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Great Bullet, Comfortable Plug, But O rings?

The gyrating kit includes a bullet that comes with a sleeve, a butt plug, and 3 O rings. They are all made of safe non porous materials that can be shared amongst partner with the proper cleaning. The bullet is packed with powerful vibration, but it is not waterproof. The sleeve has texture to help tease the area. The plug is uniquely designed with comfort in mind. The 3 O rings seem to be out of place in this kit. Overall this is a reasonable priced kit for descent products.
Safe materials, powerful vibrations, anal, reasonable price, and comfortable plug.
The lack of reason behind the O rings, lint magnet, and not waterproof.
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Gyrating passion kit includes one bullet attached to a wire, once battery unit, one bullet sleeve, once butt plug, and three O rings.

The bullet gets attached to the battery unit using a metal prong that is similar to ones on head phones. The bullet can be used with or without the bullet sleeve, but the sleeve adds texture to the bullet. Bullets are used to stimulate ares like the clitoris, nipples, and penis, but they are not limited to these areas. The bullet is easily controlled by yourself or your partner. Due to their smaller design bullets won't get in the way during intercourse. They can be enjoyed by men and women for a wide range of uses. You should never insert your bullet anally, because the wire is not a proper retrieval cord. This bullet has a wide range of vibrations and patterns that are great for beginners and advanced users.

The butt plug is uniquely designed like an hour glass with a slender flared base. The design of this plug makes it more comfortable than usual plugs, because the the base fits nicely in between the cheeks. It is made of hygienic silicone, so you can sterilize it and you can share it. Butt plugs are meant to be worn in the anal cavity for extended periods of time. They are used as a warm up to anal sex, but some find them orgasmic to wear around. You can wear a non vibrating butt plug discreetly even in public. Butt plugs are also great to use during intercourse for both men and women. Depending on the design of the plug it can be worn by a female for double penetration, but that might not be possible for all anatomies.

There are 3 O rings that come in this kit. They are made of silicone that is stretchy. I do not believe these are cock rings, but just O rings to use on your harness, however due to the lack of directions I don't really know what they are. The back of the box simply labels them stretchy silicone rings, however I don't think they are meant to be cock rings.

Material / Texture

The bullet and the battery unit are made of ABS plastic. This is latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non porous. ABS plastic is tasteless and odorless. This plastic feels no different from any other plastic.

The sleeve for the bullet, the butt plug, and the O rings are made silicone. Silicone is latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non porous and comes in at a level 10 out of 10 on the safety scale. This material can be shared amongst partners because it con be boiled for sterilization. This silicone is super grabby, but that can be fixed with some lube. This silicone does attract a fair amount of lint, so you will want to wash it before and after use. There is a slight new smell to this silicone, but this smell doesn't transfer over to taste. There is also a fair amount of flexibility to this silicone.

The sleeve for the bullet has a small circle with tiny nubs of texture. This is to light tease the area. There is also a thumb print sized hollow oval on the sleeve. This is used to cover the clit and part of the labia, but it can also used for the thumb as a grip. Using it as a grip would give you a better hold on your bullet for the nubs or the texture-less side. The other items in the kit do not have texture.

Design / Shape / Size

This kit is only available in one color option and that is black and purple. The black is the plastic and the purple is the silicone.

The bullet is a wire bullet that comes separate from the battery unit. This wire bullet becomes attached to the battery unit using a metal prong, this is similar to what you would find on head phones. The wire is sturdy and has a seal were the bullet and the wire meet, but this is not a waterproof bullet. The battery unit is 1.25" wide and 4" tall. The wire is 30" long with an attached 2.5" bullet. This bullet has an hour glass shape with rounded ends. It is larger around at the top then it is down by the wire. This bullet has a 4" circumference (1.25" diameter.) The bullet is smooth except for the seam, which is well defined, so it could be irritating for some. The sleeve that goes on the bullet has a rounded top. There is a slight seam, but this is barely felt. The is a 0.5" diameter circle of nubbed texture on this sleeve. And right next to that nubbed circle is an 1.25" diameter oval that is imprinted for finger placement or labia stimulation. This sleeve can take any bullet that is 2" long and 4" circumference (1.25" diameter.) The sleeve can be hard to put on the bullet and remove from the bullet.

