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Stimulating pleasure balm sex toy review

I did not like this product at all. It was much too powerful and burned my genitals. Use with caution.
May work on women who have trouble with sensitivity.
Use with caution. May burn.
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Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm

I have been experimenting with pleasure/sensation balms and arousal gels recently, seeing if and how they may enhance sex play and masturbation for women. I have many female customers who come into our store who have trouble feeling clitoral stimulation. They are women past their 40s, or into menopause, and are experiencing de-sensitivity and dryness in their genital area overall. In fact, one woman I spoke with did not even know where her clitoris was, and she was very sincere about this.

I am not at all like these women. I am, if anything, overly sensitive on the clitoris and do not require any sensual aids. I am, however, very adventurous, and want to be able to truthfully tell these women what these products do, and if they are safe to use. So far I have tried ID Sensation Warming Liquid, ID Pleasure, Tickle Her Pink, Flower Body Balm, O’ Clitoral Stimulating Gel, and the Kama Sutra’s Pleasure Balm in Mint.

The Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm is the only product I have tried by Kama Sutra that I had any issues with. It is a stimulating balm that uses peppermint oil as the active ingredient. Kama Sutra also makes a desensitizing balm that is used to numb the genitals (mainly in men) for prolonging arousal and premature ejaculation. This balm is supposed to be used for stimulating the genital area, however, by providing a tingling sensation. It comes in a plastic tube that is easy to apply.

I am very cautious when using stimulating balms, and began by placing a dab of the gel on the tip of my tongue. It was minty as I expected, and had a tingling/cooling sensation. I next applied it to my nipples, which are also very sensitive, but had very little results. Thinking it was safe to continue, I applied a small dab to my clitoris. I usually recommend using a very tiny amount to my customers (about the size of the end of a Q-tip) topically, which I did. Wow. Burn! This product burned as soon as I applied it and got only worse after a minute or so. It became so painful, I had to go wash it off with cold water. Not only was it a let-down to my masturbation session as I couldn’t masturbate for a few hours afterwards, I was worried that I may have even caused long-term damaged to my beloved clitoris! Thankfully, I did not, and my clitoris did recover.

I have had customers who have used this product and swear by it. A co-worker of mine experienced the same thing I did. The moral to this story is: USE STIMULATING BALMS WITH CARE! Everyone has different levels of sensitivity, and these products can do anything from causing mild discomfort to outright pain. I rate the Kama Sutra Spearmint Pleasure Balm is being at the high end of intensity for stimulation (over the scale for me). I have not tried the Tangerine Balm by Kama Sutra, so cannot say if it is as intense, but now I am reluctant to try it. If you want to experiment with stimulating gels, and are sensitive, I would recommend Tickle Her Pink, or O’ Clitoral Stimulating Gel instead, as they are much milder. So please be careful with these products and use in moderation.
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  • Dame Demi
    I, too, have experienced the rabid burn of this product!  Definitely DO NOT use it internally!  Ouch!  Rare for Kama Sutra to put out a less-than-great product.
  • I wish I had of known that before I put it where the sun don't shine!  Ha!  But, then what is irritable to some may be pleasant to others!
  • Dame Demi
    You put it there???  Ouch!
  • Nashville
    What's in the ingredients to account for burning?
  • DominaDoll01
    It is most likely the menthol. I have read lately, that this product is supposed to be used on men to desensitize to prevent premature ejaculation. So, I don't think it is meant for a woman's clitoris although it is marketed for both men and women.
  • Naughty Student
    Have you tried it on sore muscles?
  • iceman681
    feel theburn
  • Beaners
    It's things like this that keep me away from warming or cooling lubs. Eek.
  • CynicallyYours
    great reviews! thanks!
  • whatevergirl
    Great review!
  • richsam
    wow this one dont sound like a keeper..thanks for the review
  • BlooJay
    Thx for the review!
  • Peres2013
    Nice review!
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