Ayana Angel pussy and ass - realistic vagina by Cal Exotics - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

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The Box that comes in a Box

Even against a similarly-priced Fleshlight, this product holds its own because of the twin vibes and the flexibility in how you can use it. The ass isn't really much use, but the pussy feels great, and it does have the extra weight, look, and feel to justify the price against cheaper (smaller) sleeves. A good product for the price - and one that will leave most users thoroughly satisfied.
It works really well and looks great.
Asshole is a complete waste of time.
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extremely useful review


The Ayana Angel Pussy and Ass is a realistically molded copy of porn star Ayana Angel's vagina and asshole; and when I say 'realistic', I mean it. It's both sexy and creepy, all at the same time. It’s an incredibly lifelike 'chunk' of crotch, that includes every wrinkle, pore and follicle of Ayana's flesh.

Molded in brown 'Futurotic' material, it looks exactly like the real thing. It captures Ayana's plump pussy and her little wrinkled asshole in a heavy, solid lump, of quivering faux-flesh. Both orifices join to a single ribbed channel, that emerges on the other side of slab of flesh in the form of an exit hole.

Also included are two silver bullets and a control. They can be inserted into holes beneath the slab of plastic-pussy, to make the entire thing vibrate. Unsurprisingly, when you turn the bullets on, the whole toy quivers and jiggles from top to bottom.

There are two ways to best use this toy. The first is to plop it on a crotch-level counter (it's nicely weighted and the futurotic flesh clings to countertops and glass), and actually 'fuck it' like it was a free-standing pussy. This is pretty hot, as the whole toy 'bulges' as you penetrate it.

The other way is to use it as a regular 'sleeve', and while sitting down, 'pump it' up and down with your hands. This is good because you can grip the pussy tighter or harder, to increase friction. It's a BIG slab of pussy. Managing the vibrators, the lube, the sleeve and remote controls, or mouse for any porn, make it pretty difficult for anybody who's not related to an octopus!

Material / Texture

This toy is made from 'futurotic' material, which means it is rubber based. That means it contains BPE and phylates, chemicals used to soften the rubber. It also means you can only use water-based lube with this toy - and lube is ESSENTIAL. Anything oil or silicone based will rot the plastic.

Those points aside, the futurotic material feels AMAZING. It's very, very flesh-like and makes fucking this plastic-pussy almost as good as the real thing. There's an erotic weight to the toy, it quivers convincingly and perfectly balances stretchiness with tautness.

That being said, the material needs some care. When it's wet, it has a tendency to get tacky, so needs to be dried thoroughly after washing and dusted down with corn starch (not talc.) Futurotic is also porous, so it's pretty much impossible to fully sterilize. Not normally a problem, but something to be aware of if you want to share it.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

I was originally skeptical of the design, simply because I've found almost all fake pussies to be too short. Likewise, with this product my cock 'popped' out of the hole at the end on the deepest thrust, but not to any annoying degree.

The 'sleeve' of the pussy was soft, tight, and ribbed, making it delicious to fuck. The two bullets made the vibrations work throughout the fleshy slab of plastic and the size of the egg-like vibes increased the 'snug' sensation. I'm on the larger side, but I had no problems with the size or length of this sleeve (which is rare), and anybody smaller than me should be even happier with it.

The only major criticism comes from the pussy/ass design. Although the toy promises two orifices to plunder, in common with all pussy/ass toys, the two holes quickly come together to share the same sleeve. In this case with this toy, they come together REALLY quickly. In fact, when I tried fucking the ass, I could see myself through the hole of the vagina - separated by a tiny (really, really tiny) 'string' of rubbery plastic that looked like it would snap at any moment.

The ass is basically useless on this thing and despite my love of anal sex, this toy would be much improved by just having ONE fuckable hole. It's a problem with every pussy/ass toy, though. Even worse, I KNEW this and still bought into the concept of having two holes to fuck! Shame on me!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The toy comes with a simple vibe-remote to control the two egg-vibes/bullets. You can adjust the vibrations with a dial. The power of both eggs are balanced, and you can't adjust one or the other separately. The vibrations were strong, and I think I'd probably be able to climax just from the tightness and vibes alone.

The sleeve feels great and, in conjunction with the vibe, it makes this a very satisfying fuck. My only other criticism (another fault in common with most fake pussies), is that the bottom of the sleeve is very thin, which delivers less friction, tightness and doesn't carry the vibrations so well. This is annoying because the bottom of my glans is the most sensitive part of my dick. I just flipped the pussy upside down, though (Doggy style?)!

The vibes are powerful, but very quiet; UNLESS you pop the pussy down onto a bare counter. Then they'll rattle against the formica. So put a towel or something down first.

Care and Maintenance

The toy comes in a big box - it reminded me of a cake box, actually! Inside is a nice foam 'case' and that's a pretty discreet way to store it.

As I mentioned earlier, you need some care and attention to make sure this toy stays in tip-top condition. After use, rinse it under the tap (you can flush the sleeve by inserting the vagina or ass into the stream from the tap), then pat it dry with a towel and leave it to air-dry. Finally, pat it down with a dusting of corn starch (not talc) and it'll be back to virgin status! The toy actually comes with powder to preserve it (but not very much).

Lube is essential - the tacky friction of the sleeve would make it impossible to fuck without it. However, because of the material you MUST use a water-based lube, otherwise you'll rot the plastic.


The toy comes in a big box - a 'big box in a big box' as my wife described it. It looks (and opens) almost exactly like a cake box, actually! Instructions are included for the vibrator. Hopefully most horny men can figure out what to do with the pussy and ass on their own!

The toy itself comes in a black, foam 'case' which serves as perfect storage. It's discrete, absorbent, and has enough room for the pussy, the vibes, spare batteries and even lube!


Having tried a variety of toys, I was initially skeptical of this sleeve. As far as I'm concerned, it's difficult to match a Fleshlight; especially when this toy is roughly the same price as one. However, after using it twice within twelve hours of getting it (what can I say? I was horny and my wife was tired!) I'm actually pleasantly surprised!

The first time, I had it on the counter in the bathroom - perfect crotch level. Without any porn to watch, I was so turned on by the realistic looking cunt that I was hard instantly and fucked it thrusting my hips in and out. Entry was easy, the sensation was great, the vibes worked beautifully, and I didn't pop out of the hole at the end too often; as I do with almost every other sleeve (except the Fleshlight.)

The second time, I was watching porn sitting down and used it as a sleeve to pump up and down with my hands. In fact, I actually just set the vibes going and did nothing for the most part - it felt wonderful. It was only as I got closer to cumming that I started pumping the sleeve up and down, and I had a very satisfying climax as a result.

Having had some very bad results from some toys (like a sleeve that nicked my foreskin, putting me out of action for a week), and thoroughly mediocre ones from others; I was very satisfied with the efficiency of this sleeve. It looks great, it gets me off... what more can you ask for?
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