Teddy buddy - discreet massager by Cal Exotics - review by Firemeup

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Teddy Bear Picnic

This is a great little toy, with strong vibrations and a great shape for waking up the whole vulva. If you need something to get you there fast and do it quietly, this is your toy.
Strong vibrations, great shape for stimulating the whole vulva.
Shape is too wide for focused clitoral stim, and it isn't sterilizable.
Rating by reviewer:
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I picked the Teddy Buddy because it is adorable. I was delighted to discover that it packs a punch as well.

The Teddy (okay, it looks more like a koala bear to me, and in my mind teddy bears and koala bears are two different things, but Teddy is what the manufacturer called it so I guess Teddy it will be) has two parts: a plastic vibrating bullet that takes four (that's right, four) watch batteries (the package included eight batteries, which is nice of them) and a “silicone” cover shaped like a koala bear. The package said it should be used with a rubber-compatible lube, so I think it's rubber with silicone in it, not proper medical-grade silicone. Therefore it can't be sterilized. I think a condom would probably fit over it, if you are sharing it between partners, but I'm not certain.

The end of the bullet screws off to allow battery insertion, and getting it set up was no trouble at all. It has one speed, and turns off and on by pressing the button at the end. I was really surprised by how powerful the bullet was – strong enough to make my fingers feel numb after a few minutes. Fortunately the sleeve moderates the strength well. It's also pretty quiet - about the same volume as a computer fan.

The shape turned out to be a bit awkward for focused clitoral stimulation, but the Teddy snuggles up to the outside of my pussy very happily, and sends vibrations in all directions. Head down, facing my pussy, it cups and awakens the whole vulva. Turned over, the back provides slightly more focused stimulation to the clit and the tips of the labia. The strength is great – it gets me ready to go very fast, but I think I could lie back and enjoy it for quite some time if I wanted to.

I attempted to get the bullet out mid-massage for some focused clitoral stimulation, but my fingers and the toy were far too slippery to extract it. So I switched to another bullet and easily got myself off.

Using the Teddy with my husband also worked well – the Teddy could provide all-over stimulation while still leaving the vagina free for intercourse. Again, it couldn't provide so much focused stimulation, but at that point I didn't need it.

Cleanup went well. The bullet is fully waterproof so I can clean it with soap and water, and the sleeve also cleans up pretty easily with soap and water or a commercial toy cleanser. There's a few nooks (the base of the arms, for example) that are a bit harder to clean, but nothing that will hold dirt or lube for long.

Overall, I'm very happy with my Teddy Buddy. He's just the sort of friend you need to help you out in a tight corner.
Okay, two tips:

If you hold the Teddy against your pussy, you might find that more of the vibrations go into your fingers than into your pussy. If you hold it by the end of the bullet that's sticking out, most of the vibrations will go where you want them and your hands won't get so tired.

Even with dry fingers, the bullet is hard to get out. Try putting your fingers under its legs and using your thumbs to push down on the head, like a doctor pushing a syringe. Much easier.

[ Editor's Note: putting a little lube on the bullet before inserting will make removal much easier ]
Follow-up commentary
I am very disappointed! Two weeks after writing the above review, the bullet stopped working entirely. My first thought was that the batteries may have died, though I hadn't noticed a decline in vibration strength like I normally would as the batteries died. When I went to change the batteries, I discovered that the battery cap is cracked, which is probably the root of the problem. At any rate, it won't turn on, which is sad.

I'm not sure how it broke, either, since I have carpeted floors and don't remember it getting beat up. At any rate, it's dead. I'd like to take off a star or two; toys should last at least a month!
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  • Oggins
    I agree that it looks more like a koala bear than a teddy bear. Also, this is listed as TPR silicone so it's a good idea to use water based lubes only. Thanks for the review!
  • Firemeup
    Yeah, I was a little puzzled by why they said it was silicone but wanted rubber-compatible lubes. Water-based works fine with either, so I guess that's safest Smile

    Actually I use coconut oil with pretty much anything (plant oils are fine for the vagina but not for latex - since we're married we don't use condoms, so that all works out) and I haven't had any trouble yet. In theory it will degrade the jelly toys, but I haven't seen any signs of that.
  • Sammi
    Did you find that the batteries lasted well?
  • Firemeup
    I haven't used it long enough to really know how the batteries hold up - it's still very strong after the three or four sessions needed to write the review, but I feel like any toy would manage that. I'll keep using it frequently and let you know when it starts diminishing.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Good tips! Thanks for the review.
  • Anica
    Totally a koala bear!

    Thanks for the review!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    these are cute! Tongue out
  • Tori Rebel
    It is an interesting twist on a 'discreet' toy. Too bad it didn't last long though
  • DixieDoo
    I think these are adorable!
  • C4ss
    These are cute! Too bad they didn't last long
    Thanks for the review.
  • BIG fan
    looks great
  • Free
    Great review!
  • Lady Neshamah
    good review
  • iLashe
    i love gummies
  • richsam
    these are cute.thanks for the review
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