Titanmen man tube - masturbation sleeve by Doc Johnson - review by Jish

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Huge in Size, Not in Pleasure

Overall, this product isn't for everyone. While some people may be alright without using another hand for stimulation and may not be as sensitive to smells, this product isn't a great choice. If you have a partner, that may take care of the hands situation. But the real turn off of this product is the chemical scent it gives off. It can really make you feel ill if you have a sensitivity.
Accommodates Length.
Antibacterial Formula.
Realistic Feeling.
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The Titanmen Man Tube by Doc Johnson is a male masturbation aid. This toy is designed for both solo use as well as couple use.

The Titanmen Man Tube functions as other male masturbators do. Using water-based lubricant (because of the UR3 material), you slip the sleeve over the penis. Using two hands to grip, you move the sleeve over the penis to stimulate it. You can use it while laying down, standing, or any position as long the sleeve can be stroked.

It does what it was meant to, to help with masturbation; however, it is more clumsy to use than anything. Needing two hands to grip is an annoyance. Without another hand, you can't stimulate other areas of the body, such as nipples, anus, or other sensual areas. If you are more comfortable with only one specific hand (like I am), it feels somewhat wrong using the other one. But as a masturbation sleeve on its own, it does its job.
    • Couples
    • Solo

Material / Texture

The whole product is made of a material called UR3 (Ultra-Realistic 3.0). Not only that, it is phthalate free and made with the antibiotic Sil-A-Gel formula. According to the package and the care guide, UR3 is the most realistic-feeling material in the world that simulates human skin.

Outside the sleeve, the closest word that comes to mind to describe the feel is "powdery." The entire thing feels as if it is covered in some sort of dry powder, which it isn't. Inside the sleeve, there are (what the box describes as) "Soft Massage Beads" that provide some extra stimulation as you use it. The inside doesn't feel as powdery, but the feeling is still somewhat there.

The largest distinction of this product and its material is the smell. While not necessarily bad, it is very strong and potent. I happen to rather like it, but it gives me a headache after a short exposure. I feel that the smell has greatly reduced the quality of the product and experience.
    • Porous
    • Strong odor
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The thing about this item that makes it different from other masturbators is the way you grip it. You need to grip it with two hands. There are two flaws with this. Flaw the first: You can't use a second hand to stimulate other areas of the body. You may want to play with your nipples, neck, or anus. If you are already using both hands and if you lack a partner, you won't really be able to stimulate other areas. Flaw the second: If you are accustomed to using a specific hand (like I am), it honestly just feels wrong to use it. Sure, the product gets the job done, but there really isn't much else you can do while using it. It really didn't work all too well for me.

This product is measured out to be 8.5 inches long and it stretches out for girth. Once you're done, it doesn't stay stretched. It goes back to the original size. So, if you're worried about the size of your member, don't be. This product does very well with accommodating size differences.

This product also isn't too discreet. While I do like design, the translucent color gives the feel of a sex toy, and the holes on either end give the impression that it is a sex toy.
    • Realistic
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

Because of the nature of the material (UR3), only use water-based lubricant with this product.

Cleaning the product is simple: Wash it with soap and warm water, pat it dry, and then let it sit; however, maintenance isn't all too pleasant. UR3 needs to be "refreshed" with cornstarch (the manual also mentions talcum powder instead). Fortunately, Doc Johnson provides a small packet of "UR3 Refresh Powder" which the only ingredient listed is Cornstarch.

Store the toy in a cool, dark place after allowing product to fully dry.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • High maintenance


This product isn't packaged like other toys I've seen, with pornography plastered all around. This package has a lot of detail. On one side of the box, it says "UR3 Masturbator" in six different languages. On the back, it list all the features, including material and size. On the bottom, it says how the product is made in the US. One cool selling feature in my opinion is that on the other side, it gives a small sample feel of the "Smooth Massage Beads" if you are buying it in the store.

In the box, there were three things: A bag with the Titanmen Man Tube sleeve, a care guide for two different types of Doc Johnson products (UR3 and The Realistics), and a small pouch of UR3 Refresh Powder.

The box itself is a great storage place for this toy. You can put the sleeve back in the bag and store it in the box.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I tried to go into using this product as completely impartial. It wasn't my first masturbator, so I had a decent idea of the sensations. However, the way you hold it is the thing that makes it mostly unpleasurable for me. I like to be able to use my other hand, and that just killed the experience.

Another thing of note that I can't stress enough is that the scent gave me a headache. I am sensitive to smells, and chemical smells really get me sick. This one, I liked. It only gave me a headache, but I recommend that you take precaution if you are sensitive to smells.


I had real trouble getting a good grip on this toy, because I always use one specific hand. Needing both really threw me off at the beginning. Eventually, I got the hang of it.

It did feel good, but it wasn't anything too amazing. I think the thing that really kept me from enjoying this product as much as I could have was the scent. It gave me a very bad headache, and I was rushing to finish.

I did like the feel of the material though. The powdery feel was quite nice at first. But it also made the gripping a bit difficult, but I got the hang of that as well.
Follow-up commentary
After giving a bit of time of not using this product to get a fresh mind, all the memories before resurfaced. It still gives me a headache almost instantly, it's still very uncomfortable to use with two hands, and maintenance is just annoying. I am still not that much of a fan of this product.
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