Annabel... you naughty thing... make me gush... again!

The Annabel is an affordable toy with realistic orifices that is easy to clean. It has a great material that feels very life-like. Annabel can be a bit floppy if she is not handled right and she suffers from material casting marks. If you happen to be on the larger size, the textures tend to be stretched out past their effective range. If you are looking for a toy that wont break your bank account with a great material and texture with Annabel's tight feel you will love this toy!
Great Material
fairly easy to clean
affordable price
realistic orifices.
Too floppy
casting marks
lack of stimulation
Rating by reviewer:
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The Annabel features two orifices in which to pleasure yourself. Normally you would apply lube to either one of the orifices and thrust your penis inside of the the orifice of your choice to achieve your pleasure. It is designed to stimulate the penis by the use of a life like opening and a textured inside. The Annabel is what most would consider a mid sized toy. You may find that a larger man will have difficulty penetrating this toy due to its small openings.

The Annabel is a toy that is best used at home. Due to its size, lack of rigidity and way to store, it most likely is not a toy that I would recommend be used for travel. You will also find that the Annabel requires powdering to keep the material from becoming tacky. It would be beneficial when using the Annabel to have some corn starch powder to properly store the toy. You may find that this makes the Anabel a toy better suited for home use.
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    • Couples
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    • On a bed only

Material / Texture

When I first got my hands on Annabel I thought that the toy was very floppy and it lacked any sort of rigidity. I was very impressed that The Annabel had only a very slight smell due from its material. After several uses, the smell has all but gone away. When handling the Annabel you will find that it is super realistic in how it retains temperature and how life-like it feels when it is squeezed and penetrated. When the Annabel is stretched, it becomes firm and give good pressure to the areas in which you want stimulation. The material is however very sticky and should be powdered with a corn based powder to avoid the material becoming tacky after cleaning.

The Annabel has a top end material with a low cost. The truth is, similar toys with this feel and material tend to be very expensive. You really get quite a bit of toy for what you pay with Annabel.

Annabel's openings are very tight and that appears to be by design. The inside of the toy has nodules for texture in the vaginal cavity and ridges in the anal cavity.
    • Flexible
    • Smooth
    • Sticky

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Annabel is about 6 inches in length. At its widest being what would be the toys hips it is about 4 inches wide. It is also about two inches from its widest point from top to bottom. The Annabel is advertised as simulating a "Virgins Vagina". They say this is to give you that fresh and tight sensation every time. The toy has an internal depth of 6 inches as well for penetration in the vaginal opening. The Anal opening has the same depth as the anal opening and intersects with the vaginal inside.

The Annabel falls short due to some design flaws. The Annabel comes with a very nicely molded outside, however the inside has some poorly casted sections. There were several parts inside of the toy which were connected from side to side which very well could have hurt me if I had not taken a look inside of the toy first. The poor casting marks are of course made from the same materials, but with the casting failures being thin there is always the possibility of the material making unwanted contact with your genitals. The left over casting material is easily removed but a new customer may not realize is is there unless the toy is inspected before use.

I found that the Annabel was on the small size for me. I found the toy difficult to penetrate on both the vaginal and anal orifices. This would lead me to believe that the Annabel is on the smaller size of orifices in these types of toys. The Annabel would be a good sized toy for someone looking for a average to smaller size toy.

The Annabel also falls short with it being a sizeable toy without any sort of case or easy way to store it. With the toy being so big, soft and flexable it is difficult to easily put some place for storage. For a toy of this type most people would use something similar to a plastic bag to keep any dust or other unwanted material off of the toy. Without the corn starch the toy will become very sticky and it will catch plastic materials and make it difficult to place or remove the toy in a plastic bag. It would be recomended to store the toy in a bag already coated with corn starch to prevent the toy from being tacky.
    • Beginner
    • May be too tight for some
    • Tight fitting

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Annabel is best used with both hands almost like you are holding onto a woman's body. I can assume that it would also be possible to put the toy between something similar to a liberator pillow to hold it in place for you to thrust without any use of your hands.

