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A Little Teeth Never Hurt Anyone!

Have a vampire fantasy? Looking for something with a unique design that's not too realistic? Count Cockula is a great option to look into. The size is much less intimidating than some of the other Fleshlights, but still has all the great qualities the others do. A little extra care is needed because of the material, and finding the right suction might be a bit of an issue, but those are small things compared to the great experiences you'll have with Count Cockula!
- Cool Design
- Exclusive Texture
- Great Size
- Plushy Material
- Realistic Features
- Extra Care Is Needed
- Trouble With Suction
- Might Be Too Tight/Not Tight Enough
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Fleshlight's Count Cockula is a somewhat discreet male masturbator that's a part of the Sex In A Can line. This product is best used during solo time, and for use with a partner; either having them use it on you or for use during mutual masturbation. Since this is a male masturbator, there's not a lot a female could use it for aside from using it on her partner. Using it for masturbation with a strap on dildo is an option, but anything other than that will need some creative thinking.

Count Cockula is a handheld masturbator that is very easy to use. Unscrew the top of the 'can', apply your favorite lubricant, and it's ready to go! There's no vibrating functions and no need to worry about batteries; simply slide the sleeve over your hard cock and allow Count to suck every drop of your liquid gold!

If the amazing texture inside of this Vamp's inviting mouth isn't enough, you can always use a vibrating cock ring or an anal toy to add to the stimulation this masturbator delivers. It's simple to add other elements to your pleasure while using this masturbator, again, creativity is encouraged!

Though the material of the sleeve would be safe to use in the shower, it's not intended for that purpose. The label on the outside of the 'can' could become damaged from the water, and though it wouldn't totally ruin your toy, it would take away from the awesome look of the case. If you're looking for something that can be used in the shower, I would consider getting a masturbator that doesn't have a label on the outside.

Though you shouldn't use this toy in the shower, avoiding water all together would be a shame! Remove the sleeve from the case and let it bathe in a sink full of warm or cold water about 10-15 minutes before you're ready to use. The material this toy is made from holds temperature very well and adds another element of realism to the experience.

This particular Fleshlight piece is put out by Fleshjack; an area of the company that's slogan is, "Designed by gay men, for gay men." You don't have to be gay to use this masturbator, and you shouldn't let it stop you from enjoying the incredible texture it contains. If you or your man would be uncomfortable with using this particular masturbator, there is a 'female' vampire mouth that can be found here that has the same 'fang' texture within.
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

Count Cockula has far more bark than bite! There's no need to worry about these teeth dragging over your most sensitive parts, thanks to the super plush feel of [ | superskin! Superskin rates a 5/10 on the Eden material safety scale. The positives of this material are that it's non-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. However, this material is porous and cannot be sterilized, so sharing is highly discouraged.

The sleeve this toy is made from is very flexible and squishy, which makes use very comfortable and enjoyable. The sleeve doesn't actually feel like a mouth, or any other orifice on the human body, but perhaps it does feel like a vampire's throat, who knows!? When the sleeve is outside the 'can' you can truly see how well the material stretches and bounces back to shape. Because the material is so stretchy, it's made to fit a variety of penis sizes.

The internal texture is very interesting. Fleshlight has titled it 'The Fang' since it's supposed to resemble dozens of small fangs that 'bite' at you with each stroke. This texture is exclusive to both this masturbator, and Succu Dry. Though this is a vampire themed masturbator, and the texture is called 'The Fang', the material is all the same and the texture is just as soft inside as it is on the outside. There are dozens of little nubs all along the inside of the sleeve. The are rounded at the base, but come up to a slight point; almost like that of a crayon. The texture is pretty stimulating and different from so many of the other masturbators.

The case that surrounds this sleeve is made from plastic which rates an 8/10 since it's made from food-grade material, and for being hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. The plastic is very firm, leaving no way for you to squeeze the can to tighten it around the penis. Most of the case is covered with a label which is shiny and can be very slippery if lube gets on it. The inside of the case is plain and has no texture or markings.

When first opening the case, there is a light 'new' smell that seems a little sweet. It's very common for superskin toys to smell that way, and after a few washes, you'll notice that it has faded away. The feel of the material when brand new, is very soft. This is because it's been dusted with a powder to make it feel more realistic rather than sticky like a lot of skin-like toys tend to be. It's recommended that you use a 'refreshing powder' to help maintain its lovely, smooth feel; but it isn't necessary. Should you decide to dust it, most people use cornstarch because it's inexpensive and easily available. If you choose not to use anything, don't worry about it! The material might feel a little more sticky than when you first got it, and it might have more drag than it did in the beginning, but it's not going to ruin your toy.
    • Plush
    • Porous
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Count Cockula is designed to look like a tall can of soda or beer, and even has a pop tab molded into the cap. Though the shape probably won't really fool anyone, it does prevent the toy from standing out should someone catch a glimpse of it. The can is a lighter gray color, and has a slight shine to it. The outside of the 'can' has a label on it that has an image of half a male vampire's face, including a blood trail from his mouth, and the top part of his chest. Under the image is the name of the toy, and has a variety of other silly 'warnings' and text on the rest of the label.

There's both a cap on top and on bottom of the case that both can be removed by unscrewing them. When the top is unscrewed from the case, the vampire's mouth is revealed and stays removed for use. The bottom cap is designed to change the suction strength. When it's totally closed, the suction is extremely strong, when partly opened it gives a way for some of the air to escape, making the suction a little weaker. And when the cap is totally off, there's no suction at all. You have to find what works best for you.

The mouth on this toy isn't as simple as a set of lips. Instead, the mouth consists of four teeth on top that are in between two fangs, and a set of six visible 'normal' teeth on the bottom. The teeth look far from perfect, showing how aged this vampire is. The grayed look to the 'skin' of this toy also adds to the realistic look of this vampire, but since the color is the same throughout the sleeve, it's not as realistic as it could be.

