CyberSkin cyber sex buddy - realistic vagina by Topco Sales - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

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Are you the pound and a half of Cyberskin I've been looking for my whole life?

If you want an affordable masturbator, I would certainly recommend this Cyber-Skin Cyber Sex Buddy. It feels great, looks great and has the right combination of softness and sensation to satisfy most horny males!
Feels great, good length, very practical for use.
Perhaps could do with more stimulation. I think it looks like it'll tear quite easily.
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My wife's pregnant (or, she was until a week ago. Whoohoo! A baby boy!) so I'd been in the market for a good masturbation aid to help relieve the frustrations of temporary enforced celibacy.

I started off with the satisfying, but disposable Tera Patrick's Blow Job|Tera patrick's blow job review from Colt.

I'd then moved onto (and had a very bad experience with) the Double Comfort Grip Stroker|Double pleasure comfort grip stroker review

So finally, I broke my own list of 'dealbreakers' - specifically that the masturbator had to be the sort of thing that didn't look like you shoved your cock into it - just in case my visiting mother in law discovered it.

I checked out Eden Fantasies great reviews and decided on the Cyberskin Cyber Sex buddy.

More expensive than both my previous efforts added together, I was comforted that my $45 would at least buy me a 'pound and a half' of toy (I'm old fashioned, so I like to get something significant for my money.)

And a pound and a half is exactly what I did get. The Cyber Sex body|CyberSkin cyber sex buddy is a solid wedge of jelly-like cyberskin that looks unmistakably like a pussy. It plops out of the packaging into your hand with a satisfying weight and jiggles seductively in your hand.

Compared to the Cyber-skin of the double comfort stroker (and the cheap-ass rubber of the Tera Patrick blow job|Tera patrick's blow job) the Cyber Sex Buddy looked and felt very satisfying. Squishy. Soft. Suction-y (to invent a word.)

I lubed up my erection with KY (you can NEVER use oil or silicon based lubes with Cyber-skin - unless you want to buy a new one each time!) and started off using it like a hand-held 'pumper.' I spread the lips, lifted my hips and...


Compared to the other two masturbators, this Cyber Sex buddy felt AMAZING. Literally, like sinking into a soft, tight pussy. It was tight. There was suction. And, as I sunk all the way to my balls, my cockhead didn't pop out of the other end (it would have done with more vigorous pumping.)

There are some soft ribs inside the pussy, which combined with the tightness and the 'suction' effect, made the whole thing feel delicious. I put on some porn and spent a very satisfying half hour gently pumping - keeping myself on the brink of orgasm.

I then tried using it as a base and 'fucking' it. Slapping the heavy Cyber-Skin on a low chair, it stayed in place thanks to the weight and the slightly sticky texture. That meant I could enter it on my knees and 'fuck' it like it was a real pussy. It felt GREAT.

When I finally let myself orgasm, it was intense and delicious. Overall, a wonderfully satisfying experience.

Cleanup is a breeze - there's a hole in the other end, so warm water and anti-bacterial soap work great. Just remember to dab it dry afterwards (and possibly use corn-starch powder and renew for that 'new pussy' feel.
Ever since I hurt my penis with the Double Comfort Stroker|Double pleasure comfort grip stroker, I've been a little nervous about shoving my dick into any orifice that isn't attached to a real, live human being! So I recommend PLENTY of lube to make this toy feel good.
Follow-up commentary
Well, it's been a few weeks, but I'm still VERY happy with my CyberSkin Sex Buddy. What have I learned from my new friend? Well, first off, using the realistic vagina isn't as effortless as just using your own left hand, so I tend to reserve quality time with my Cyberskin pal for when I know I'll have enough time and privacy to use it to completion AND wash it up afterwards. Being walked in on mid-wank is fair enough when you can whip shut your robe and smile innocently. It's not so easy when you've got your erection lodged in a pound and a half of tight cyberskin and your hand is dripping with lube. Lube is the second important thing I've learned - you need it. Lots of it. And because you can't EVER use silicon lube with Cyberskin, it has to be water based. I've recently been using KY Gelee and that stinks. It dries out and goes sticky after a few minutes and I've taken to having a glass of water by the side of the bed so I can get things moist and slick again quickly. Thirdly... I've enjoyed actually turning it around and using the 'out' hole of the CyberSkin Sex Buddy as an entrance. This creates a wonderful suction effect and the feeling of poking out of the 'in' whole is delicious - plus it's wildly erotic looking at the head of your dick bulge wetly out from between the lips of a perfectly molded pussy. My wife, if she knew I used the Buddy 'in reverse' would probably think it's typical that I like to use the exit hole as an entrance (since I like to do that with hers a lot!) I thought the Cyberskin vagina would tear easily, but actually it's help up very well. I use hot water to rinse it out (it's as slippery as an eel 'til you wash the KY Gelee off of it) and then dry it with a towel. A light dusting with corn starch powder transforms it into a delicious, quivering, virginal condition that makes me want to lube up and sully it all over again! All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase and think I'd be hard pressed to find another affordable masturbation aid|Sex toys reviews - Maven masturbation device that does the job so well.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    A pound and a half of material is a lot! It looks pretty realistic too. Glad you finally found a masturbator that worked well for you. Thanks for the review.
  • Glad you had success!
  • Essin' Em
    Cornstarch = good, talc = bad and carcinogenic, so  stay away.  Glad you found something you liked so much!
  • Hey Essin' Em! Huge fan of yours (and your blog.) Thanks for the advice. Kind of scary. I remember when I was a kid my mother used to DROWN me in that talc stuff! Bathtime resembled the climax of Scarface, there was so much white powder floating about!
  • Bulma
    Nice review, and congratulations on your new bundle of joy!
  • Dame Demi
    Is the entry hole on this very tiny?  In the masturbators I've tried with my husband, often the hole is just a tiny pinprick, and by the time we manage to get him inserted into the toy, we're both dissolved in fits of laughter or frustration.
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    Very nice review Big smile
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    Hope your mother-in-law hasn't caught you preparing for your great reviews
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    as a chick who likes to strap one on, I am curious how it would feel to use a product like this. thanks for the review!
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