Romance enhancing fluttering - vibrating penis ring by Evolved Novelties - review by Alan & Michele

Better Than Butterfly Kisses

Depending on how you wear this ring, it's great for stimulating her in any position and for enhancing oral sex for him. The stretchy material makes it suitable for men of varying sizes, beginner or pro alike. The bullet shifts to the side during the most vigorous thrusting, but the vibrations coupled with the contoured tip make it worth the small effort it takes to guide it back in place.
Comfortable to wear. It reaches the clit in all positions. Waterproof.
No stimulation from the wings or tail. Vibrator needs a little help to stay in position sometimes.
Rating by reviewer:
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The first time we saw the Romance Enhancing Fluttering ring we knew it was going to be highly versatile, and it is. Wear it with the vibrator above your cock to stimulate her clitoris in face-to-face positions. Turn it upside down for doggie style. Flip it backwards *and* upside down to take blowjobs to a whole new level. It provides enough restriction to increase a man's sensitivity and stiffness, but this cock ring is really designed to be a lady pleaser.

The TPR rubber used to make this ring is top notch in that it's phthalate-free, virtually odorless, and isn't sticky. It has a bit of surface drag and will pick up lint if you drop the toy on the carpet, but it's not bad about pulling every hair it encounters like some toys do.

The palm-sized butterfly is cast in one solid piece in varying thicknesses. The wings are thin and delicate-feeling, enough so that we wouldn't suggest using them to tug the ring on and off. The ring and "neck" that holds the bullet casing on are about four times thicker though and able to withstand a fair bit of stretching. We stretched the hole out to a little over 2" across and didn't feel like we were threatening to break it, so it's obvious that larger than average guys could use this toy. That also makes it easy to get on and off even if you're already hard, and a beginner needn't fear getting his dick stuck in it.

The bullet casing is unusual and brings about both pros and cons in its design. If you look at the product picture, you'll see a curved cut out area on the underside of the casing (towards the actual ring). The TPR on the casing is thin too, with the exception of a thick stepped/contoured area at the very tip that rubs the clit. So between the cutaway and the thinness, it makes it feel like we're going to break the casing when putting the bullet in. It hasn't broken yet in spite of the multiple times we've taken the bullet out and put it back in, but we'd feel more confident if the TPR at the base of that casing were as thick as the ring part width-wise.

The second negative to the design is that the bullet shifted to the side occasionally and needed a helping finger to guide it back into position, which wasn't a huge issue for us but might really irk some people.

On the positive side, that cutaway area and thinner material means that you feel pretty much all of the bullet's vibrations with just enough dampening effect to make it a little less tingly. It also gives the casing enough flexibility to make sure you don't "stub" the clitoris during vigorous thrusting, because the bullet will lean back and slide up over the pubic bone instead. We still think they could thicken up the base of the casing to give it more stability and durability while still achieving both of those positives though.

The bullet vibrator is the 2" x 5/8" single speed push-button sort that you can buy separately if you ever want or need to replace it (the Jimmyjane Iconic bullet would be a good choice). It has average-intensity vibrations that aren't extremely powerful but certainly won't make you yawn either. You can hear the vibrator's buzz easily no matter how or where you use it, but it's not loud enough that anybody will hear it through a closed door.

Most of the time when we use cock rings we wind up telling people "It's great for cowgirl and missionary style, but not as good for doggie style," but this one's different. We had good luck with the vibrator riding over the clit in all positions, but it was especially well-placed during doggie style. It was a bit disappointing that neither of us ever noticed any major stimulation coming from the wings or tail piece though, because that would have made it outstanding.

We haven't needed to use any lubricant with this cock ring, but if you do then it's safe to use either a water-based or silicone-based lube with the material. The toy is absolutely waterproof too, so cleanup is easy; just remove the bullet and either wash both pieces in soap and warm water or use toy cleaner. Be sure to pay a little extra attention to the tip of the bullet casing since the contoured layers there can collect body fluids.
You can store this ring in the clear plastic clamshell-type packaging it came in, or drop it in a Ziploc bag to keep it safe elsewhere. It's really an agreeable toy when it comes to taking care of it, and a lot of fun to use!
Alan says:
Alright, so I did feel strange at first having a mutant butterfly riding on my dick, but it turned out to be one of the better rings that we've tried. The band was comfortable and restricted just enough to make me harder than usual without going overboard, and I never had to stop and re-adjust it or anything.
This toy is one helluva pleasurable accessory during blowjobs too. Michele put it on me so the vibrator went under my balls before she started, and all I can say is there is no way the ring could keep me from coming between that and what she was doing. I highly recommend it even if that's all you ever do with it.

Michele says:
I'm *very* fond of this cock ring. It's not without its flaws, but it's cool anyway. The step-like contours at the tip of the bullet sleeve rub me in all the right ways so even if the vibrations weren't enough alone (and I doubt if they would be), the combo of the two set me off nicely. And I don't think we've ever had a ring that hit my clit in every position before. For the price they're asking for this toy, it's a steal. We've already Wish-Listed a second one in case this one breaks!
Follow-up commentary
This is still one of our most-used cock rings, and it's holding up well. The TPR has lost a fair bit of its glossy look, but it hasn't torn or lost its shape.
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