The lips part easily, and since the material has so much elasticity to it, will fit average to slightly above average sized men. The larger the girth, the tighter the feel. This can be a positive if you enjoy tight toys, or can be a negative and become uncomfortable if you are above average girth (I would say anything over 2 3/4").

The length of the sleeve is also great for men who are average to slightly above average, and is far less intimidating than some of the other options. The sleeve has a depth of 5 1/2", but easily accommodates someone who has more length than that. Just use caution that you don't slam yourself into the bottom of the case when going at it.

The size of this masturbator is much smaller than the standard Fleshlight, 2 1/4" shorter to be exact. This makes it a great choice if you need to be discreet when it comes to having and storing your toys. The size is okay for travel because the label doesn't instantly reveal what it contains at a glance, however, the weight of the toy might be an issue depending on your travel plans. This masturbator weighs in at 18.5 oz., which might not seem like much, but it feels quite heavy in your hand.

It's fairly comfortable and easily to hold and use, but does become slippery if lubricant gets on the outside of the can. Someone will smaller hands might also find that the can might be difficult to hold after long periods of time.

Full Length: 7 3/4"
'Anal' Depth: 5 1/2"
Case Circumference: 9 1/4"
    • Futuristic
    • Tight fitting
    • Whimsical / artistic

Care and Maintenance

Superskin takes a little more effort than some materials to care for, but it's not as difficult as some might think. As long as you follow the proper care instructions, than you shouldn't have an issue.

Superskin shouldn't be cleaned with soap since it could cause your toy to deteriorate, it only needs to be rinsed with warm water. For a deeper cleaning, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. Always make sure that the sleeve is fully dry before putting it back inside the closed case, since moisture could cause mold or mildew to build up, causing your toy to become unusable. You could leave the sleeve resting on a towel while it dries like the care instructions show, or you could balance the sleeve carefully in the case, draining the water from the sleeve. A good example of that can be seen in this review by ToyTimeTime.

Once your toy is fully dry, it's recommended (though not necessary) that you dust the sleeve with cornstarch (or another 'refreshing powder' that doesn't contain talc) to bring the sleeve back to it's original feel. This is totally optional. If you don't have cornstarch, it's not a big deal! We haven't used any on our superskin items and haven't experienced any problems. If you plan on storing your toy, I would consider using the cornstarch since it will be sitting for a while, otherwise, no big deal!

As for lube, water based is the only type recommended for this sleeve. Fleshlight is kind enough to include a sample of their Flesh Lube along with the product, and it works great. Just be aware that it has a horrible taste, should you decide to switch up your playtime at any point.

Storage is simple because the sleeve is contained within the 'soda' case. There's no need for additional storage! The toy does take up more space than some because the case has no give to it, but it should fit in most nightstands, dresser drawers, and larger toy boxes. Should you decide to keep it out, it's somewhat discreet because of the look, but anyone that takes the time to pick it up and check it out, will know exactly what it's for.
    • Easy to store


The cylindrical package is less than discreet since it's clear and the product can clearly be seen through it. Not only that, but it also has some information about the toy and company on the outside. The lid of the package is taped down, and upon removing it the word 'VOID' appears, making it obvious if the package has been opened before.

The top of the package proudly says, 'Sex In A Can'; the bottom says, 'FLESHLIGHT, THE #1 SELLING SEX TOY FOR MEN'. There's little other information on the package itself; most of the other information about this toy is contained inside the package on the label of the toy and the informational paper that's included with the product.

One side of the paper tells you about how to care for your new toy, the other side shows you the details of the internal texture and the external features. You can throw this paper away or save it to remind you of the care instructions. There's no need to hold on to the plastic packaging, since the can itself doubles as storage.

The label has only a little information on it, but is very humorous. It's obvious that Fleshlight takes a lot of pride in coming up with funny descriptions to go along with their products.

When you first receive this toy, you'll want to remove the bottom cover and take out the included Flesh Lube sample. Make sure to wash the sleeve before your first use to remove any of the powder that was dusted on the toy before it was shipped to you. Count Cockula was a little shy when he first arrived to our house and was sucked into the can slightly, simply pull the mouth through the opening to introduce yourself if he arrives in this state.

    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

As I said before, this product is put out by Fleshjack. However, there is no difference with the actual sleeve itself. The only difference is the outside of the can and a slight different in the color. As you can see in this image, taken directly from Eden Fantasys, the shape is exactly the same between the two versions.

According to additional images on the product pages, the internal textures are also exactly the same. The label on one has an image of a female vampire, and the other a male. The text is also geared toward either a man interested in women, or a man interested in men. There should be no shame using either masturbator, no matter your sexual orientation.


My husband and I have had fun with this masturbator, but did have some issues with the suction of it. It's difficult to get the suction just right. If it's too hard, the mouth of the piece sucks into the can and might scratch the penis. We had this issue a few times with this piece and it was frustrating and not as pleasurable as it could have been.

When the bottom of the case is slightly open during use, it makes a quiet whistle noise as the air is escaping from the sleeve. It's not loud enough that it can be heard through a closed door, but it tends to be a little bit distracting at times.

The sleeve inside of this toy is also wider than some of the other masturbators that are put out by Fleshlight. Someone who's tried one of the other SIAC products and found it too tight might find this one to be just what they're looking for. For my husband, it wasn't as stimulating because he prefers tighter toys and found that the texture wasn't as exciting as he had hoped it would be for the same reason.
Follow-up commentary
This is still a great toy. It's not one that gets used all the time, but it's still something my husband and I use here and there. Even after all this time, there's no sign of wear and is still just as awesome as when we first received it.
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