Now, it may be due to my larger size, but I think due to the amount of the stretching the toy had to do to accommodate my size the texture was stretched flat or otherwise negated. Unfortunately that meant that other that the basic texture of the toy and the openings there was no additional stimulation provided by the toy. Keep in mind that both of the orifices are supposed to be textured and once again it could be due to my size but I felt as if there was little difference between both orifices other than the anal orifice being slightly tighter than the vaginal orifice.
    • Not very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

The Annabel is made of Loveclone RX. Loveclone RX features a high tear and tensile strenth with a good thermal stability. This means that it is very soft and strong. It also means that the material deals with extreme temperatures well without rupturing or fracturing. Loveclone RX also features a good elongation and flexibility that resists water and chemicals. This means that men with a bigger size will have a toy that should be able to stretch and accommodate their bodies without failing. It also resists chemicals and water which makes it very compatible with most lubes. You will find though that Annabel is best lubricated with a water based lube.

According to the Eden Fantasy's materials and safety guide, toys manufactured from Loveclone RX should be cleaned before and after each use with the warm water and antibacterial toy cleaner or mild soap. You can also make a Loveclone RX toy last longer and keep it cleaner by using a condom over it each use.

The best way to make sure this material keeps its texture and proper feeling is to make sure it is clean and always remember to use corn starch to condition the material. It is not recommended to use powder containing talc as talc has been linked to infections and sickness in women.


The Annabel arrived in a regular padded shipping envelope in Edens usual discrete fashion. Now I am a huge fan of how there is nothing on the outside of the shipping package or label that would indicate the packages content. However the toy itself is sent in a cardboard box. The box is what the toy would be sold to a consumer in a store.

Now the only problem with this formula is that the box is just about at the bags capabilities of protection. I found that the box on arrival had been damaged and flexed on the top and sides of the box. With the packaging on the outside of the box being less rigid than what is in it it is always possible that the shipping envelope could be breached. My packaging was not breached when the toy arrived so I may very well be over reacting.

The box is 5 inches wide 2 and 3/4 inches depth and 6 inches long. The front of the packaging shows the toy, a beautiful young topless model and a short description of the toy. The sides of the toy display detailed pictures of the insides and outsides of the toy featuring the realistic details the manufacturer has used in an attempt to make the toy look and feel amazing. The back of the box has a summery of the toy in multiple languages for sale in other countries.

The box opens at the top and reveals the toy packaged in a plastic bag. I like the fact that the toy is packaged within the box because it keeps the surface of the toy in good condition as well as keeping the toy clean for its first use. I also found instructions in the box as well.

The box is pretty rigid and could be used for storage. The problem is that beautiful young topless girl on the front of the package and the images on the sides of the package. If anybody was to find this package even if they never opened it they would know right away what was inside. You may want to use something else to store this toy in.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

I enjoyed the realism of the toys openings and the material feels fantastic. It certainly made me gush several times and the truth is I have never had a toy with a simulated anal opening. I enjoyed the fact that both openings had a different feel and truthfully I used the toy a few times for the fantasy of switching openings to finish. The toy is fantastic for those types of fantasys. I have very few toys that have both of those openings on one toy.

The Annabel does please and that is exactly what you want from it. I enjoyed it and I think that this is a great starter toy for someone looking for a toy that does the job and wont kill your bank account.


When I got the Annabel It was late at night and my the secretary was already asleep and she had been teasing me all day. I knew that she would not want to be woken up after the day she had so when I saw the toy I felt giddy because I wasn't going to feel bad about playing with it without her. It was a Friday night so I could take my time and really use the toy for what it was intended for. So I put on a movie and made myself a drink and spent the next hour and a half putting Annabel through her paces.

I snuck into the bedroom and grabbed the Maximus and came downstairs. I had some difficulty entering the toy due to my size but when I eased my way into the toy I really enjoyed the tightness of the toy. My first orgasm was in the vaginal opening. The second orgasm was after pleasuring myself in the vaginal opening and then finishing in the anal opening. That was pretty awesome as this in the only toy I have that has that second opening.

I enjoyed my first experience with the toy but I was let down by the lack of texture the toy has when it is stretched out. The truth is it is a good mid level to beginner toy. Unfortunately as I have other toys with more stimulating textures and easier ways to control the toy this toy most likely will not see much action at my house. But If I had this toy in college I would have put a serious hurting on it!
Follow-up commentary
Ok so how do I put this...

Well... I still like it for it being what it is. Unfortunately I am a spoiled toy owner and since I have a few high end toys... if a toy is going to come out I probably will pass this one up for something a bit more involved like a fleshlight or something similar.

Its not that I don't like the toy, its just that if I was going through my collection this unfortunately would not be in my first 5 toys id want to play with.

Not a bad toy, its just not a go to toy for me.
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