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Nipple pump by Icon Brands

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There's a Sucker Born Every Minute

This is a fun little toy to get your feet wet, but this is not something I would add to your arsenal if you're trying to achieve puffy nipples. The O-rings will keep the nipples erect, and they are essentially a cock ring for the breasts.
Once you get the rings on, it does keep the nipples erect.
Chambers are small, nipple O-rings are too small.
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The Fashionista Nipple Suckers are a fantastic idea, if flawed in design. Glass chambers? Perfect! O-rings to secure your newly erect nipples? Perfect! Bulb for vacuum pressure? Fail. Okay, it's not a total fail. The nipple suckers are really just a vehicle to get the O-rings onto an erect nipple. At this, it is quite successful, and actually earns five stars. However, if simply harnessing the nipple isn't your goal, then you may want to pass on this, unless you're willing to do a little modification to the product.

The kit includes two bulbs, two chambers, and two sets of O-rings in increasing sizes. The smallest is about a quarter of an inch in diameter; the largest is about half an inch in diameter. More on this to come. You slide an O-ring of your choice onto the bottom of the glass chamber, then attach the chamber to your nipple, squeeze the bulb, watch in amazement as your nipple expands into the chamber, then wait. You want to make sure you have some degree of plumping happening before you slide the ring down onto the now erect and slightly swollen nipple. Squeeze the bulb again to release once the ring is in place as you desire.

Material / Texture

The chambers are thin glass and feel rather delicate to the touch. I have the impression that if I squeeze them too hard, I could shatter the glass fairly easily. I doubt that is actually the case, but I wouldn't be careless with these or play with them in a room where, should they fall to the floor, they could break.

The bulbs are made out of rubber and have a fancy "F" with scroll work behind it. The O-rings are rubber as well. The O-rings are stretchable to a certain degree, but it does take some effort the first couple of times. I ended up rolling them onto a pencil to stretch out the smallest ones.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The two smallest O-rings are potentially harmful. How do I know this? I started with the smallest ring, went through the paces of getting the O-ring on there, and after about fifteen minutes I could no longer feel my nipples. In a panic, I rushed to get them off; as I did so, I noticed that the harder I worked to get the rings off, the more a clear fluid leaked from my nipples. I was so frightened I almost had my husband cut them off. Moral of the story? Don't use the smallest O-rings in the package. The next size up isn't really that much larger, so I recommend not using those either. The third size is perfect! Just tight enough to deliver a bit of a sting and keep the nipples erect, but not so tight that it numbs the tissues or become difficult to remove.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Here's the thing about the skin of and around the nipples: because the tissue is designed to become erect, it's really difficult to get a good seal to begin with, let alone to keep it long enough to slip the ring off the chamber and onto the nipple. Each time I tried the seal would break, and I would have to start over. You only get one shot to pressurize the vacuum; if you squeeze the bulb again, it breaks the seal.

Personal comments

It's a really great idea; however, I think the chamber needs to be longer, and they should figure out a way to create a pump using the idea of a cock pump, but on a much smaller scale. This is indeed a toy and should be purchased as such - a little bit of fun, nothing serious or hardcore.
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  • britanny0620
    Thanks for the review
  • Hummingbird
    I couldn't have described it better myself, I had to cut off the two smaller rings all by myself since no one was around. I also haven't been able to keep the glass fully suctioned to stay on either. Did have high hopes for these since the simplistic pink ones which at least stayed on would provide more suction and sensation. I'm afraid to even use the larger rings now. Excellent description on how to use these with great care!
  • mpfm
    Thanks for the review.
  • Ansley
    Thanks Hummingbird, it's somewhat comforting (if equally disturbing)to hear that I wasn't the only one who had this experience.
  • Kitka
    Great review but holy god, sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience with the smaller o-rings, that's so scary! Thanks for sharing this with us, it's definitely good to know about those smaller o-rings posing problems for folks.
  • MissAdara
    Hmm, good to know, thank you!
  • ShadowedSeductress
    Woah so sorry to hear about your terrible experience with those little rings! Thankfully, my nipples are pierced and always at least half erect all the time

    I would have been freaking out about fluid leaking though! Thanks for the review
  • spiced
    Awesome review. We were curious about these, but now I think we'll stick with our cheap plastic ones, which my wife and I like just fine, anyway.
  • SassySam
    thank you for the review
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