snappy
    Thanks for your review. I really like to pair them with Aneros Peridise, or a slender vibe on my clit and then on the balls.
  • Tragemony
    I've been looking for something like this really because I have a hard time figuring out when I'm exercising the right muscles. Would these balls help me really identify and use the RIGHT muscles?
  • Tragemony
    Or should I be looking for something different?
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    These are the just the thing...any will sort of help you work. These just tend to be a little safer.
  • Tragemony
    Thank you. :]
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Great review!
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