Short and sweet vibe - discreet vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by red delicious

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You Make Me Blush Every time

This Short & Sweet Blush vibe is the perfect addition to anyone's collection. With its petite size, textured body and strong vibrations, this little bullet is great for getaways with the hubby or those relaxing alone moments.
Small, waterproof, PINK, and textured
Loud/Buzzy vibrations with only two settings
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This is my first review in several months so I figured I would start out with a simple easy to use toy. While browsing through the product search this little vibe caught my eye. Called the Short & Sweet Blush by Doc Johnson, this discrete vibe is easy to conceal and fun to play with. This vibe is best used externally but can be inserted vaginally. I do not advise inserting this vibe anally because it does not have a flared base and is quite small and you don't want it to get stuck in no man's land. This vibe can be used around any external area of the body but seems to work best on the erogenous zones. The Short & sweet blush can also be used vaginally as previously stated but it cannot be inserted very far so it does not provide that much stimulation.

This vibe can be used by either beginners or advanced users. It's a great size for travel and secret getaways but is also good for those who are experimenting with bullet like toys or are new to vibrators all together. It is really great for any occasion whether it be a with a partner or when you are flying solo. It's easy to hide in a bag or purse and easy to care for which makes it the perfect candidate for travel.
    • Tub/shower/pool

Material / Texture

The Short & Sweet Blush is made of plastic which is a synthetic material that is firm with a smooth texture. It is non-porous and phthalate-free which makes it easy to clean and care for. Plastic is a good material for those users who enjoy pressure while using their toys. Lube is probably advisable for many users because it has a tendency to get stuck to your skin if you are using it externally. There is a small seam running up along the length of the toy on opposite sides but it is not visible and can barely be detected when you run your fingers over it. There is also a small circular type seam at the head of the toy where the seams that run the length of the toy on both sides meet at the head. This small seam is visible and detectable if you run your finger over it but while in use with the vibrations it is not detectable. You can definitely tell that this material is synthetic and unrealistic so if you are looking for a toy that resembles a more realistic skin type texture, this is probably not for you. This texture is good for either beginners or advanced users just based on personal preference but it is a nice little discreet vibe for anyone to have in their collection.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Short & Sweet Blush is actually what caught my eye. The color is also pretty although it isn't as pink as I was expecting. It's actually a little more lavender than it looks in the picture but it is not purple. The vibe has a length of 4 inches with an insertable length of 2 3/4 inches. The vibe has a diameter of 3/4 inches and weighs 1.7 ounces. The bottom inch of the toy is a smooth cylindrical screw off bottom that opens to reveal the battery compartment. Where the bottom meets the shaft of the toy, there is a thin silver ring which allows the toy to be waterproof. The remaining three inches are where the design and texture get creative. Running from the head of the vibe to the silver ring are 12 ripple type grooves which is where the stimulation comes into play. The top of the toy is rounded and the ripples flatten out right before they reach the head of the vibe.

The size of this vibe is that of a bullet which makes it a great candidate for clitoral stimulation. The ripples add to the stimulation by rotating the vibe in place while providing a minimal to stronger amount of pressure. Its small size also allows it to be easily hidden making it easy to bring on vacation or small getaways. It is easily concealed and is waterproof so it can be used both in water and out. One let down of this toy is that it is quite loud and buzzy so if you are a discreet user you might want to be careful under what circumstances you use this vibe. Size wise this toy can be used by anybody because its diameter is small enough to be inserted by pretty much anyone but is still big enough to easily control.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Short & Sweet Blush is very easy to use. It runs on one AA battery. To insert the battery, screw off the base and insert the battery right into the compartment with the positive side going in first. Screw the top back on tightly so that the water seal will be affective and you are ready to go.

The controls for the vibe are located at the end of the base where the battery compartment is located. It is a white push button that requires a little bit of pressure to push in. There are two settings for this vibe. Press the button once and the vibe turns on to a low continuous vibration. Press the button again and the vibrations increase to a stronger continuous vibration. Press the button a third time and the vibe will turn off. I am not really a fan of the push button controls because of the preset vibrations. I like to be able to control the level of vibrations or at least have a lot of preset vibrations to choose from.

The vibrations on this little vibe are quite noisy on the highest section so in the noise department its not really all that discrete. The vibrations themselves are also the buzzy kind that don't really work all that well if you are applying pressure. They kind of fizzle out if you apply too much pressure which is quite unfortunate for many users. The vibrations on the highest setting are relatively high so it probably won't be that much a of a problem for most but it still is a let down.

This toy is also waterproof which is excellent for those special occasions. I am not afraid to bring this in the shower or submerge it in the tub because of the water tight seal located around the battery compartment. Having it be waterproof is also quite handy when it comes to cleaning it.
    • Easy to use
    • Not enough variety

Care and Maintenance

This toy is very easy to care for. To clean it, simply wipe it down with anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner and rinse with hot water. It can also be disinfected by wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol. While cleaning the vibe, be sure that the base is screwed on tightly so water does not get into the battery compartment. Because of the plastic non-porous material, it is safe to use water, oil and silicone based lubes with this vibe. I keep my toys in a carry case similar to storage chests available through EdenFantasys and because it is plastic it can be kept with other plastic toys.


The toy came in a simple plastic package that is easy to break down. The case is strong enough to protect the toy or give it as a gift and could be used as a storage case if need be but i prefer to store my toys all together except for those that actually come with a strong storage case or box.
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