Smartballs - exerciser for vaginal muscles by Fun Factory - review by Elena

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Smart balls sex toy review

Smart Balls are quite impressive when used, as intended, while walking around. They feel heavier than their size, and their subtle (and not so subtle) vibrations kept my arousal simmering without becoming too overwhelming for public use.
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I was skeptical about trying a toy called "Smart Balls"; the name was off-putting, as was their size, slightly bigger than most ben-wa balls. However, as the toy seemed to be just what I was looking for (easy-to-clean silicone, suitable for Kegel exercises, and, importantly, inexpensive), I was willing to give it a try; and I'm glad I did.

I carefully took apart the packaging, and stared at the oddly shaped balls for a little while. They're pretty, almost decorative (they come in several colors as well), and have the pleasant velvet-touch of most silicone toys. They rattle a little, but quietly; nothing so loud that you'd have to worry if you were walking around in public. Finally, I dabbed a little silicone-based lube|[ (a sample is included in the packaging) on the toy and inserted them. They went in pretty easily, though could simply be held to one ball if desired. At two, there was no mistaking that it was all the way inserted, though the silicone cord was unobtrusive.

At first I was unimpressed; while lying down or sitting still, the toy's presence isn't very stimulating, though it would be perfect for use with a vibrator. I loved the weighted feeling, which was noticeable even when still. Smart Balls are quite impressive when used, as intended, while walking around. They feel heavier than their size, and their subtle (and not so subtle) vibrations kept my arousal simmering without becoming too overwhelming for public use. I would be nervous walking around for too long with other people around, as I wouldn't rule out the possibility of orgasm with extended wear, but the toy is safe for several hours, so if that's your thing, enjoy!

The vibrations, by the way, are supposed to exercise your PC muscles, the same muscles that Kegel exercises strengthen. I only kept them in for a few hours, but definitely noticed a slight fatigue in those muscles, indicating that they are effective. Kegels also were much easier and more pleasant to do with the toy inserted; I could feel my muscles closing around the toy, and the toy resisting. I don't know if I would recommend using this toy in place of regular Kegel exercises, but I would certainly recommend it as a supplement and aid to them. It would be especially great for beginners who aren't quite sure which muscles to isolate.

Cleanup was easy; the silicone toy can be cleaned with hot water and mild soap. A nice bonus is that the cord at the end is also made out of silicone, making it safer and easier to clean. Caution to those who like to boil their toys: the plastic accents on the toy can melt. Also, insertion is very easy, but because of the shape, removal is more difficult unless you are very well lubricated.

Overall, this is a great toy and a good value. I especially recommend it to women who love anticipation.
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  • barrelt roll!
  • You're not supposed to use silicone lube with silicone toys--it "melts" them because there is a compound in the silicone lube that keeps it a liquid, and when that compound touches silicone toys, it makes them liquid too.
  • The thing is, the product was mislabeled as "silicone".  It's actually a plastic known as a "elastomed"; a hard plastic covered in a matte silicone finish.  I would normally agree with Jen about not using silicone lube with silicone products.  But the fact that FunFactory includes a sample of their silicone "Body Fluid" lube with toys made of elastomed... it leads me to believe it is safe to use on these toys with trace amounts of silicone derivatives.  But I still feel that water-based lube is a better bet to have around; since you can use it on everything.

    It's not the reviewer's fault; it's a pretty safe assumption that if a company provides you with a lube in your toy's packaging... it's safe to use on that particular toy.

    If you have any questions regarding  this item, or any other item, please contact me at
  • Vibrations? Does this toy have a built in vibrator? I didn't see mention of batteries so what type should I buy?
  • Hello Joy! This product does not vibrate in the traditional sense, rather, it has a weighed ball on the inside of each of the two balls. When the person wearing the smart balls moves or walks around, the movement causes the little ball inside to spin and rock around. It's all self-powered, so no need to worry about batteries!

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact one of our product specialists through our 'livechat' feature. :) 
  • I'm looking foward buying my first sex toy... but my boyfriend recommended me to start with something subtle that could help me do the Kegel exercices as well... after a long review of almost all the articles in this site... my choice landed on the smart balls. They look cute, they're subtle, they're cheap (comparatively  to other Kegel exercices related instruments...), easy to clean... But I'm still a beginner and I wanna know if u guyz would recommend the smart balls for a start! And if not, please refer me to another one... One more thing, I also have trouble fiding me a sex toy with  all the properties of the smart balls (things I've said before: cute, subtle,  ) but vibrator encluded...
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    These seem similar to LELO's luna balls, what do you think?
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