Ayana Angel pussy and ass - realistic vagina by Cal Exotics - review by married with children

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Angle is not the first word that comes to mind

I have never been a fan of these types of toys. They just don't really do anything for me. My wife cant use it on me or with me, so there really isn't a point for it in my house. I could see giving it a higher rating if it was able to make me cum, but it even failed at that. Please, if you are looking to spend this kind of cash on a masturbator, go with a higher quality fleshlight. They are about the same price, and you get a much better product.
none I can think of for me
not stimulating, over priced, cant sterilize
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


This is best used for hands free masturbating. It is not something you want to hold in your hands while you play with it. It is like a large piece of jello. Very flimsy. This works best if you set in on your bed, or a desk, or table top. This is really a solo type toy. I don't really find it sexy to use this in front of your partner. And they cant really use it on you. So I would not recommend this for couple play. Other then that, this should work for anyone whom owns a penis.

It is also not water proof when you have the bullets inserted. Without the bullets, you could use this anywhere you feel the need.

Material / Texture

This is made from "Futurotic" material. "Futurotic" material is a thermal plastic elastomer (mixture of PVC and silicone). It has a life like feel to it, sort of. No material can mimic real skin, that is just a fact. This feels close, but not close enough. It starts out cold, and takes a while to warm up. It also stinks. Not like the vagina I am used to dealing with. It also reminds me of jello. Most toys like this one does. They are too flexible and fake.

This does not smell as bad as a fleshlight does. Those are very powerful. This one is just lightly scented. But it has that plastic scent to it. This also gets sticky after you wash it. The problem is that you cant sanitize it. So why even bother washing it.

I did not taste this. I am not in the habit of licking fake vaginas. Just not a turn on for me. If you are into this, let us know how this tastes.
    • Light odor
    • Porous
    • Sticky

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

There really isn't much I can add here. It is designed like a vagina. Or a fake vagina. It is a heavy (2 pound) jelly like fake vagina. The vagina depth is about 4 inches deep. The anus is 5 inches deep. They stretch out to fit any size man, girth wise not length. The inside of each hole is ribbed to simulate a real woman; though my wife is not ribbed, so I am unsure of how they cam to the conclusion that real woman are ribbed on the inside.

This is made more for a beginner then someone more advanced in the use of sex toys. If you have been around sex toys for a while, you will be bored with this one. It is not special in any way. I think of it as more of a novelty item then a sex toy.
    • Beginner
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

This has a duel bullet/controller included. The bullets are independently operated. The dials control the power of the vibrations. The power level starts out at weak, and goes up to somewhere in a medium range. They are not the best bullets. But they work for this toy. You don't want your "pussy" to make your penis numb. The controller is not complicated.

The masturbator has two holes. One for the pussy, one for the anus. They both feel the same to me, boring. There was nothing special or exciting about using this toy. The tunnels are ribbed, but it is just your standard ribbing. Nothing special, like you get with some of the fleshlights. It is just a far spaced out ribbing. I did not find it very stimulating at all. I could not cum. I tried, but all I cam away with after using this toy was a bad case of rug burn.
    • Easy to use
    • Not very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

"These materials are extremely porous, making it difficult to clean and easy for germs and dirt to hide. So protect them with a condom. Skin-like materials are extremely sensitive; they should be cleaned before and after every use with warm water and toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. These toys come dusted in a powdery material to maintain their unique texture, clean the toy thoroughly before first use. After each use, clean again and dust with a little cornstarch (not TALC which has been linked to cervical cancer) before storing to prevent the toy from becoming sticky. They should be stored individually in a dark, cool place. Store each toy separately in a plastic zip bag or thin sock because the porous surface can absorb dyes from other materials. These materials are also very incompatible with many substances. Contact with silicone-based lubricants, oil or petroleum based products will cause damages to the surface of the toy. Use only water based lubricants." From edens website.

Like I said above. There really is no reason to wash this. You cant sanitize it. So what is the point. I would not use this without a condom, at least after the first time. I would not share this with out the use of condoms on everyone who uses it, if you feel the need to share it. I would not, but that is just me. Once you get this wet, it gets sticky. It comes with some talc-free powder, that helps keep the stickiness at a minimum. But it does not get rid of it.

Storage is also a problem. You could keep it stored in the original box, but it wont be discreet at all. And without the original box, it is like storing a cube of jello; not easy at all. So it is really your choice. Risk someone seeing a box with a naked porn star on the outside, showing off her pussy; or risk your toy getting cut in half by something sitting on top of it.
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


The packaging is very graphic. It shows Ayana Angle naked, legs spread showing off her goods. It is not discreet at all. I would not keep this laying around the house if you have kids, room mates, other family members, ect... The packaging does work for storage, if you don't mind having a porn advertisement in your house. It has a foam insert that the toy sits inside. You could save this insert and fit it inside of a new box.

There is no information included with your toy. No care info. No storage info. Nothing. I would like some information included with my toys. At a minimum, care instructions. But anything above and beyond would be a nice extra. For such a high price tag on this toy, they should have some care instructions included to prolong the life of your purchase.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable


Like I stated above, I could not cum with this toy. I know part of it was just the appearance of it, it was not a turn on for me. But the other reason was that it did not feel that great. It gave me a mean case of rug burn. It soaked up the water based lube like it was stranded in a desert for months with no water. I had to add lube 4 or 5 times. Overall this is not a great toy. It is priced the same as some of the fleshlights, and that is a joke. This should not be anywhere close to that price. Fleshlights out shine this toy by leaps and bounds.

This also had a kind of deformed look to it. Like the mold was not set right, or after being pulled out of the mold, the material was not set and started to move a bit. It was not horrible looking, but you can tell it is just not right.
Follow-up commentary
This has not been used again since the original review. It is just too boring and awkward. I don't need to use toys like this very often, so when I do we grab one of the fleshlights. This one most likely wont get used again. It just did not do it for me.
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