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The littlest exerciser

This is the cutest exerciser you will find. Its designed for older women, but will work well for anyone looking for a durable and small kegel exerciser. You won't feel kegel exercises as intensely with this product however as you would with larger barbell style exercisers.
small, durable, cute, easy to hide and store
complicated instructions, won't feel it as much as larger exercisers
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The Kegelcisor Enhansor was designed for older, fragile women who may have shrunk vaginally after menopause and may not be able to accommodate a larger exerciser. Yes, female parts do shrink in sexually inactive post-menopausal women.

It possibly is this size to be less intimidating for users who feel uneasy about inserting anything of significant size inside themselves.

This product is a good choice for anyone who wants a small barbell style kegel exerciser.
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Material / Texture

This kegel exerciser is made of stainless steel. It is therefore quite durable and hard with no texture.

Part of the idea of how this toy works is that the steel will feel cold on entry which is supposed to trigger you to contract your pelvic floor muscles. It does indeed feel cold, but no temperature-induced contraction happens with me.

While you use it, it warms up quickly, so much so that you may feel like you're peeing as you withdraw it due to the sensation of warmth leaving your body. I keep a towel under me as I use this to eliminate that as a worry, although it hasn't caused me to pee.

Design / Shape / Size

The Kegelcisor Enhansor is only four inches long. It easily fits in the palm of your hand.

The larger end is only 3 1/4 inches in circumference, the other is 2 3/8 inches around. The shafts on each end are slightly different sizes as well.

In the center, the shaft tapers to a very small diameter, then increases gently into the shaft on the other end.

It is so small and only weighs a third of a pound that it would be easy and practical to take with you if you want to do kegel exercises while traveling.


I just adore how small and cute this one is.

Like many other kegel exercisers, this one comes with a series of exercises to do. Start with one exercises with the larger end for four to six weeks, then progress to another set using the smaller end for the remaining twelve weeks.

The instructions call for inserting just the larger ball, then squeezing for three seconds. Relax, insert to the smallest width. Squeeze for six seconds. Relax. Squeeze another six seconds. Relax. Insert up to the small ball. Squeeze. Relax. And much more. Honestly, the sequence that is given for the first set of exercises is ridiculously long. If the target audience for this product is older women, they should have designed the exercises to be easy to remember. I doubt anyone is going to stick with the long routine recommended in the instructions.

After four to six weeks, switch to using the smaller end. The sequence of insertion, removal and squeezing is much shorter for the second set of exercises. There are also maintenance exercises to do after the twelve week period.

I've been reading and watching webcasts from the Kegel Queen, Alyce Adams, RN. She makes the strong point that doing 100 or more squeezes/day or wearing kegel balls where you squeeze here and there don't provide good pelvic floor exercise. Bodybuilders don't do numerous quick squeezes to achieve muscle gains. Those only come with fewer repetitions where you concentrate and squeeze with as much effort as possible.

She's absolutely right about this. She would say that you don't need an exerciser at all, but I can tell you that kegel exercises feel like they accomplish more when you are using a barbell style kegel exerciser.

As for this particular kegel exerciser, its fun to use because its so small and cute. Its also super easy to hide. I love both of these qualities. But I don't feel my kegel exercises as strongly as I do with larger kegel exercise toys.

I have concluded that it doesn't make a big difference which barbell style kegel exerciser you use. (Note that I don't lump all kegel exercise products together here. I don't think that kegel balls that you are meant to keep inside you as you move around accomplish much.) Which kegel exerciser is best for you depends on how large you want your kegel exerciser to be. For someone with very weak muscles, the PC Muscle Exerciser is what I would recommend. Its so light and easy and you can feel it well as you squeeze on it. But its 5 1/2 inches in circumference, which might be larger than feels comfortable to you. In that case Energie or one of the Kegelcisors would be a good choice.

Here is an array of kegel exercise toys together for comparison. (Energie, Kegelcisor, Kegelcisor Enhansor, PC Muscle Exerciser, Juno)

For amusement, I also tried inserting it fully inside me. When I insert the two larger balls of the Kegelcisor, it feels wonderful. I thought that fully inserting this toy might feel similar. But its a bit too long to feel comfortable for me.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is a very easy product. Simply wash with soap and water after use and towel dry. It does not come with a storage case but none is needed unless you want to protect other objects from contact with it.

Any lube is safe to use with this toy.


It arrives packaged in the same plastic clamshell as its bigger sister the Kegelcisor. It fits neatly inside the half for the larger end of the Kegelcisor.

Also included are instructions for its use and a small sample packet of lube.
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