Pictured with Mood Naughty Small

The butt plug is designed similar to the Mood Naughty Plug. This is an amazingly comfortable plug. The plug is designed like a bowling pin on a post that is attached to a petal shaped base. The top of the plug is rounded and slender,so it can easily slide inside. The petal shaped base allows for the plug to sit nicely in between the cheeks without keeping them spread and causing chaffing. This plus has an insertable length of 3.75" and a circumference of 3.5" (1" diameter) for the largest. This plug is comparable in size to a middle finger. The base of this plug is 2.5" long, 1" wide on one side, and 0.5" wide on the other side. This base is very well attached to the insertable portion and there are no worries of this base failing.

The O rings are thin. Each O ring has its own diameter. There is a 1", 1.5", and 2" O ring in this kit. The O rings are well made. They hold up well to stretching too. There is a seam around the inside and the outside of each O ring. Since these are silicone O rings they should not be used with any material that is not compatible with Silicone based lubes.

All of these toys are suitable for all levels of users. They are also suitable for traveling. They are not discreetly designed, but fairly easy to hide.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet is powered 2 AA batteries that go in the battery unit on the back. This bullet does not appear to be a battery guzzler. There are two buttons that are used to control this bullet. The on on the front turns the bullet on and off. There is a LED light around the button to let you know your bullet is on. On the back above the battery compartment is a button that controls the vibration functions. There are 10 different functions for this bullet. When you turn off the bullet it will save the function you used last. The functions are as follow:

1. Low Steady vibrations
2. Medium Steady Vibrations
3. Med throbbing vibrations
4. Low pulsating vibrations that jump and make a beeping noise
5. High throbbing vibrations
6. High pulsating vibrations
7. Low throbbing vibrations that make a beeping noise
8. High steady Surging vibrations
9. Low Stead Surging vibrations that makes a beeping noise
10. Escalating vibrations that start off low and go to high

The bullet does tend to heat up quickly. The vibrations shake the entire bullet and are felt in your hands. These vibrations can make you had tingle and go numb. The vibrations this bullet is packed with are surprisingly powerful. They are comparable to my We-Vibe Salsa. There is a setting for everyone. On some of the settings there is a beeping noise, like an alarm clock, this sound is not super loud, but I find it annoying. I personally thought it was my CO2 detector at first. The vibrations are not super quiet, but they are not really loud either. As long as you had the TV on you should not hear this bullet. This bullet is not marked as waterproof, so you should not take it into the shower with you.

The butt plug is not powered by anything, so it can be enjoyed in the shower. Prior to use be sure to lube up well. This is a plug that is comparable in size to a middle finger. This is a beginner friendly plug that is amazingly comfortable. I am very pleased with this plug. I slide in easily and stays in place. The base fits nice in between the cheeks with spreading them. This base also doesn't block off the vaginal opening for me during use, but that might not be the cause for every anatomy.

The O rings hold up well to stretchy. The work well to hold the dildo onto a harness. I am confused by them being included in the kit though. There is nothing in this kit that an O ring is needed for, so why are they included? There really is no purpose for them in this kit. These O rings are waterproof, but make sure your harness and your dildo are waterproof.

Care and Maintenance

The bullet can be washed using warm water and antibacterial soap, but toy cleaner and toy wipes can be used as well. If you wish to share just the ABS plastic you can wipe it down with alcohol in between partners. As for the silicone items they can be washed with warm water and antibacterial soap, toy cleaner, and toy wipes, but they also can be boiled for sterilization. They should not be boiled longer than 3-5 minutes at a time. If you share these items be sure to boil in between partners.

Silicone toys should not be stored with other silicone toys that are touching each other. I store this kit a a dresser with all my other toys, but away from silicone toys. You could purchase a pencil bag or toy pouch to keep them safe. The ABS plastic bullet can be stores with the silicone toys.

ABS plastic is compatible with all lubes, but silicone is only compatible with water based lubes. I recommend sticking to water based lubes with this bullet because of the silicone cover.


The box is not very discreet, since the items are pictured on the box. The back and the side of the box give you should useful information, but not much. There are no instructions with this kit, which leads to the confusion of the inclusion of O rings.

Personal comments

Kindred has brought to my attention that these are O rings, but also cock rings. He explained to me that one is meant to be worn on the penis, one around the scrotum, and one around both. I have asked my partner to test this out and he refuses. I can not be of more help about these as cock rings, but they are the same idea as these.
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