Remote control vibrating little black panty thong - strap-on vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by K101

Remote Control Vibe for the bedroom only!

For the price of the panties, you may be better off just slipping a regular bullet into a pair of panties. The remote works well and does provide some interesting fun, but it does fail for use in places other than the bedroom.
Variety of speeds.
Comfortable vibrator.
Fits in other panties.
Reaches long distance.
Very irritating panties.
Hard plastic can be uncomfortable sometimes.
Vibrations too buzzy.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The little black panty comes with the thong, remote and bullet. The large bullet has a curve to fit your shape although it may not fit everyone. Perhaps a silicone material would have been best for this instead of ABS plastic since sitting can become uncomfortable. The bullet fit well againt my crotch and stays in place when slipped into the crotch liner of the thong. This also fits other panties I own.

The vibrator is fat and larger than a bullet. It fits over my entire crotch area, stimulating the labia minora, labia majora, entrance and clitoris.

The remote can be used by yourself or by a partner for surprises. We like using this in the car or for teasing. Although it doesn't quite make a great foreplay toy, it is nice for a tease. I would say this is marketed more towards couples since the thrill is mostly in having someone else control the vibrations and intensity you recieve. Either way, this is a fun toy and can easily be used by anybody whether they are new to the world of toys or not.

Due to the loudness of this toy, the purpose of using outside of the bedroom is sadly defeated.

Material / Texture

85% Polyamide and 15% Spandex (panty)
75% Nylon and 25% Lycra (elastic)
Polyester (ribbon)
Bullet and remote- ABS plastic.
The items are Latex and Phthalates free and non-porous.
The material on the bullet and remote is smooth, hard ABS plastic. There's no taste and no odor.

The thong is actually the most itchy and irritating pair of underwear I have ever put on my poor crotch! I haven't ever had this kind of irritation and my panties are all far from comfortable, but the hem of these leave my un-sensitive thighs and crotch red, itchy and totally irritated. The lace is soft and comfortable. It didn't cause any irritations.

The small, curved remote snuggles into the palm of your hand. It's discrete. If someone saw the remote in you or your partner's hand, they probably wouldn't have a clue. It would be easy to pass off as one of the kid's toys or a remote to some kind of remote controlled car or something. Hey, it's believable! It will also hide away in your purse or pocket, but if the batteries are left in, it can turn on!
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the bullet and remote are pretty decent, but I'm more than unhappy with the poor quality of the panties. For the $54, you're really getting a bullet and remote and pair of cheap-as-hell-panties. More on that in my experience section.

The transparent, lacy panties have the regular satin black tiny bow. The ribbon side-ties make them very adjustable. I am a small/size0 and I got the 0/S. It fits fine, but the crotch is so large that it even covers my thighs. Not a big deal, but they're way too big to be sexy on me. These are not low-rise on me, but I am only 5 2". The thong rides up past my jeans line and hits about 1 1/2 under my belly button.

The back of the thong is also wide on my petite booty. That's not a big deal because the wide thong keeps them from riding up. It thankfully doesn't leave half of my crotch exposed like some thongs. It's actually a full coverage front.

-The thong area from crotch to rear is 1 1/2" wide.
-It's 4 1/2" wide right at the butt crack.
-The back of the thong is 12" across laid out on the bed.
-The area that covers right at the vaginal entrance is 2 1/2" wide.
-Crotch liner is 3 1/2" wide at it's widest.
-Beginning of panty line is 4 1/2" wide.
-The front of the panty, the lace area that covers from side to side is 10" across.
-Right about where the thong curves in at the crotch (probably near the vulva/lips) is 5 1/2" wide.

The O/S would adjust to fit a medium just fine. In fact, the O/S is medium sized on me and I AM a 0. They probably look best on a medium, but I'm fairly confident that these would fit a large as well!

On each side of the thong there are two ribbons. Each ribbon measures 20" long allowing you enough room to fit the way you want.

The vibrator is about 3" long and about 4 1/2" around. The top slides off for the batteries to fit in. It takes 2 AAA batteries and the remote takes one 23A battery... whatever that is. This only came with one battery and it was the 23A for the remote... Strange since the leaflet says it should come with all?

The curvy vibrator conforms really well to my crotch. It is larger than what most bullets are and while that causes some problems, it also allows for vibrations from top to entrance of my lady parts!

The remote is about 3 1/2" long and 4" around making it small enough to comfortably lay in you or your partner's hand. There's a curve in the bottom for comfort. The bottom has a slide door for the one 23A battery.

There's a circular button you may be able to see on top of the remote. It lights up to let you know when it's turned on or changed, but only lights up for a second.

The thong fits a wide range of sizes and the easy to work battery and remote makes this a good toy for advanced and beginner users. There is nothing complicated about this set.
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrator has a nice variety of speeds that are all intriguing. I can push the button and have the vibrations change up to 18 times, but there are 5 vibrations that feel identical to me. So there's really about 13 speeds that vary from steady to pulsating. It does have a nice variety of speeds that are fun to play with.

These speeds are unique. I don't know how to explain them, but instead of pulsing, it's more of a steady vibrations with a pulse. EXAMPLE - Regular pulsating vibrator: BZZZ. pause. BZZ. This one is more like Bzz BZZ bzz BZZ with no pausing in between. These were really fun to use and are nice for a tease. The first/lowest setting is pretty powerful, pretty loud too!

