Maximus PowerStroker JakOff by Cal Exotics - review by SlickJimmy

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All Sound and No Fury.

I tried to use the JakOff many times, and wanted to enjoy it. It just didn't happen for me. It has too many things going against it for me to use easily and without discomfort. However, it just might work for the right person.
The battery carrier is a nice touch.
Small opening, Low power, Lack of any discernible movement, Loud, Near impossible to clean
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New to the powered masturbator scene, I was excited to receive the Maximus Power Stroker Jak Off. Because, lets face it, guys don’t get very many fun battery powered things. It runs off of 4 "C" batteries and features adjustable speed, and I thought that was pretty impressive.

It consists of a main body that holds the sleeve, has an opening, and a wired hand held controller. The hand held part adjusts the speed with the slide of a button, and contains the batteries. It plugs into the side via a small headphone styled hole. Its length is long enough to provide ample movement. It should be even long enough for a partner to use without being uncomfortable. The batteries are held in place by a plastic tray that slides in and out. This tray is very useful; as everyone knows the biggest pain of any type of battery powered toy is removing them.

The JakOff's sleeve is a soft rubbery material (what it is made of is not entirely said on the package) with long finger-like protrusions. Up and down the outside of both sides of the sleeve are multiple plastic "U" shaped things that move up and down the sleeve whenever the JakOff is turned on. Without resistance, they move quite rhythmically and would appear to be pleasurable. The opening seems large enough, and the sleeve seems long enough. However, it is not.

I used my favorite lube and went in. Much to my surprise, it was a really tight fit and I ran out of room. It was not a good kind of tight. It was uncomfortable at the base and roomy at the top. I'm average in all respects, and did not expect that at all. Once I was situated as best I could be, I turned the PowerStroker JakOff on.
Even at the lowest setting, it sounds like a loud remote controlled car. At the highest, it sounds like a remote control car that is going to explode.

The longer I had my best friend in there, the more it became uncomfortable, to the point where I started to feel a pinching sensation.

The whole time I felt no pleasurable sensations from the moving "U" shaped arms. When I was removed from the Jak-Off, they moved freely and with much enthusiasm. Inserted, the bottom half didn't move and the upper arms twitched.

Thinking that the hands free aspect of it might be a typo, I moved the whole device myself. This lead to what I can only describe as a "stubbed toe", only it wasn't a toe.

Thoroughly dissatisfied, I proceeded to clean up. I tried to pop off the plastic tabs that hold the sleeve in place, but they would not budge. The JakOff has warnings against contact with water, so filling the sleeve was out of the question. I had to inch it out little by little as best I could until it was inside out, and then cleaned it. Getting the sleeve back in was harder than getting it out, and resulted in a string of profanities. After several attempts, I was successful.
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  • Gary
    When will science and technology finally catch up to male masturbation devices? I keep reading these reviews hoping that someday, someone will say "this is it, it works great, buy it"!
  • Oggins
    That sucks! Sorry it didn't work out for you! Thanks for the review!
  • SlickJimmy
    Someday there will be a revolution and someone will figure out how to make something that works for everyone.

    I always like to try new things just to see what is going on, and the review was for sure a learning experience.
  • CynicallyYours
    thanks for the review!
  • sillyfishy
    Good review!
  • Eucaly
    Great review!
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