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Vaginal balls by Feelztoys

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A Nice Aesthetic That Suffers in Use

The Desi was my first experience using vaginal balls, and it's not one that I'm eager to repeat. This toy will be going into the back of my closet, and will likely only be brought out when I'm feeling particularly virtuous about kegels.
Adorable aesthetic
Pleasing shift of weight in the hand
Stay in place once inserted
Difficult to position
Too large
Heart-shaped windows uncomfortable on removal
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Desi vaginal balls consist of two weighted plastic balls in a silicone holder. The aesthetic of the balls is rather cute. They look unintimidating, thanks to the colors and the whimsical heart window. The shape of the silicone adds to the nonthreatening appearance. Because of this I think it'd make a good toy for a beginner or someone who is nervous about the idea of using vaginal balls. I don’t like the packaging for gift-giving, but the Desi itself is something that I would be comfortable giving to a friend.

Although the packaging of the Desi balls seems to stress that they're intended for sexual pleasure, I found the Desi balls to work better as a reminder for Kegel exercises. I wouldn't recommend them to someone looking for a low-burn sexual stimulation to keep them on their toes throughout the day. If you’re looking for a vaginal ball set that isn’t too distracting, though, Desi might work for you.

For sexual use, though, the balls are lacking. Don’t count on the shift of the weights being perceptible when moving.

I did try them as anal balls with some success- the stem is long enough between the balls for the sphincter to be able to close between them, and there’s enough of a handle that I wasn’t worried about losing them anally.
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Material / Texture

The holder/case for the balls is made of silicone. There's something about the texture that I did not like. My other silicone toys are silky-smooth with a faint hint of drag- the Desi, in contrast, had an unpleasant texture that constantly had me rubbing my fingers together after touching it to try and banish the sensation. It's not something that I really felt when using it as a sex toy, but it's unpleasant enough that I find myself avoiding the toy. (In the interest of full disclosure, I have hypersensory issues- this might not be a problem for someone else.) I also found that the silicone very much held onto scent.

The balls themselves are made of a smooth, shiny plastic. There's a distinct seam along the sides of them, and the ball that situates closest to the handle of the toy has a peak at the tip, like a lemon. I found that the seams actually helped me to line the balls up when I was putting it back together.

The tail of the balls is a bit too thin. It's easy to grasp thanks to the little ball at the end, but when I tug on it there's enough stretch for me to worry about spring-back.

The heart-shaped windows don't offer much texture on insertion, but they offer far too much for me when removing.
    • Light odor
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The actual balls are plastic, with a fused seam, egg-shaped but without the taper on one end. The weight inside it shifts about pleasingly in the hand. It's only audible when held up to the ear- there's no way you could hear these inside, no matter how much you move. There's no scent.

Getting the eggs out isn't hard. They have different shapes- the top ball is pinched in at the top like a lemon, and has two holes in it. I wouldn't use the ball outside of the silicone because of this- it'd be hard to clean those indents.

Don't waste time trying to wrestle these back in through the holes. Pop the silicone inside-out, put the ball in place, then push until the silicone snaps back in place. It is hard to get the balls arranged exactly as they were in the packaging initially, and the lemon-topped ball ruins the aesthetic of the balls if not put perfectly in place. The best way I found to position it was to settle the top of the ball firmly in place against the stem, then fold the silicone back out over the ball.

On the positive side, the silicone is perfectly sized and holds the ball very firmly. No worries about anything coming out.

The top ball (bottom when inserted) is noticeably larger. The design is cute, and wouldn't go amiss with other toys.

I did find that the toy felt too large. The balls are difficult to push inside and you have to press them firmly up against the cervix to get them into place, and the handle is entirely too long for comfortable long-term wear. I would not recommend wearing these when traveling.
    • Whimsical / artistic


Inserting the balls is more difficult than I had expected. You will want to use a LOT of lubricant on the first ball, and be prepared for a pinch and pressure against your cervix when inserting the second. I found that warming up with a dildo and an orgasm or two beforehand made them more comfortable to insert. I tried taking them just off vaginal fluid when I was mildly aroused- not that great of a plan.

For insertion, I recommend being on your back, potentially with a pillow underneath your hips. I know that some people recommend putting balls in like tampons, but the angle of my pelvic bone made it impossible for me to do that, and it was a painful endeavor to try.