There are 3 steady vibrations and the rest are random, wild pulsating ones that just get more powerful as you go up. They are strong, but cheap and buzzy and they only produce a tease for me. If you're able to get off with buzzy vibrations after a long time, you're in good hands. The vibrator will still be going strong after a 40 minute session! Whichever setting you use last will remain there when you turn the vibrator back on. This is a real plus to some of you.

There is good news though. I got my hopes up and grabbed this on the way out the door when I first got it. I was wearing a crotchless body stocking under a dress and we had a long drive. I checked the time and when I finally started getting frustrated with the cheap vibrations and developed a migraine, it had been running nicely for a food 40 minutes!

One huge disappointment about this is that it absolutely cannot be used anywhere outside of a bedroom without people hearing your little buzzes. I will get into that in my experience section. It's very loud, even on the lowest setting it will be heard. If I were walking in a crowded mall, anyone near me would hear it. A bedroom with a closed door, Tv on and music will keep others in a house from hearing this.

To turn it on you hold down the circular button and it will light up. To cycle through each speed, you click the button. To turn off, hold the button down for 3 seconds. This was tough at first because I needed to turn it off quickly and kept clicking trying to find the off function. I clicked the button 20 times and finally realized it had to be held down. Busted! Not good if you have company and need to turn it off A.S.A.P.
    • Long lasting power
    • Multiple settings
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

Handwash in cold water. Washing these only takes minutes and if you're like me and choose to toss these for a nice pair of panties, then washing these takes literally no time at all!

Since the lace thong is so small and will fold up, it'll hide away in any drawer or purse. The bullet and remote will also tuck away about anywhere taking up minimal space and drawing little to no attention. Storing the bullet with the remote in an organza bag or plastic bag to keep them together is a great idea. Then you can slide the bag in your underwear drawer or toy box.

The bullet is compatible with all lubricants. I prefer Liquid Silk to let the bullet slide all over for a long period of time. If you're simply leaving this in your panty liner and not using your hands, lube is not needed. If you are, you can either remove the panties or leave them on. Lubricant can get on them, but Liquid Silk stays on me and not the panties.

Cleaning the bullet is easier than most. Since it's waterproof, you can use warm water and a mild soap to give it a good clean. I am OK using an all natural toy cleaner on this and just putting it away for the night. A wipe is perfect for this, especially if you need to wipe down the remote. Quick, easy.
    • Easy to clean


Oh lord, the packaging. It was the typical cheap, trashy covered in nudity box. I had to get rid of it as soon as I got it. It's not discrete and displays the tacky, cheap images and text so proudly. I highly doubt anyone would want to use this for storage since the thong, bullet and remote take up far less space on their on. Not to mention the box is paper thin. This would not make a nice gift. If you plan to gift this item, remove the plastic-bagged items from the box first.

There was a leaflet with tiny text. It said how to turn it on and described the orgasms you will have with the toy and the regular "novelty only" disclosure. It also mentioned how it should come with ALL batteries. Mine came with one battery and it was for the remote. It was informative enough.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet


There is good news though. I got my hopes up and grabbed this on the way out the door when I first got it. I was wearing a crotchless body stocking under a dress and we had a long drive. I checked the time and when I finally started getting frustrated with the cheap vibrations and developed a migraine, it had been running nicely for a food 40 minutes!

While the vibrations are too buzzy to be more than a tease for me, the bullet will work from a nice distance and is a fun toy! Still, I kind of expected better quality for such a high price. It's really a simple bullet in a pair of terribly uncomfortable panties. I would suggest just getting a regular bullet and sticking in your panties.
Follow-up commentary
Unfortunately, the panties to this little set ended up stuffed far away inside my panty drawer. I don't wear them because of how ridiculously uncomfortable they are. They other day I came across them after throwing every item out of my drawer and I sat them aside for re-creating. These went into my stash of clothing that doesn't fit for whatever reason, but can be used for other sewing projects. I am not sure what I'll do with this overly priced chunk of lace, but I know the ribbons will come in handy! It makes me sad.

As for the bullet and remote control... well, if anyone happens across it, it's yours! It's long gone and I am still left bitter. I have no use for this set so after trying with it time and again, I threw it as far as my little arms would throw! I was angry, but heck, that was one pricey pair of panties! It upsets me that the bullet didn't have any more thought put into it. It's simple a hard plastic bean.

Not only would I not recommend this, but I'd actually advise against wasting your money on it. This is something I rarely do, advise others not to buy something. Usually, I will say that a product did not work for me, but might for someone else. In this case, I highly doubt anyone will have a $40 orgasm. In fact, I doubt anybody will orgasm at all. It just might excite the girl who's never used an adult toy, but that's it. This was one of those "fun ideas only." It doesn't actually deliver, but the idea sounds so fun that you'll do anything to make yourself enjoy it.

I would suggest putting on a pair of your comfy, yet sexy panties and using your trusty bullet vibrator instead. If you're like me and have not found a bullet that works for you, keep searching! Matryoshka has proved a fun little guy to stick in my panties while being in the car or home. However, your partner cannot control most vibrators with a remote while you wear it. Matryoshka sticks out so it cannot be used in public unless I'm wearing a flowy dress, which works nicely in the car, but the idea of having my partner control the vibes is out.

Now I'm getting ready to give Zini Deux a try. It won't be a wireless vibrator, but I feel that it may be a clitoral vibrator that will be fun. This was not. I felt like a fool for paying so much for cheap junk!
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