Jessica Drake's wicked balls - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Jewelweed

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Vaginal bouncy-blahs...

You can feel them in there... a little bit, but the sensation goes away, and after a while I forgot they were even there. Didn't do anything for me, really.
Cool color scheme, nice size.
Too-soft material, possible phthalate content, not weighted enough, too-long string.
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2:00 PM

I chose these as my first advanced review product on a whim. I wanted to try some kind of kegel exercisers|Exercisers for vaginal muscles, because hey - I heard they were tons of fun. So I got the Jessica Drake's balls|Jessica Drake's wicked balls in the mail today. On first glance, they’re pretty cool, albeit they definitely remind me of 25-cent “bouncy balls” on a cord, except for the fact that they’re hollow and have what feels like a smaller ball rolling around inside each one. Not very much weight to them at all. The black and white swirly pattern is a nice touch. I gave them a sniff… they even smell like rubber bouncy balls. Weird. They measure approximately 1 1/8” in diameter. The cord looks like it might be a little on the long side.

I lubed ‘em up and popped them in. Interesting sensation, though they’re definitely pressing on my urethral sponge, as I definitely feel like I have to pee.

Well, I’m off to class now, and I’ll update this further when I get back.

4:30 PM

Hmmm. It’s not hard to forget they’re in. But a couple of kegels, and their presence is felt somewhat. I’m starting to think these are kind of useless. I masturbated with them in, and felt no difference. My orgasms were about the same as usual. I think the fact that the material is so thin and squishy definitely contributed to the lack of pleasurable sensations felt when using them. I have somewhat-defined vaginal muscles, so it’s possible that when I did kegels, it simply flattened these flimsy balls, thus not really giving me much pleasure.

The material these are made of is jelly rubber. Jelly rubber often contains phthalates. This makes me feel a little less comfortable about possibly using them on a regular basis. Also, jelly rubber is a porous material. Cleaning it can be difficult, as the pores can trap bacteria. It cannot be sterilized. The only way to clean jelly rubbers safely is either just rinsing them, or washing them with mild hand soap or special "toy cleaners."|Toy cleaners and wipes Some manufacturers suggest putting condoms on jelly rubber toys for these reasons. However, I can only assume that would make these more prone to slipping out, if they were encased in a lubricated condom|Durex extra sensitive lubricated condom. For the minimal pleasure/exercise they give, it's not really worth all the trouble.

The string is too long, and it’s kind of difficult to tuck the large loop at the end into your labia comfortably. I wore them several days in a row, and have not noticed much of a difference in my muscular tone. If the weights were heavier, perhaps they would do more, but as far as I see, these don’t do too much other than take up a little room in your snatch.
I learned the hard way to either hold them in place or take them out when you go to use the bathroom. I think the working of the muscles pushed at them. Fortunately, only one popped out and I managed to grab a hold of it before it went into the toilet! Ew. Be careful!
Follow-up commentary
I tried these out again---and it's true: they are best suited to being a cat toy.

Once in, they press against the urethra for a bit, and then my body kind of acclimates to them being there. I wore them for a day again and felt nothing.

If this company wants to go back to the drawing board on these toys, I would recommend putting heavier-weighted balls inside and using tougher, less collapsible material for the outer balls. My vaginal muscles squashed these with no problem, especially when I contracted them.
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  • Ha. These do seem to cross the line into novelty toys. The smaller balls inside are supposed to move with your motion and gently masage/stimulate muscles, but without any weight that effect is probably lost.
    Do they bounce? Could be a fun cat toy.
  • Epiphora
    Weight seems to be an important factor, then. Very well-written review, good job.
  • kawigrl
    i wonder if the quality varies some have had better experiences
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