There's a distinct pressure when I sit down wearing them, against my cervix, unless the balls are positioned perfectly. It makes me feel sore, like I've had sex that's too rough. It's something that fades with time, but when I sit wrong I have to shift and wiggle around. Even when the balls are inserted perfectly, I had difficulty with the positioning feeling off when sitting down. It isn't a pleasurable feeling at all.

The tail is too long. It's uncomfortable. The balls take a lot of positioning to get into just the right spot. I can't see wearing these comfortably all day long. I would wriggle too much and eventually have to go pull them out.

On the positive side, I do feel them when I wear them. It's a distinct pressure, and when I am in the right position, it can be pleasant. I -want- to clench around them, especially when I'm on my back. I find it more comfortable to use them like that- I'd recommend putting them in when reading in bed, or something similar.

I can't feel the shift of the balls when I walk. Or even when I jump. I know they're supposed to rumble around pleasingly, but I don't really feel it. Sometimes there's something there, but it's far less intense than I expected when one of the major points is the movement.

The box mostly advertises for sexual pleasure, but for me these are more suited as a kegel-reminder, with a side of pleasure thrown in. I would not recommend them as an all-day toy.

Care and Maintenance

The Desi balls themselves are made of plastic, while the holder for them is made of silicone. Because of this, you'll want to only use water-based lubricant with the product to avoid having a negative reaction to the silicone. In my experience the silicone was a lint magnet, so I'd recommend keeping it away from other toys and rinsing it before use.

You can boil the silicone holder to sterilize it, but you'll want to use soap and water or alcohol wipes on the balls, so this isn't a toy for sharing.

The top-most ball has two small holes on the peak, so I wouldn't recommend using them in the vagina without the holder. It'd be difficult to get the holes completely clean.

For basic cleanup, just pop the balls out of the holder, rinse them, turn the holder inside-out, and let them dry separately.

Because of the texture on the heart-shaped windows I found that they tended to scrape mucus off the walls of the vagina when removed, so you'll probably want to clean them before every insertion. This is a negative in my view, because it'd make it difficult to use as an all-day vaginal ball.
    • Hard to clean


My first reply was to the packaging wrinkle my nose. There's something about the box that I just don't like, aesthetically. It might be that the peek-a-boo window doesn't cleanly cut the balls in two, or how the balls slump inside it, or the clash of six different shades of pink. It's more aesthetic than anything, but I probably would not stop for this box. It mentions 100% platinum silicone, but nothing on the box explains what makes it premium. The tips and tricks are in many different languages, but offer very little information. It's being billed primarily for sexual pleasure.

The package opens easily. It's pretty solid. The balls are held in place with a twist-tie. I wouldn't be really worried about the safety of the product inside the package, but it's also not something that you can keep to store the toy in. It's also far from discreet. If you're wanting to pass off a gift as a vaginal exerciser, I wouldn't suggest the Desi packaging for that.
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

I'm giving the Desi four stars because I feel that some of my issues with it come from potentially disliking vaginal balls in general, rather than this particular iteration. It's a high-quality build with a pleasant aesthetic.


They feel amazing when I come around them. It's not even just having something there, or anything they do- it's like the shape makes everything go shivery around them, so instead of being mostly internal, my orgasm seemed to pulse up and down the balls. I was much more vaginally aware than usual with a clitoral orgasm, and clenching just right sometimes gave g-spot pressure. I wasn't expecting that.

I also tried them anally. Use a condom over the balls for easy cleanup- the beveled nature of the silicone heart windows would make for messy cleanup after anal. The string was long enough to not have a problem. Warm up some first before trying to take them. They were unremarkable once in, but putting them in and removing them is enjoyable.
Follow-up commentary
I think I was too generous in my review of the Desi. After many, many more attempts with it, I've found that it's at best uncomfortable and at worst actively painful.
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    Thanks for the review! It's a shame that they hit your cervix! Everything hits my cervix, so this doesn't sound like it's for me!
  • P'Gell
    I'm sorry these didn''t work out for you.

    Most people don't place vaginal exersize balls properly. The proper placement for most women is NOT to put both balls all the way inside the vagina.

    I have two sets of exercise balls that I love, but I place them in a way that is not uncomfortable. See the review of the L'Amour Balls to see how to put them in without "cervix issues." L'Amour Balls and Smart Balls from Fun Factory are two I enjoy a lot, as long as I put them in in a way that conforms to my body.

    There is a learning curve on these products and I think if you don't give up and get a set of balls that fits well, you will be really happy with them.

    Maybe your next experience will be more pleasant.

    Good review!
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