Fleshlight girls Vanilla DeVille - masturbator by Fleshlight - review by tantric

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I’ll take the DeVille over a coupe any day.

Best sleeve out there if you want that real feeling. With so many Fleshlight options to choose from you can’t go wrong. Do yourself and your penis a favor, go for something a step up from the rest.
Most realistic feeling sleeve I have ever used. Intense!
This model has a tight opening, it was almost, but not quite, too tight for me. non sterilizable
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extremely useful review
I received my Vanilla DeVille Fleshlight in a completely plain brown box. Inside was a pearalescent plastic case. Inside that case was a bundle of joy I will describe later I also received a pamphlet promoting Fleshlight products and a sample pack of Gun Oil H2O water based lube.

While vaguely retaining the shape of a flashlight, I don't believe anyone on this planet would mistake it for an actual flashlight. I wasn’t shocked by the large size because I had done my homework and I knew what to expect. So that being said this is a LARGE sleeve.

Unscrew the top of the case and what dear friends greets you? Why none other than the perfectly molded lips and vulva of The seductive Vanilla DeVille. A true looker in my book, although the shade of pink is just a tad bit too pink. Next the feel, Wowza! I thought I was in love with my Super Head Honcho. Not that the Head Honcho is a bad toy, but this? Well now this is something else entirely. I have felt a lot of the “Realskin” products but none of them measure up to the feeling of this “Superskin”. Upon caressing the outside it felt undeniably life like. I also found it to be super stretchy as advertised.

Out of all the models to choose from, why Miss Deville, you may wonder. Well I have two reasons for that
1. I was aesthetically drawn to the vulva shape, don’t know why, It just looked attractive to me.
2. Of all the Fleshlight products only the Fleshlight girls sport “the Lotus” texture. Fleshlight claims this to be the closest thing to the feeling of a real vagina. Firsthand I can say without hesitation, they where not kidding.

Unlike many sleeves and sex toy’s in general, sometimes they smell, usually bad. Not so with this product, almost no scent at all. Now as I mentioned before this toy feels really, umm... REAL!

From inside to out it feels great. Don’t know about taste, I didn’t go there and I don’t plan to. For a sleeve it can get noisy due to the suction effect. This can be achieved by twisting the cap at the opposite end from the one you penetrate. It makes a lot of slurping and gurgling sounds. This may turn some off and turn others on. Me, I’m rather neutral about the sound, for usage see the experience section.

You may have heard a lot of people bitch and moan about how hard it is to clean a Fleshlight. It is true you cant use soap or other detergents. I found it wasn’t that bad at all. Run some warm water through it. Make sure you do a thorough job and that's about it. I believe the brand of lube and amount used will greatly affect cleaning. The more lube you use the easier it will be to clean. Now the company recommends if you really need to, you can use some rubbing alcohol. I personally have not needed to do this

The one thing I did find a bit annoying is the slow drying time. I live in a very dry climate so I thought it would be dry in a snap but it does take a while. Also the cornstarch application is a must to keep everything feeling super silky.
So I have rambled enough about description. Lets get down to the fun stuff. For my first time, I soaked her in hot water as recommended (just the internal sleeve). I then put it back in the hard plastic case and screwed the suction cap on loosely. I lubed the Fleshlight and myself with Maximus (water base lube only, no silicone or oil). A good lube up is very important for this toy to work well. I took it kind of slow, really letting the texture and different chambers caress and stroke my shaft. I loved that I did not pop out the end. Every other sleeve I have tried I popped out the other end. I also played with the suction cap getting different sensations by tightening or loosening it. Another great aspect of this sleeve is you can sink in nearly balls deep. The vulva is so soft and accommodating that it really envelopes the base of your cock. With the hard rigged plastic on the outside this really gives you something to push it down good and hard with.

My next adventure lasted about five minutes, I just wanted to see how quick this thing would “get the job done” if I didn’t “hold back”.

On another occasion I wanted to see what things would be like with some other play things thrown in the mix. I was wearing my Gear Essentials Imperial cock ring. I also inserted my LELO Bob. So I now had the extra hardness factor as well as prostate stimulation going on. I had an amazing time combing these three elements. It took some effort but I was able to prolong the session for a good half hour before exploding.

I have to admit it. I also tried sandwiching it between the mattress and box spring, this was impressive. I really did get a great doggy style sensation. Going hands free allowed me to really pump this toy hard and fast. Also resulting in a powerful orgasm, just be sure to have something soft under your knees.
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  • That Weird Guy
    Hmm, I've read that size matters to reach certain parts of Lotus sleeve in the back end..
    How big is your dick (if you don't mind) and by looking at the picture about how far did you get in the back.

    Also I have tasted the FL material it tastes really bad, DON'T try it.
  • Wow you must be very long to to actually reach the back, I personally cant get past the first part of the sleeve and was wondering if the next sections of the sleeve feel really good?
  • tantric
    by using repeated and confirmed, established methods of measurement I always hit right on 7" give or take an 1/8 of an inch either way depending on external factors.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very nice review!
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